best bass lures

Best Bass Lures — Our Top 5 Picks

Picking the right bass lures for bass fishing can increase the chance of catching your next big fish in just a short matter of time. It isn’t easy to pick the right thing to capture the most bass with such various lures to choose from. How do we know what to keep in your tackle

summer bass fishing

Summer Bass Fishing — Complete Beginner’s Guide

Bass are very predictable during summer when the weather is warm. They are practically one of the easiest fish to catch since they are not picky with anything. However, if you are a beginner, you should know how to properly fish for summer bass to catch one. There are many things that you should know

best jig rod

Best Jig Rod for Bass: 7 Top Picks (2023 Reviews)

St. Croix Rods Mojo Bass Casting Rod is our best jig rod for bass in 2023. This jig rod is durable, lightweight, and sensitive. It has a premium-grade handle that offers a tight and comfortable grip, making it easier for you to fish for long hours. Our runner-up is the Dobyns Rods Champion XP Series

best gifts for bass fisherman

9 Best Gifts for Bass Fisherman (2023 Guide)

Choosing the best gifts for bass fishermen can be difficult. Aside from looking at various products on the Internet, it’s hard to determine the things that they actually need. Nevertheless, this should not discourage you from giving a bass angler friend some appreciation through valuable presents. It makes them feel appreciated after a long bass

rockbass fishing

Rock Bass Fishing — How To Catch Rock Bass

Rock bass fishing can be engaging and thrilling for newbies and expert anglers alike. Considering their size, you may not think of them right away as a prized treasure. Yet, fishing these can be challenging as they tend to be aggressive and territorial. Is rock bass fishing worth the time and effort? Absolutely! To catch

largemouth eating senko

What Do Bass Eat? A Complete Guide

Are you wondering what do bass eat? There are many species of bass, including largemouth, smallmouth, black bass, and spotted bass to name a few. Each of them has their unique diet, however, they all eat a variety of smaller fish, insects, and aquatic animals such as frogs. In this guide, we’ll share with you

when do bass spawn

When Do Bass Spawn? Bass Spawning Season

What makes bass a challenging fish to catch is the behavior that allows them to be on a constant move. How a bass behaves is usually dictated by several factors, such as the water temperature, its urge to find food, and its spawning desires.  One of the steps to becoming a bass angler is to

striper rigs

4 Best Striped Bass Rigs (Proven To Work)

Are you looking to catch a trophy-sized striper, but don’t know which rigs to use? We contacted seasoned striper fishermen and asked them what rigs caught the most fish. In this article, we look at four you should try on your next outing. 1. In-line Sinker Drift Rig Many anglers use drifting rigs to clam

bass fishing rigs

Popular Bass Fishing Rigs

Want to catch a fair amount of bass this season? Learning a bunch of effective bass fishing rigs amps up your chances of making your catch. Rigging for bass calls for presentation and purpose. They create a sense of natural presentation to your target bass, attracting it to bite.  Here are some of the most

mojo rig

How to Tie a Mojo Rig For Bass Fishing

The Mojo Rig is great for catching bass. It’s your go-to efficient rig that is the right blend of your classic Carolina rig and Split shot rig– just in between aggressive and subtle.  What You’ll Need Mojo Rig Setup Rigging the Mojo setup is slightly different from the Carolina rig, but this technique is easy

Texas rig

How to Tie a Texas Rig to Catch Bass

One of the most common soft plastic fishing rigs is the Texas rig, also known as the T-rig. Learning how to rig this effective presentation is best to hook a fish when bass fishing. The Texas rig is a versatile setup with many variations popular among anglers. It started way back when fishers fished plastic

sand bass fishing spots

Sand Bass Fishing Spots in Southern California

When bass fishing, southern California (SoCal) has many of the great barred sand bass fishing spots. At certain times of the year when bass spawn, sand bass usually aggregates in specific SoCal waters. If you have been fishing these waters, you probably already know where to find the school of sand Bass usually. But if

barred sand bass spearfishing tips

When to Catch Sand Bass in California

Fishing for sand bass can be a year-round activity. But there is a certain time of year the temperature and condition of the water are best for bass fishing. A few factors influence the best barred sand bass fishing seasons. If you’re fishing for sand bass in California, consider when the fish spawn and the

barred sand bass spearfishing tips

Barred Sand Bass Spearfishing Tips

Barred sand bass spearfishing is just as fun as fishing this species on a boat. These fish are nearshore marine species as they are usually over sandy bottoms near the kelp. Hence, their name sand bass or sometimes, sandies or grumpers. If you plan on spearfishing for bass, these fish are usually in the blue

sand bass fish

Best Sand Bass Lures: Ratings, Reviews, and Top Picks

Are you trying to find the best sand bass lure to help you score your personal best bass? There are many lures to choose from, depending on your preferred approach. In this article, we’ve pulled together what’s worked for fishermen down the coast of California to help you determine what you need to add to

sand bass fish

How To Cook Barred Sand Bass — The Easy Way

Barred sand bass is a fish to clean and cook. All you need are the following: We recommend using olive oil for a hearty meal. Maybe a little know-how, as well, to save minutes of your time and energy in figuring it out. More often than not, the edibility of a fish will depend on where