How to Tie the Haywire Twist

If you’re going for big fish or even sharks, then it’s important to know how to tie a haywire twist.

Tying wire fishing line can be a bit challenging if you’ve never done it before. The worst thing to do is wait to try and figure it out on the water…these large creatures (sharks, mackerel, wahoo, barracuda, goliath grouper, etc.) will break off a poorly wrapped haywire twist in an instant.

If you’re looking for how to tie wire leader to swivel…well you’ve come to the right place. Let’s show you how easy it is to tie this knot so you can catch huge fish!

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Haywire Tying Instructions

haywire twist
  1. Take your wireline and place it through the eye of your hook or another object.
  2. Bend the wire so that it wraps around the eye-loop and forms a 90 degree rounded angle.
  3. Twist the wire around itself (these are the called the haywire twist) and give it five twists.
  4. Now take the tag end and do five-barrel wraps around the other line. These are single strand tight loops that should be touching each other if possible.
  5. Work the tag end back and forth until it pops off. It’s better to do it this way than to use a cutting tool as this tool will leave a sharp burr on the end which could cut you when you’re trying to bring in the mackerel or other fish.
haywire twist sharks
A wire leader used to catch a shark. Source: Mrs. Gemstone
How To Rig Wire Leader - The EASIEST Haywire Twist Tutorial REELREPORTS


  • It’s always best to practice rigging the haywire twist up at home before you get on the boat. You might find that the diameter wire you’re using is too thick and can’t be formed by hand. It’s nice to know that you need fishing pliers to help ahead of time.
  • When done, the wire leader should look like a DNA helix that has been closed by a tight barrel roll.

Haywire Twist Tool

If you’re going to be making a lot of these leader connections, then it might be beneficial to invest in a tool that can make the process easy.

This tool has been shown to work on 45 and 60-pound Marlin single strand wire.

American Fishing Wire Haywire Twist Tool, Black
  • For use with American Fishing Wire Tooth Proof wire sizes 3...
  • Makes perfect haywire twist connections every time
  • Small enough to keep in your pocket

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you tie a knot on a wire line?

A: It’s easier to create a haywire twist in a wire leader rather than a knot. This is because depending on the diameter of the wire, it’ll be too difficult to get a secure cinch.

Q: How do you tie a Bimini twist knot?

A: A Bimini knot is considered to be a 100% knot. Start by wrapping your fishing line around a pole and twisting it twenty times. Then with the tag end wrap up the original twists and make a half hitch. Then take the tab end and wrap it around the loop you make with the pole and cinch down the knot.

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