How to Tie a Spider Hitch Knot

If you want to create a robust double line, try tying the spider hitch knot. You can tie this knot fast and turn it into a spider hitch rig if you’re going surf fishing. Once I found this knot, my ability to catch fish from shore and around structure significantly increased.

It’s not as strong as a Bimini Twist Knot, but it’s way faster. Let’s show you how!

Tying the Spider Hitch

  1. To tie the spider hitch knot, create a double line loop by using your thumb and forefinger to keep it in place.
  2. Pass the free end over your thumb and wrap it five times around it (if you’re using a braided fishing line, you’ll have to wrap it 15 times).
  3. Pass the end of the doubled line right behind the loop and then through it.
  4. Pull the end out of the loop.
  5. Take hold of both ends and pull to tighten the spider hitch knot.
  6. Cut off the excess line and twist it closed. Now you’re ready for some fishing.
How to tie a spider hitch
3 Best Fishing Knots You SHOULD Know


  • Before pulling the ends to form a tight and robust knot, moisten the line with your spit to reduce friction.
  • If you are tying the spider hitch line on a braided line, wrap it more than ten times.


  • It is more reliable than the dropper loop for fishing.
  • It can be tied easily in rough weather conditions or on a rocking boat during your fishing day.
  • With practice, you can tie this simple knot in less than 10 seconds.
  • Can maintain the line’s strength most of the time.
  • It’s excellent for fishing for those who want to tie a loop in their line quickly.
  • It’s considered to be the strongest out of all quick tying knots.
  • It can be used to create a strong double line


  • The spider hitch knot will fail if the wraps aren’t in the right order.
  • It lacks shock absorption compared to the Bimini twist


  • It can be used to tie a mono leader to a braid.
  • Perfect for shore fishing, especially if you are angling on uneven ground.
  • You can use it on shark and tarpon rigs.


  • The Bimini Twist knots – this knot is better than the spider hitch on heavy tackle, and it makes the leader more flexible.
  • Surgeon’s loop – this knot is as easy to tie and as efficient as the spider hitch knot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you tie a loop knot with braids?

A: make sure that the loop is not too big or your front hook will get tangled.

Q: What knot is best for braided line?

A: The Palomar knot is considered to be the best for use on a braided line.

Q. Which knot can be used in both fresh and saltwater?

A: The Clinch knots.

Jon Stenstrom
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