how long does fishing line last

How Long Does Fishing Line Last? A Guide to Fishing Line Maintenance

Quality fishing line can be the difference between reeling in a trophy catch and losing the battle.  In this article, we’ll delve into the factors that impact their longevity, guiding you on when to retire your old fishing line and replace it with a fresh one.  Moreover, we’ll reveal priceless tips on maintaining and storing

can you eat sand fleas

Can You Eat Sand Fleas?

Yes, you can eat sand fleas, as they are nutritious and a great source of protein, essential vitamins, and minerals. Sand fleas can be eaten when cooked, raw, or dried. Dried sand fleas are ground into powder and mixed with flour to create mush sand fleas. These little creatures have a crunchy texture with a

grouper season florida

Grouper Season in Florida: How to Catch the Biggest & Tastiest

Groupers are among the most common reef fish popular in the Gulf of Mexico and Florida waters. Every grouper fishing season, recreational anglers from around the world come here to fish for their favorite species. Florida’s most common grouper species are the Red Grouper, Gag Grouper, and Black Grouper. Grouper fishing in Florida has specific

red snapper season

Red Snapper Season: Get Hooked on the Fun with this Guide

Red snapper season varies by location. In Florida, the season runs from June to July, while in Alabama, the red snapper season opens in May. In Mississippi, the season typically runs from May to July. You need to know the open seasons for red snapper fishing to increase your chances of a successful catch. Make

sole vs flounder

Sole vs Flounder: What’s the difference in taste and nutrition?

Sole and flounder are both flatfish species that fall under the order Pleuronectiformes and are suitable for various recipes because they have a mild flavor and a moist, tender texture. One of the key differences between the two is that the sole is smaller and more expensive than the flounder. Sole also has a flatter,

how to catch red snapper

How to Catch Red Snapper

To catch red snapper, tie a hook at the bottom of the line, and bait it. Then cast it down in a popular red snapper hideout. Keep pulling the rod up and backward to get a bite of the fish. Once you secure a bite, pull out the line into the boat and rebait again

how to catch fiddler crabs

How to Catch Fiddler Crabs

Fiddler crabs are tiny animals that feed on algae, fungi, microbes, and other decaying detritus. You can catch them through invasion, burying a bucket with treats, using a net, or using fiddler crabs roundup. Fiddler crabs are edible and make the best live bait to catch sheepshead, snook, tarpon, redfish, and black drum. During summertime,

how to sharpen a fishing hook

How to Sharpen a Fishing Hook Properly

If you want to sharpen your fishing hook, start by moving it over the file gently. While doing so, ensure the file hits all the sides at different passes. Ensure you shave the hook point while assuming a 45-degree angle because it helps you sharpen hooks properly and prevent micro-shaving accumulation at the tip. Fishing

how to catch mullet

How to Catch Mullet

You can catch mullet using a cast net, a hook & a line (rod and reel), or adding chum bait to your hook and line. However, despite the large number of mullet species in the waters, they are challenging to catch. Mullets do not bite baits in a conventional way; hence you have to perfect

how to catch bluefish

How to Catch Big Bluefish

Anglers can catch bluefish using various fishing techniques; the most popular forms are trolling, chumming, and casting. To catch this fish species, use wire leaders or a rigid lure that can’t break easily because they have sharp teeth. You can prevent bite-offs by using metal spoons or surgical hose eels. You’ll also need cut bait

What Should Divers Do For Their Safety

What Should Divers Do For Their Own Safety? Q&A

If you’re a diver, then safety needs to be a top priority. You should always be asking, “What should divers do for their own safety?” Or better yet, if you were advising a friend, what would you tell them? It bears repeating… No amount of fun is worth the unnecessary risk of dying! You are