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Sand Bass Fishing Spots in Southern California

When bass fishing, southern California (SoCal) has many of the great barred sand bass fishing spots. At certain times of the year when bass spawn, sand bass usually aggregates in specific SoCal waters. If you have been fishing these waters, you probably already know where to find the school of sand Bass usually. But if

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When to Catch Sand Bass in California

Fishing for sand bass can be a year-round activity. But there is a certain time of year the temperature and condition of the water are best for bass fishing. A few factors influence the best barred sand bass fishing seasons. If you’re fishing for sand bass in California, consider when the fish spawn and the

barred sand bass spearfishing tips

Barred Sand Bass Spearfishing Tips

Barred sand bass spearfishing is just as fun as fishing this species on a boat. These fish are nearshore marine species as they are usually over sandy bottoms near the kelp. Hence, their name sand bass or sometimes, sandies or grumpers. If you plan on spearfishing for bass, these fish are usually in the blue

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The Best Lures To Catch Bigger Sand Bass in 2023

With the use of some fishing strategies, veteran anglers prefer the best barred sand bass lures to land a bigger catch. For most southern California fishers, catching barred sand bass is relatively straightforward. But what makes boat skippers and small boaters interested in bass fishing is the size of the sand bass they can catch. Employing the

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How To Cook Barred Sand Bass — The Easy Way

Barred sand bass is a fish to clean and cook. All you need are the following: We recommend using olive oil for a hearty meal. Maybe a little know-how, as well, to save minutes of your time and energy in figuring it out. More often than not, the edibility of a fish will depend on where

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How to Catch Barred Sand Bass in Southern California

Let’s learn how to catch barred sand bass! Barred sand bass will hover over flat, sandy-bottomed during the spawning season. The Paralabrax nebulifer species are a staple game fish of the local sportfishing fleet of southern California. If you are bass fishing in San Onofre, Huntington flats, or San Diego, you will encounter barred sand

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4 Plastic Worm Rigs for Excellent Bass Fishing

Mojo Outdoor Texas Rig tops the list of the best worm rig for bass fishing. This rig features a weedless setup that doesn’t tangle easily. The rig has a structure that connects to a decoy through a snap and an extra loop at the end that can accommodate a few more worms. Unlike other rigs,

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Best Bass Fishing Line (Our Top 7 Picks in 2023)

Bass fishing is a challenging sport. These fish are potent predators who are known to break low-quality lines. That being said, it’s essential to know that different lines work better for different situations.  For example, if you’re in thick cover and are throwing lures, a braid works well to ensure you don’t lose your tackle.

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How To Catch Hybrid Striped Bass — A Fishing Guide

Fishing for hybrid striped bass doesn’t have to be complicated. We like to keep it simple by using a good old Carolina rig with some live bait. However, there are many ways to catch this crossed-striped bass. One thing is for sure, they taste great! Recommended Bass Fishing Gear: Overview Many anglers wonder how to

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Papuan Black Bass — How to Catch Lutjanus goldiei

The Papuan Black Bass should be on your shortlist of dream fish to target. Made famous in River Monsters season 9 episode 15, this large fish is rare and can reach an impressive 40” in length and can weigh over 44 lbs. If Jeremy Wade can catch one, so can you! Let’s learn how. Recommended

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Top 10 Plastic Worms for 2023 That’ll Catch Bass

As the weather warms up and the fish start biting, anglers everywhere are getting ready to hit the water. And one of the most popular baits for catching fish is the plastic worm. There are many different types and brands of plastic worms on the market, so it can be tough to decide which ones

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How to Catch Calico Bass (Kelp Bass)

You can catch calico bass by drifting, trolling, and still-fishing from anchored boats or kayaks. Since this bass is a light tackle fish, you can find it along breakwaters in bars and kelp beds. Use different baits, such as sardines, anchovies, mackerel squid, and queenfish to attract them. Artificial lures you can use include streamer

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Become A Pond Fishing Expert

Fishing ponds can be found in every part of the world. These ponds can be man-made or natural. Ponds can be home to a wide variety of pond-dwelling fish, from spotted bass, bream, blue catfish, pangasius, largemouth bass, perch, sunfish, and more. How to fish in a pond will depend on the following: Many ponds