Fishing in Barcelona — Your Guide to the Catalonia Rivers

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If you’re looking to visit Barcelona for a little fishing, then you’re in luck. I had a chance to hang out with one of the top guides in Barcelona, Carles Verdaguer, who was kind enough to help put together this Barcelona fishing guide for you.

I hope it helps you catch trout and other amazing fish!


Fishing in Barcelona Spain
Just outside of Barcelona are incredible fly fishing rivers.

The rivers near Barcelona are varied, from large and flowing streams to small and delicious streams of the Pyrenees with abundant and wild trout. Some are a short distance from Barcelona, while others require a longer journey.

Fishing Catalonia Rivers

In Catalonia, it is also possible to fish for trout throughout the year in some extensive stretches of the river. All the rivers are well connected by excellent roads and highways, so the trip is always comfortable.

The River Ter

crystal clear trout streams
The water will take your breath away.

The river Ter is a larger river, with sections of mountain trout native to Spain and other sections with large fish throughout the year. The river Ter is one of the largest and widest in the interior of Catalonia. It rises in Ulldeter in the Eastern Pyrenees Spain and crosses the regions of Ripolles, Osona, La Selva, and Gironés.

In addition, it also crosses “Girona, El Baix Empordà” and flows into the Mediterranean Sea at “La Gola del Ter”. In this unknown area is the Sau-Susqueda-Pasteral reservoir system, designed to standardize the production of electricity in general and the service of the great metropolis of Barcelona.

On the reservoir system, we have a large fishing area around Ribes de Freser and Ripoll, which combines parts of the river Ter and the river Freser. Then, in other more secret areas, intensive fishing is practiced throughout the year, one of the best reserves in Catalonia.

If you’re looking for a fly fishing trip to this zone, we recommend doing it with a professional guide to put you on the best fish.

Trout Fishing in Spain

Trout fishing Barcelona
Majestic trout are abundant there!

When fishing in the Catalan pre-Pyrenees, the River Ter has a population of medium-sized autochthonous brown trout. In the high areas of the river, they can reach up to 45cm. There are also some adapted fish and it is difficult to differentiate them from the autochthonous trout.

The fishing in this river can be done with a dry fly, nymph, and duo, but it is always necessary to leave it to the fisherman or guide the choice and preferences. Don’t worry, if you don’t bring your favorite fly rod and fly reel, your guide will set you up. Above all, they’ll help you look for good places for each one of the variants of fishing with a fly. Detecting the personality of the Catalan rivers Barcelona and their requirements is the fundamental basis for a spectacular day.

Don’t forget to your Barcelona fishing license if you fish without a guide.

Fly Fishing Rainbow Trout

In the lower part, the rainbow trout reproduce in a high volume and a great density of fish is created there that develops a probable area for competition and fishing during the whole year.

They reach sizes from fry to 60cm trout. Battles with wild Spanish trout are guaranteed. In this stretch of river, the trout was introduced decades ago (habitat of the barbel fish) in great sizes and quantities. However, nymph fishing can sometimes bite barbels or trouts, which can break our light tackle.

Going fishing with a guide allows the angler to know that flies must be chosen in each situation. They’ll help you learn to read the river and its fishing options from an expert in these waters. As well as helping the angler to learn and improve their techniques.

Barcelona Fishing Requirements

The fishing day can be any day of the week as long as you get the fishing permit, depending on the daily fishing within the area.

This requirement is mandatory in the area, and the quota is limited for each section of the river. The choice of fishing zone, either a Controlled Fishing Zone (CZF) or an Intensive Fishing Section already depends on river conditions and climate.

Barcelona Tuna Fishing

Tuna fishing Barcelona

Another surprise that can be found by a fisherman on the Mediterranean coast of Barcelona and less than 8 miles from the coast, is the practice of spectacular capture and release of giant tuna and we refer to the specimens of bluefin tuna that can exceed 300kg in weight.

Fishing Port of Calafat and Castelldefels

One of the starting points always in summer is the Port of Calafat, the rest of the season, we can find the boat on the seaport in the city of Castelldefels next to Barcelona. The port is located 145 km south of Barcelona and 50 km south of Tarragona. The seafront is located in the Gulf of Sant Jordi on the emblematic Costa Dorada.

This urbanized area is based on single-family houses, a racing car speed circuit, and a port. Calafat is quiet urbanization of high standing, with more than 2 km of coastline, outstanding cliffs, and beautiful bays of fine sand, where you can enjoy water sports, in addition to fishing, diving, and sailing.

It belongs to the fishing villages of L´ametlla de Mar, known for its high-quality fish.

Barcelona is one of the best areas for large tuna in the world, where formerly fishermen throwing guts into the sea to attract tuna was already a tradition.

The fishing area is close to the coast, so we enjoy the calm, open waters of the Mediterranean. You will have a unique experience, and we recommend it observing the magic that approaches the boat.

Barcelona Fishing Charters

Taking a charter, you’ll have the opportunity to fish Giant Tuna and Red Tuna over 300kg. In this area, they forbid keeping the fish on the vessel in the sport fishing modality in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Gulf of Cadiz (consult regulations).

Bluefin tuna fishing in the Mediterranean Sea in Catalonia, the season runs from mid-June to September and it is possible to extend it until early November, depending on the climate. For many fishermen, it is a challenge to fight some kind of really big tuna while two hours from Barcelona.

We try to use lighter equipment to give the tuna more opportunities when caught. The opposite would be best, but fishermen demand this kind of non-heavy equipment.

There is no challenge equal to the same level of fishing in all of Spain. It’s not uncommon to pull 300kg tuna from the Mediterranean deep and have it fight like a wild barbarian.

Fishing the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean Sea, especially this area is undoubtedly one of the most successful that we can enjoy without having to make large displacements to inhospitable places. A single car trip will transport you to the scene of a dream come true, enjoying an unforgettable day with guaranteed fishing.

Recommended Fishing Charters

To enjoy a great weekend with friends, just get in touch with the historic Barcelona Fly Shop Salmon 2000. They will be happy to plan a fly fishing tour near Barcelona, plus any high-quality fly fishing equipment you might need for your trip.

If you’re looking for some incredible bluefin tuna fishing trips, then you’ll want to contact the official Salmon2000 fishing agency.

You’ll be fishing on a 10 or 5-length boat, which has everything about comfort for tuna fishing: a wrestling chair, harness for standing up…. everything for success and safety, and a high-quality fishing objective.

The boat is capable of giving a maximum of 4 people all the comfort, quality, and equipment to start this incredible adventure in the Catalan Mediterranean open water.

Enjoy the adventure!

Jon Stenstrom
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Jon Stenstrom is a fishing enthusiast. He has over 25 years of fishing experience, and 6 years of spearfishing experience, and is currently learning how to boat. Jon has his Open Water PADI Certification and FII Freediver Level 1 Certification. Jon has traveled the world to fish and dive, most notably in the Great Barrier Reef, Baja Mexico, Thailand, and Malaysia. More Articles
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