Fishing Reel Repair with Dennis Kuntz of 2nd Chance Tackle

How to Maintain Your Fishing Reels with @2ndChanceTackle | Fishing 101

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Today’s guest is Dennis Kuntz the owner of the popular YouTube channel called 2nd Chance Tackle.

Dennis has repaired thousands of reels and shows you step-by-step how to do it on his channel. This episode is a gem for anyone interested in maintaining their gear.

In this episode we cover:

  • The proper way to maintain or fix your fishing reels.
  • I pop-quiz him on the various reels I have that were given to me by my late uncle. I’m able to stump him on one!
  • How the quality of reels and brands have changed over time.

If you’re interested in learning from Dennis or using his reel fixing services, check out 2nd Chance Tackle.

fishing reel repair tips

Jump to what interests you:

01:12 – Introduction to Dennis and where he’s located.

01:30 – How Dennis started his fishing reel repair business and why social media is so important for his fishing repair business.

06:42 – How the craftsmanship of the reels has changed over time.

12:49 – Going through the different types of reels and what they are used for.

19:20 – The proper way to maintain your reels and the recommended set of tools. Grease and oil recommendations.

24:40 – The perfect sweet spot of grease. Specific drag system designs that Dennis likes.

32:11 – Dennis’s recommendations to improve the innovation in reels.

38:42 – The TOP 10 things not to do with reels. We covered a bunch earlier, but there are a few more gems here.

44:34 – How you can get started looking for quality older reels at flea markets, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist. Maybe you can even start selling them with a quick repair.

49:58 – My pop-quiz with the reels that I own. We cover Newell, Abu, and many others.

1:14:15 – How you can find Dennis and learn from his fishing reel repair videos. If you have a reel that’s too difficult to fix yourself, then Dennis can help you repair it if you send it to him. Email him at 2ndchancetackle [at] gmail.com

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