4 Plastic Worm Rigs for Excellent Bass Fishing

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Mojo Outdoor Texas Rig tops the list of the best worm rig for bass fishing. This rig features a weedless setup that doesn’t tangle easily. The rig has a structure that connects to a decoy through a snap and an extra loop at the end that can accommodate a few more worms. Unlike other rigs, the Mojo Rig is easy to use and set up and attach the bullet weight to the line. Booms Fishing CRR Carolina Ready Rig Brass is our first runner-up. This Carolina rig is pre-rigged and can conveniently handle your plastic worm lure. It’s purposely designed for ice and bottom fishing because it’s extra sensitive and can detect even the most finicky bass. It comes with beads attached to prevent the wire from sliding down. It also has a knocking sound that attracts bass right to where your plastic lure is. 

An experienced angler needs a rig that can comfortably handle their plastic worm when targeting your next bass. There are numerous rigs in the market today, and choosing one can be pretty hectic. Here, we have prepared a list of today’s best worm rigs for bass fishing.

4 Types of Plastic Worm Fishing Rigs for Bass Fishing

There are several ways to rig plastic worms. Here are some fishing rigs setups and fishing tips you can go for:

1. Texas Rig

We recommend using: MOJO Outdoors Texas Rig

A Texas Rig or T-Rig makes use of a weedless setup that doesn’t tangle and connects to a decoy via a snap, and a loop at the end can accommodate a dozen more. As far as Texas rigs go, this one is easy to set up compared to a traditional rig. Texas rigging doesn’t get easier than this. 

Texas rig

2. Carolina Rig

We recommend using: Booms Fishing CRR Carolina Ready Rig Brass

This is a pre-rigged Carolina rig that has everything anglers need for a soft plastic worm lure. It is explicitly designed for bottom fishing and for sensitive, finicky bass. The beads prevent the wire from sliding down, and the knocking sound the rig makes attracts bass right to the hook point where the worm is. 

Carolina Rig

Confused between a Carolina rig and a texas rig? Here’s a comparison between a Carolina rig and Texas rig.

3. Wacky Rig

We recommend using: HILLPOW Wacky Worm Kits

If you want to be soft on choice, give wacky rigging a try. The aluminum rig tool boasts stainless steel screw features, which are ideal for saltwater anglers. The O rings protect the hook from tearing out of your hook point and getting a violent hit. The Senko stick bait attracts fish in droves. 

Wacky Rig

4. Drop Shot Rig

The drop shot rig is considered to be the most crucial rig for bass anglers as it can be used in the shallows and deep water reliably. The dropshot rig is a line that is tied to a hook that is connected to a trailing leader that weights its end. The hook and the bait are above the weight.

It is the only rig that is based on an actual fishing technique, i.e., drop shotting or dropshots fishing. Invented by saltwater anglers, it is quite useful in pressurized lakes. The drop shot weight allows the bait right to the bottom, and all you need to do is shake the line to attract fish. 

Drop Shot Rig

How to Rig Soft Plastics

There are several ways to rig soft plastics.

Shaky head rig

To rig shaky heads, insert the hook point into the bait head and back out below it. Slide the hook through the bait and make it so that the head sits on the offset shank, and then push the hook’s point through the bait. 

Wacky rig

Hook a small, sharp hook through the middle of the bait.

Soft plastic nose-hooked rig 

Take a sharp hook and tie it perpendicular to your fishing line right above a drop shot. Then hook the plastic through the nose of the bait.

Factors in Selecting Plastic Worms

best plastic worm rigs
Plastic worm for a great fishing experience. Source: Marksphototravels


Soft plastic worms come in a range of styles, and the one you choose will determine how it acts in the water, as well as its profile. Some can give you a lot of action, while others will just remain still.

A classic ribbon tail worm, for instance, has a straight body and a curly tail that flaps in the water as it moves. A stick soft plastic bait worm, on the other hand, does not move at all in the water since they don’t have any appendages. 


Plastic worms are the best worms for bass, and the smaller the plastic worm, the more bites you are going to get. However, if you are bass fishing for large bass, go for larger worms.


The color of the plastics you choose to use will depend on the nature of the water you are fishing in. For instance, in clear water, use natural colors, and use brightly colored plastic worm rigs in murky water. Deeper water or shallow weed beds also require a different color.


Choose the weight of the worm according to the size of the fish you are angling for. A big one will work for large bass that may not be able to wrench it off the hook. A weightless soft plastic worm will not cover as much water as a nail-weighted one can. You can also use a bullet sinker.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What color of plastic worm is best for bass fishing?

The best colors for bass when the water is clear are lighter, more translucent colors (i.e., blue, green, pearl, smoke, etc.). In dark water, dark worms often produce the best (i.e., purple, black, brown, etc.)

Do fake worms work for fishing?

Yes, plastic worm rigs are highly efficient in attracting fish, particularly bass. If the weight is close enough to the worm, the fish will often get both the sinker, as well as the hook in its mouth in a single attack. 

Why are Texas-rigged plastic worms so popular?

This is popular for its weedless presentation.

Plus, it has a fast sink rate, so your bait can get to the strike zone sooner. It will sink nose down and sit on the bottom in that position, making it look like a foraging fish. This will be the case irrespective of the size and shape of the bait you use. 

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