can fish see braided line

Can Fish See Braided Line?

Fish’s ability to see braided fishing line depends on several factors, including color, water clarity, and the species of fish. While some fish may be capable of discerning the line due to their sharp vision, others might not. The color of the braided line can be chosen to blend with the water conditions, which can

what to wear for kayaking

What to Wear Kayaking: A Comprehensive Guide

Dressing for your angling adventures is crucial for both comfort and safety on the water. Choose quick-drying, moisture-wicking materials like synthetic or merino wool. This will keep you dry and comfortable in varying weather conditions. A lightweight, long-sleeved top and shorts or pants are perfect. These offer protection from the sun and shield you from

benefits of a baitcaster

Benefits of a Baitcaster Reel: Why They Are a Must Have for Any Angler

Baitcasting reels have many benefits, including allowing more control over the lure – you are able to slow down the lure, making it fall softly into the water without alerting the fish. Baitcasting reels also offer you greater casting ability and a higher degree of casting accuracy and work great with heavy lures. Every fisherman

how to clean a baitcasting reel

How to Clean a Baitcasting Reel (Care & Maintenance 101)

To clean a baitcasting reel, you need a brush, cloth, and lubricant. The next step is to disassemble your baitcasting reel so that you can remove dirt from parts such as bearings, drags, pawl gears, and handles. Dry out the reel using a towel and lubricate the bearings, bail, springs, spool, and reel body using

baitcaster vs spinning reel

The Great Baitcaster vs Spinning Reel Debate: Which Is the Best for You?

Baitcasting and spinning reels are some of the most used reels by anglers, and here are some of their merits. Baitcasting reels generate more power, have longer casting distances, give you greater accuracy, and are an ideal choice for making long-distance casts or targeting specific areas. Spinning reels, on the other hand, are lightweight, easy

spinning reel vs conventional reel

Spinning Reel vs. Conventional Reel: Which is better for fishing?

Spinning reels and conventional reels are the two central fishing reels, each with unique characteristics and advantages. One similarity between a spinning and conventional reel is that they can be used for fresh and saltwater fishing. Some of their differences include that a spinning reel may be lighter and easy to use compared to a

Best fishing scale is the Boga Grip

Best Fish Grippers for 2023 — How to Safely Secure Your Fish

The best plastic fish gripper for 2023 is the Rapala 9″ Floating Gripper 9″. This gripper is lightweight and made of plastic materials, so you don’t have to worry about rusting. It allows you to catch and release fish without harming it. The quick-release mechanism lets you easily release your catch into the water. Lastly,

Best Fishing Coolers

Best Fishing Coolers for Keeping Fish Fresh in 2023

Our top fishing cooler for keeping fish fresh is the Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler, Charcoal. This cooler can keep your fish frozen for days thanks to its 3 inches of PermaFrost insulation. It also features self-draining cup holders and tie-down loops that can withstand harsh wet environments. The Rotomolded construction and rust-resistant stainless steel screws

Kids using the best fishing lines to catch fish without a rod

Best Fishing Lines for 2023: Top 7 Picks (Buying Guide)

A fishing line is one of the most underrated yet most important pieces of fishing gear. Without the best fishing line, all of the gear in the world will not help you in catching fish. There are a few things to understand when it comes to fishing lines. Test weight is one of the biggest

Best Trolling Motors Line Up of Boats

Best Trolling Motors for the Money: Top 5 Picks in 2023

Trolling motors are game-changers for anglers seeking precision, stealth, and versatility on the water. Whether you’re maneuvering a fishing kayak, canoe, or a larger boat with an outboard motor, a trolling motor can unlock new possibilities and elevate your fishing experience. They allow you to access tight spots and narrow areas, while their quiet operation

Best Saltwater Fishing Lures

7 Best Saltwater Fishing Lures for Monster Fish

The lures we’re going to cover today are so effective they should be BANNED! But we’ll keep that secret between you and me. We’ve asked hundreds of fishermen what lures they recommended that most people don’t know about. Below is a list of their top picks. Make sure you add them to your arsenal! Listen