17 Hilarious Ice Fishing Memes to Make You LOL!

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Sometimes, you need a good laugh to break the boredom associated with ice fishing. There are thousands of fishing memes that you can share with your fishing buddies.

Here are the seventeen best ice fishing memes that will motivate and cheer you up as you go ice fishing.

1. Hilarious moments when your friend has never gone ice fishing

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It only happens when you rent your newbie friend an ice shark and forget to tell him it’s set on ice and shouldn’t create a bonfire, or it will melt the ice and sink.

2. Everyone thinks ice fishing is fun!

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Of course, ice fishing is fun, but probably no one told you about the boredom and the freezing temperatures. Now see your life freezing on an ice block, waiting for a Crappie to show up!

3. Oh, come on, newbie!

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Yes, I know you’re looking forward to ice fishing, but this is not how it’s done, buddy. Why don’t you get good fishing gear and a catchy lure, and you’ll get a handful of fish at the end of the day?

4. I can’t believe winter is over!

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Yes, you indeed enjoy ice fishing. But don’t you think you’re going overboard? Well, that piece of ice remaining will melt even before you’re done drilling the damn hole. It’s understandable, but you can wait for the next ice fishing season.

5. When your friend doesn’t know how to keep a secret

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You’re my friend, so I told you where I got that big Snapper. But did you have to notify everyone in the neighborhood? Now look, I don’t even have somewhere I can drill my next hole.

6. Goodbye! See you next season

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Goodbye, everyone! My best season of the year has arrived, and I have to go. But where are you going, buddy? I bet you’re going to your favorite ice-fishing spot. But it’s okay!

7. What’s the meaning of ice fishing?

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At least it’s good to tell newbies what to expect when they go ice fishing. We are not targeting ice buddies. We want to catch a big trout for dinner. Please hide this, or else people will laugh at you.

8. Warning! Too thick ice

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Now, look at your life. Not even a shovel is working, and you now have to use a power auger to drill that ice hole. Anyway, you have to get that crappie under the ice, and I know you can do anything to get it.

9. The choice is yours!

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It’s everyone’s dream to have a caring spouse willing to do anything for you. But wait, have you ever dated an ice-fishing angler? Well, today, he chose his hobby over you, and there’s nothing much you can do.

10. I can feel the cold!

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All I wanted was to be an ice-fishing angler. I’m more than that now because I am covered with ice everywhere like a snowman. Don’t worry. I am doing fine and can still feel my fingers.

11. Funny drinking meme

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It’s a chilly morning, and you’re just waiting for a walleye to bite your bait. But that doesn’t seem to happen. Now you’re left drinking your favorite until you realize you have drunk gallons of liquor!

12. You don’t need fishing gear for that!

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We understand you love ice fishing, but this is different from how we find a missing person. You better call the cops to help you with that!

13. That feeling when it starts to snow

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The fall is over, and winter is approaching fast. Get your fishing gear ready because we’re going ice fishing the moment the entire rivers and lakes freeze.

14. Who can relate?

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Every ice angler can relate to this. After staying for a long time in the cold without catching any fish, you see the pole moving. You now have to rush to remove the fish before it gets away after eating your bait.

15. The excitement!

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You indeed love ice fishing. But, is it a must you go there while naked? Also, are you supposed to use an ax to drill a hole? Well, dress up warmly, or your whole body will freeze too. Also, consider getting the right fishing gear to make your work easier, buddy!

16. Not now, please!

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It’s not a must for you to use the usual fishing method. Sometimes it’s good to be extraordinary as long as you catch some fish.

17. Oh no!

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Why don’t you accept your new life, buddy? We understand you love ice fishing, but this is not the right place to drill a fishing hole. Move on, or go back to ice fishing.

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