How to Tie a Fish n Fool Knot

The Fish ‘N Fool Knot is a Uni that has a double wrap through the eye of your tackle. 

It is a secure knot that is easy to tie and should be one that is kept in your arsenal when you need a bit more strength than a standard Uni.

fish n fool knot

Tying the Fish N Fool Knot

Here’s how to tie the fish n fool knot.

  1. Place your line through the hook eye of your tackle twice.

  2. Pull tight so that the wrap is secure, then with the tag end form a loop.

  3. Wrap the tag end at least five times, starting from the side closest to your tackle.

  4. Pull the tag end to nearly cinching down the knot, then moisten.

  5. Pull the main line to slide the knot down to the tackle until it’s fully seated.

  6. Cut the tag end near the knot.

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Double Uni Knot vs. Fish ‘N Fool

The Double Uni is great for joining two lines together. The Fish-N-Fool Knot is used to secure your hook or lure to your line.

Fish-N-Fool Knot vs. Grinner Knot

The Grinner Knot is another name for the Uni and only has a single wrap around the lure hook eye before completing the rest of the fishing knot.

Fish ‘N Fool Knot vs Palomar

These two knots are comparable in strength.


  • The Fish-n-Fool Knot can be used to tie any tackle with either monofilament, fluorocarbon, or braid.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • This fishing knot is more comfortable than a Palomar when you have a large lure or multiple hooks and can’t fit it around to complete it.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you tie a Palomar knot?

Place your doubled line through the hook and make an overhand knot and pull the hook through the loop you created, moisten, and cinch tight.

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