15 Best Gifts for Kayakers (2023 Gift Guide)

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Kayaking is an outdoor activity that everyone can enjoy. Not only does it provide you with a healthy workout, but kayaking can also be very entertaining.

Whether your friend’s an avid kayaker or someone with a new hobby, treat them to something they’re passionate about.

Grab these awesome gifts for kayakers that they will appreciate. These are the perfect gifts for fishing fanatics, too!

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15 Great Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Kayaking Enthusiast

1. Wetsocks

Kayaking Gifts to Keep Your Feet Dry

Key Features

  • Made with 2-mm neoprene for comfort and water protection
  • Has flat-locked seams for a seamless fit
  • Keeps feet warm without the bulk

This pair of neoprene socks are perfect for those shoulder-season days when it’s too warm for dry socks but the water’s chilly.

The three-piece construction with flat-locked seams provides a smooth, seamless feel that hugs the contours of your foot. Not only that, but it also holds body heat without adding unnecessary bulk!

Made from two millimeters of neoprene, they keep feet warmer while remaining easy on the weight. This pair is a huge game-changer for anyone who spends time paddling in the water with its latest price!

2. Riverstones Paddle Float

Extra Storage for the Serious Kayaker

Key Features

  • Has dual air chambers for better floatation
  • Secure your paddle blade with its paddle pocket
  • Comes in color yellow for high visibility

Another one of the kayaking gifts to get? This float with a bright yellow hue for high visibility! It’s also designed with mesh pouches that can fit any standard-size paddle.

Additionally, this gift provides a lot of floatation, thanks to its two air compartments with twist air valves!

This float uses high-quality materials in the construction that will last many years despite constant use. It also comes with a bright yellow hue providing the highest visibility possible, especially if you’re paddling down rivers. Its latest price won’t even break the bank!

3. YETI Roadie 24 Cooler

Keep Your Drinks Cool on Your Next Outdoor Activities

Key Features

  • Fits behind a car seat and sits on top kayaks for easy transport
  • Lightweight, compact, and tough for long-lasting use
  • Offers one-hand access for convenience

The Yeti Roadie 24 is a sturdy, small cooler that offers excellent insulation for its size. It also has an updated latch that allows you to open it with one hand easily.

Its webbing handle adds comfort, while indented side handles make porting more comfortable when it contains heavy or bulky objects. 

If that isn’t enough, it’s tall enough for most 2L water bottles! It’s also sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about puncturing its floor surface. This compact cooler provides quick access to refreshments. At its latest price, it’s perfect for all paddling activities!

4. Led Kayak Light

For Fans of Late Night Kayaking Trips

Key Features

  • Portable and lightweight, perfect for every kayak trip
  • IPX8 water-resistant up to 300 meters
  • Compatible with any eyelet

Kayalite is a water-resistant, portable LED night navigation light for kayaks. Most boating lights have suction cups or magnets that you can easily lose and break.

But this LED light has a clip that attaches to eyelets, so it can take blows from being hit with paddles or branches without breaking!

It also features a tension cable that holds the mast upright while preventing it from snapping off. You can easily install it, too, so it will brightly light your kayaking trip in no time. Not even at a high latest price!

5. Hydration Backpack

Must-Have Gift for Kayakers Who Love the Outdoors

Key Features

  • Offers a low-profile carry for your storage needs
  • Has a rolled, soft-edged harness for extreme comfort
  • Comes with several pockets for extra storage

This backpack is ideal for short trips to the outdoors that require carrying only the essentials. It has an air mesh-covered back panel and a soft-edge shoulder roll, providing excellent ventilation and stability.

With its reasonable latest price, this backpack also gives you a full range of motion!

Its stretchy external sleeve holds a 2.5-liter hydration pack and two side mesh pockets for storing bars, gloves, or other small essentials. Attach your tail light to the bottom loop so you can finish the trail before dusk comes!

When you want to carry water on your back—and almost nothing else—it’s covered. You can also toss in a water bladder for a more thoughtful gift!

6. Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart

The Kayak Carrier for Every Kayak

Key Features

  • Portable with a weight capacity of up to 150 lbs
  • Has airless 10” tires that never go flat
  • Has durable rubber pads for extra kayak protection

This super easy carrier is perfect for small fishing kayaks at the latest budget price. With no tools needed to put it together, you’ll be able to fit all your gear in seconds!

The frame has strategically placed straps that make securing the other end of your kayak sturdy but simple.

Without any load shifting or extra weight added onto one side, this cart will help keep both ends even. You can even roll it across the water’s surface. Just quickly fold up and go whenever you need, so the outdoors is never far from reach!

7. Throw Bag w/ 50-Feet of Floating MFP Line

Perfect Gift to Keep Experienced Paddlers Safe

Key Features

  • Braided 50-ft floating MFP line for extra safety
  • Bright orange hue for high visibility

This bright orange throw bag is made with nylon and polyester for maximum durability. It comes with an adjustable strap to make it easy for you when you’re in the water.

This self-draining bag is perfect for throwing life preservers or ropes to distressed boaters in need of help.

The braided MFP Polypropylene floating rope can hold up to 550 lbs., making this throw bag an essential piece for your boat! The best thing? Its latest price won’t hurt your wallet!

8. Waterproof Dry Bag

Awesome Gift for Storage on Your Boat and Kayak Gear

Key Features

  • Multifunctional: use it for your kayak, hiking, and other gear
  • Transparent and comes in different sizes for convenience
  • Made with thick material for long-lasting use

One of the kayaking gifts you can get for your favorite kayakers: dry bags! Not only is this dry bag perfect for water sports, but it’s also great to use in all kinds of weather.

It has the overall water-protective capability to keep your items and valuables safe every time. Made with 0.02-inch-thick material, this bag ensures that you have a wear-resistant bag for every paddling and boat adventure!

It also comes in 5 different sizes, which means there’s one perfect option for everyone at an amazing latest price. It’s a great gift no matter what time of year or occasion, with no extra cost!

9. Sombrero

Great Stocking Stuffer for Those Who Enjoy Fishing

Key Features

  • Made with 100% nylon material with a pull-on closure
  • Powered by FLEX capacitor for water resistance
  • Offers UV protection at no additional cost

This Sombrero is the best hat for all types of weather. It’s made with Gore-Tex, a fabric that offers head protection more than any other hat does.

This makes it warm and great in the rain or snow on cold sunny winter days. The brim provides extra protection without being too bulky to wear! 

Besides these, it’s also stylish. It comes in many vibrant colors that you can choose from to match your kayaking outfit!

10. NRS Co-Pilot Knife

Kayaking Gear for All Types of Kayakers

Key Features

  • Has serrated cutting edges, perfect for emergencies
  • Includes a bottle opener in the handle for convenience
  • Comes with a blunt tip for added safety

The NRS Co-Pilot has smooth and serrated cutting edges and a blunt safety tip for protection against injury. It’s ideal for use during rescue operations or tight spaces. Its bottle opener also comes in handy, with its affordable latest price!

Compact in design but full of features, this knife is the perfect extra gear for your PFD. Whether it’s freshwater boating or rescuing someone from drowning, you need an excellent blade such as this!

11. Multifunctional Headwear and Face Mask

Awesome Gift for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Kayak Lovers

Key Features

  • Made with recycled plastic, it’s environmentally-friendly
  • Has HeiQ cooling technology for comfort
  • Stylish and functional: can be worn 12 different ways

The CoolNet UV+ is a multifunctional headwear that has been engineered with 95% recycled REPREVE. Its HeiQ technology ensures you stay cool, light, and comfortable even on the hottest days.

The fabric pulls the sweat away from your skin so it can evaporate quickly while keeping you dry.

This headwear is made with 4-Way ultra-stretch construction, which features UPF 50+ sun protection. It’s the ultimate protective kayak wear that protects you against harmful rays. Stay outside longer without worrying about damaging your skin!

12. Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Loosen Your Pressure Points With Music

Key Features

  • Equipped with a big battery for a 12-hour playtime
  • Comes in 11 vibrant designs, perfect for any occasion
  • Made with fabric and rubber for durability

This waterproof speaker is a gift for any occasion. You can also connect it to other speakers to get bigger sounds, plus it has 12 hours of playtime! The bold colors are fun, too, so you’re guaranteed not to lose this little guy even when you’re kayaking!

Take your tunes on the go with this powerful Bluetooth speaker. Check out its latest price and let loose rain or shine!

13. Monocular

Fun Gift Ideas for Kayakers Who Love Chilling on the Kayak Seat

Key Features

  • Light monocular that’s great for compact storage
  • Provides maximum resolution for high-quality views
  • Comes with a rubber cover for added protection

This Monocular is a 10x25mm pocket monocular that produces crisp, bright images. This practical tool has BAK4 prisms and fully multi-coated lenses.

Its eyecup and 14mm eye relief provide comfort even while wearing glasses or sunglasses. The handy lens cloth also makes the device easy to clean without scratching its exterior!

You also don’t have to worry about fogging up in humid weather conditions. With this monocular, you can paddle while enjoying the views of the Pacific Northwest.

14. Fifty Places to Paddle Before You Die

The Ultimate Guide for People Who Enjoy Kayaking

Key Features

  • Features 50 amazing destinations for whitewater kayaking and paddleboarding
  • Includes recommendations and photographs from travel experts

In this newly released book, Christopher Santella discusses some of his favorite destinations around the globe for paddling activities. These destinations are accompanied by stunning pictures that will help you picture breathtaking moments on the water!

Not only that, but he has included suggestions about basic traveling essentials. With this book, you’ll know where to stay and learn some tips from Christopher Santella himself!

15. Marine VHF Radio

The Kayak Gear for Every Kayaker Needs

Key Features

  • Has protection against rain or splashes
  • Equipped with triple watch features and weather alert
  • Comes with a UM385 mic for easy transmission

This marine radio protects you from what lies ahead and gets you out of dicey waters. It’s a practical gift you can get that transmits your location in case you need help.

Its compact design allows you to fit it in your hand while using other peripherals, too! The mic’s handy when transmitting messages for communicating updates back home or to another rescuer.

It brings everything you’ll ever need into one device with three-watch features, DSC capabilities, international marine channels, and weather alerts!

The Best Gift Ideas for the Kayakers in Your Life

If you’re scrambling to find something for your favorite kayaker, you start thinking about what they want and could use. But there are just so many options out there. We hope this gift guide helped you find the perfect gift!

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