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How To Fillet Redfish: A Quick and Easy Guide

Many anglers usually score one of the country’s most popular sport fish. And somewhere between your catch and cook is learning how to fillet a redfish

The redfish, otherwise known as red drum, make a good table feast. Get your knife and board ready for this simple, fast and easy way of preparing your redfish. 

Here’s a step by step process on how to fillet redfish. 

How to Fillet Redfish 

How to Fillet Redfish with Knife

Best Way to Fillet a REDFISH

Filleting redfish is fairly easy and simple. You just need your sharp knife, a cutting board or surface, and you caught redfish, of course. 

Step 1. Cut through the fin

You want to cut at an angle behind the pectoral fin of your redfish and go all the way down over top of the stomach.

Step 2: Cut through the spine

Take your name and cut through the spine and go all the way down to the tail while making sure your fingers are in proper position. Then, lift the meat a little and start going your knife through all the way down to separate the meat from the spine right through the tail. 

Step 3: Flip your fin

After filleting one side, turn the fish to the other side and repeat the same process. This time, take extra care as there is less stability in handling with the meat on the other side gone. 

How to Fillet Redfish with Electric Knife

Using an electric knife to fillet redfish is much more preferable to many anglers as this requires lesser effort and force. The process is the same, but more care is taken as the knife can do more damage if not controlled well.

How to Cook Redfish

Redfish with pureed cauliflower and lobster sauce. Source: Robert

Redfish can be prepared as a tasty meal to be enjoyed. There are multiple ways you can prepare the redfish meat. You can have the fish meat grilled, sauteed, roasted, blackened, fried or used as filling for your tacos.

In any way you prepare the redfish, you get to savor its mild sweet flavor. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do redfish taste good?

Redfish has a mild, sweet flavor with medium-firm texture. Many anglers enjoy the superior taste of the moist white meat of redfish. 

Can you grab a redfish by the mouth?

Most fish should not be handled directly by the mouth. With the redfish,you can get a good grip in their down-turned mouth. Gloves are must-haves when handling the redfish, or any fish. Safety always comes first. 

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