Northern Pike Fishing Tips

Northern Pike Fishing Tips (How to Catch Pike)

Northern Pike are some of the most exciting freshwater game fish to go after! They have long slender bodies and toothy powerful mouths! Make sure you don’t get your fingers mangled by pike teeth when you’re removing a hook. You might just leave the fishing day with one less digit… These fish can be found

Walleye Fishing Teeth

Walleye Fishing Tips (Rigs, Tactics, and Techniques)

Walleye fishing can be confusing. For some reason, many anglers get walleyes (stinzostedion vitreum) mixed up with some fish that aren’t even in their same family (Percidae). Did you know the walleye is the largest member of the Percidae family? Sometimes they are called other names such as yellow pike or yellow walleye. These fish

Man holding a musky fish

Muskellunge (Esox masquinongy) — Everything You Should Know

Muskellunge, or muskie, as they are commonly called, are one of the largest freshwater fish in North America. If you have ever been muskie fishing and landed one of these huge fish, you know what an adrenaline rush catching it can be. If you haven’t had the chance to go muskie fishing, you’re missing out

Pond Fishing Tips Girl Fishing

Become A Pond Fishing Expert

Fishing ponds can be found in every part of the world. These ponds can be man-made or natural. Ponds can be home to a wide variety of pond-dwelling fish, from spotted bass, bream, blue catfish, pangasius, largemouth bass, perch, sunfish, and more. How to fish in a pond will depend on the following: Many ponds

Lake fishing tips man lake fishing

Lake Fishing Tips (How-Tos, Equipment & Tackle Choices)

There are many lakes in the world. All of them are home to many different fish species. To help you catch more fish, we’ve compiled a full guide of lake fishing tips for you! One of the most common is bass. Bass fishing in natural lakes is probably one of the biggest draws to lake

Man on lake with ice fishing tips

Ice Fishing Tips — Hot Bites During Cold Weather

It’s the ice fishing season! When ponds and lakes freeze over, many anglers hang their rod and reel up for the winter but not the adventurous ice fisherman. To some anglers, this can seem like a daunting task to take on. In reality, it is not that difficult to enjoy a day on frozen water.

Man micro finesse fishing

Finesse Fishing 101 (Guide, Gears, and Techniques)

I get asked a lot, “what is finesse fishing?” Well, you’re in luck! I’m sharing what you should know about finesse fishing and what it’s all about, including the gears, guide, and techniques! Listen to more fishing tips on the Cast & Spear Podcast What is Finesse Fishing Finesse fishing is all about presentation. Some

Bluegill Fishing Tips

Bluegill Fishing Tips — How to Catch Lepomis macrochirus

For many youngsters, the bluegill is their introduction to fishing. They are seemingly easy to catch. The larger fish put up a fairly decent fight, they taste absolutely delicious, and they can be found just about anywhere there is water. Bluegill is not a picky eater. This makes catching them on just about any bait

Crappie Fishing Tips Holding

Crappie Fishing Tips

Have you ever been bass or catfishing and realized you want something slightly different? Well, for many people, the answer is crappie fishing. Crappies are entertaining and delicious fish to catch! They fight hard, and it can be somewhat challenging to get to the boat from the depths of your favorite body of water. Plus,

trout fillet

How to Fillet a Trout the Right Way

Trout are an exciting species of fish to catch. You can traverse some of the most breathtaking scenery just by getting to them. Anglers who are serious about catching trout will often travel to far off locations just for the chance of landing one. With the right gear and technique, you can have a great

Golden Trout Hand Holding

Golden Trout — How to Catch Oncorhynchus aguabonita

Catching golden trout on a trout fishing trip is probably one of the most relaxing yet exciting fishing trips an angler can go on. Especially if you’re going for golden trout. The golden trout, also known as the California Golden Trout, is native to Golden Trout Creek, Volcano Creek, and the South Fork Kern River.

Man holding a tiger trout

How to Catch Tiger Trout

Tiger trout are one of the more colored or ornamental species of fish. This trout, however, is quite different from the other varieties of trout. The tiger trout is a sterile, intergeneric hybrid of brown and brook trout. Listen to the Cast & Spear Podcast Subscribe to the Cast & Spear Podcast on iTunes It

Bull trouts swimming

How to Catch and Protect Bull Trout

Bull trout are actually members of the salmon family. This family is also known as char. This trout can be exciting to catch. They really put up a good fight. Some anglers refer to catching one as “wrestling a bull trout.” Although bull trout are considered threatened by the department of conservation, this trout can

Lady holding trout in river - Trout fishing tips

Trout Fishing Tips — How to Catch, Clean, & Cook!

What comes to mind when you hear the words trout fishing? For most anglers and outdoorsmen it’s flowing streams with clear cool water and a peaceful quiet atmosphere. This pretty much sums up trout fishing. In this article, we’re sharing some tips that will help you catch a wide variety of trout species. Listen to

Bass Fishing Tips Spotted Bass Caught

Bass Fishing Tips For Beginner Anglers

Need bass fishing tips that’ll help you catch big bass? We got you covered! Bass fishing is arguably the biggest sport in fishing. With tournaments worldwide, including large prizes and payouts, it is no wonder everyone has heard of “Bass Fishin’.” Bass are territorial and aggressive fish. With a big strike and a big fight,

Fishing Movies

16 Fish Movies You’ll Love (Fishing Movies For All Ages)

Who doesn’t love a good fish movie? Here’s our list of the best fishing movies and fishing documentaries that’ll blow your mind. Best Fishing Movies on YouTube 1. Euro Banx 2 – Full Carp Fishing Movie This is a standalone version of EuroBanx 2 (as seen on the 2016 Nash DVD) that made the list.