fisherman's knot

How To Tie A Fisherman’s Knot

May be known to some as the English knot, halibut knot, waterman’s knot, or even as the improved clinch knot,

knocker rig

Knocker Rig

  Trying to catch fish that swim at the bottom is a science as well as an art. That’s because

how to fillet catfish

How to Fillet Catfish

Even if you are a seasoned angler and love to prepare your fish before cooking it, catfish can throw you

pulley rig

Pulley Rig Guide

Don’t you hate it when your catch gets snagged and ripped from the line as you try and reel it

how to tie an albright knot

How to Tie an Albright Knot

Also known as the Albright Special Knot, the Albright Knot is a favorite knot used by anglers to tie two

John Collins Knot

How to Tie the Alberto Knot

The best way to join a line to line knot using lines that are of different diameters, such as monofilament

pompano fish

The Pompano Rig: How To Rig

Pompano are prized for their delicious meat, one of the reasons why it is considered to be a dream caught

how to tie a berkley braid knot

How to Tie a Berkley Braid Knot

  The Berkley Braid knot is considered to be one of the most reliable braid fishing line knots you can