ice fishing new hampshire

New Hampshire Ice Fishing: The Ultimate Winter Adventure

New Hampshire boasts some fantastic ice fishing locations, such as Squam Lake, Lake Winnipesaukee, and the White Mountain Region. Preparing for your ice fishing adventure, make sure you bring along a fishing rod, ice auger, bait and lures. Also, don’t forget to wear warm clothing. The ice fishing season typically begins in December and wraps

ice fishing in wisconsin

Wisconsin Ice Fishing: The Best Places to Catch Fish in Winter

Ice fishing in Wisconsin is a popular pastime, with anglers targeting various fish species such as walleye, panfish, bass, and northern pike. Prime locations for ice fishing in Wisconsin include Green Bay, Lake Winnebago, and the Wisconsin River. Before heading out, make sure to check local regulations and obtain any necessary licenses for ice fishing

ice fishing michigan

Ice Fishing in Michigan: Tips for Catching More Fish

The most popular spots to do ice fishing in Michigan include Saginaw Bay, lake Michigan, lake Mitchel, Houghton lake, Cass lake, and lake Hamlin. When going winter fishing, ensure you carry the necessary fishing gear, such as a fishing rod, an ice auger, and warm clothes. Remember, all these spots have specific regulations and restrictions,

grouper season florida

Grouper Season in Florida: How to Catch the Biggest & Tastiest

Groupers are among the most common reef fish popular in the Gulf of Mexico and Florida waters. Every grouper fishing season, recreational anglers from around the world come here to fish for their favorite species. Florida’s most common grouper species are the Red Grouper, Gag Grouper, and Black Grouper. Grouper fishing in Florida has specific

ice fishing minnesota

Ice Fishing in Minnesota: Where to Fish + Best Tips and Tricks

Some of the best places to do ice fishing in Minnesota include Lake Vermilion, Lake of the Woods, Mille Lacs Lake, Upper Red Lake, Rainy Lake, Lake Winnibigoshish, and Lake Minnetonka. Some tips and tricks to increase the chances of catching more fish include carrying the right fishing gear, lures, and baits and drilling several

ice fishing trips

Ice Fishing Trips: Here Are the Best Ice Fishing Destinations

The best lakes for an ice fishing trip include the Lake of the Woods, Millie Lacs Lake, and Moosehead Lake. Book from a reputable resort, and always check the cost of your trip. Some resorts and hotels require you to pay to use their equipment, while others have all-inclusive prices. Don’t forget to acquire the


How to Prevent Sea Sickness While Fishing

To prevent seasickness while fishing, you can try taking seasickness medication (non-drowsy Dramamine, with doctor’s consent), staring at the horizon, getting fresh air on your face, drinking some ginger ale, or wearing a seasickness band. I remember the first time I got seasick; it was the worst feeling ever. What triggered it was a lack

fishing the niagara river

Fishing On The Niagara River

As the sun rises, the cool breeze awakens the sleeping fish in the Niagara River. They begin to stir, seeking food and biting at whatever comes their way. For some fishermen, this is the perfect time to start their day. They know that the fish are hungry and will be biting at anything. Others wait

how to enjoy nature

Transitioning from a City Life to a Life of Nature 

Living in the city can be hectic and stressful. There are so many people and so much noise. Being woken up early in the morning by noises from your neighbors or the sound of cars driving by can be frustrating. It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race and forget what’s important. When

best fishing spots in san diego

8 Best Fishing Spots in San Diego

Because San Diego is most renowned for its abundant marine life, there’s no better way to spend your time in the city than to go fishing. It might not be easy to choose where to throw your line because there are many different areas to fish in here! It’s a no-brainer for any angler’s bucket

fishing in southern california

10 Best Places to Go Fishing in Southern California

From beautiful beaches, lush forests full of wildlife, and breathtaking views, California is a dream come true for anglers worldwide. Other than that, the Southern region’s pleasant temperature drifts above the vivid blue waves, enabling perfect fishing conditions.  This article will discuss the ten best places to go fishing in Southern California and some insider

fishing lakes in southern california

4 Best Fishing Lakes in Southern California

The scenic landscapes surrounding California’s fishing lakes and rivers make it pleasing for anglers to prefer fishing in Southern California. Its crystal clear blue waters make the region the ideal fishing ground.  Southern California is filled with diversity and a wide selection of species and lakes to start your adventures. This article has listed 4

pier fishing San Diego

3 Pier Fishing Spots in San Diego

Have you ever gone fishing but ended up toiling piers without any catch? Or maybe you caught some fish, but your catch was not impressive? Maybe that is because you did not visit the right spot.  That is not to say that you do not know fishing tactics. It only means that there are tactics

san diego kayak fishing

San Diego Kayak Fishing Spot

San Diego is reputable for interesting fishing activities. Many spots in San Diego have fish of different species that make for great catches. Kayak fishing is enjoyable if you have ample information on where to fish.  If you are a kayak angler looking to discover several locations to make great catches, this article is for

lakes in san diego for fishing

5 Best Fishing Lakes in San Diego, CA

America’s Finest City is also one of America’s finest places to fish. With several fishing charters, excellent weather all year, and a mouth-watering variety of fishes, this city is an angler’s dream come true.  However, if you are visiting an inexperienced angler, the many options can become a nightmare. Do you want to narrow down

best time to fish in alaska

Best Time to Fish in Alaska

There is a time for everything, including fishing in Alaska. Alaska offers some of the best fishing opportunities, but good timing is key. Since you wouldn’t want to leave empty-handed, you must be wondering when is the best time to fish in Alaska?  The summer months are the best time for your Alaska fishing trip.