How to Tie an Offshore Swivel Knot

Fisherman's Knots Off shore Swivel Knot

The offshore swivel knot is considered to be the most reliable knot that an angler can use to secure large swivels to heavy fishing lines.

It is also quite useful for tying light monofilament to a hook eye, and it seldom breaks, even if there is a problem with the line. Here is a simple way you can tie an offshore swivel knot to catch fish.

Recommended Practice Fishing Line:

Stren SHIQS30-15 High Impact, 30 lb / 400 yd, Clear
  • Shock resistant for fighting line punishing gamefish
  • Saltwater tough for all coastal and offshore fishing
  • Line, 5BB + 1RB, 3.3: 1, alum spool, 340/20, 310/25, 230/30,...

Offshore Swivel Knot Tying Instructions

  1. Thread the loop of the double line right into the swivel eye and make a twist within the loop itself.
  2. Fold the end of the loop into the double line right on top of the swivel.
  3. Hold the loop flush against the double line and turn the swivel through the opening at least 3 or 6 times to make it secure. A heavy line will require fewer loops, and a light one will require more loops.
  4. Now hold the double lines and tug the swivel in the other direction and then twist downwards towards the eye. You may need to use pliers at the point to keep the fishing knot in place as you work.

Your offshore swivel knot is complete and ready for your fishing trip!

how to tie an offshore swivel knot
An offshore swivel knot tied using paracord.

Basic Knots and Rigs

The swivel knot is a favorite knot for experienced anglers, hobbyists and casual fishers. It’s a quick knot to tie even if going for a few fish.

Besides fishing knots, you will need a rig, which is an assortment of hooks, swivels, sinkers, and snaps that need to be attached to the end of a line. Here’re some basic knots and rigs that can make any offshore fishing trip productive and which you can be content with:

  • Paternoster Rig: This rig allows anglers to present bait just above the seafloor while they are fishing and is ideal for saltwater fishing around a beach, estuaries, piers, and rock walls.
  • The Double Threat: This is a bait rig that boasts two jigs that you can equip with live and dead bait.
  • Carolina Rig: This rig is a favorite for any anglers who want to use a soft plastic lure to catch sea bass. It is ideal for deep water and fly-fishing.

Other Knots You Should Know

  • Arbor Knot – This knot can save your costly fly line in case it spools.
  • Blood Knot – Use this knot for tying two fishing lines together.
  • Spider Hitch Knot – Use this knot to boost the strength of your fishing line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a swivel knot used for?

A. It is used to secure a fishing line to a lure, hook or swivel.

Q. Is the loop number significant for fishing knots?

A. That depends on the strength of the fishing line. A weaker fishing line will have more than one loop, and a thicker one will have more loops.

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