man holding a carp

7 Popular Types of Carp: A Comprehensive Guide for Anglers

Do you want to learn more about the seven most common types of carp? Our article not only sheds light on these stunning fish but also provides valuable insights on how to identify them. Join us as we embark on a journey with professional coarse angler, Daniel O’Neill, who holds a remarkable record of landing

fishing with corn

Fishing with Corn: A Complete Guide to Using Corn as Bait

Are you looking for budget-friendly fish bait? Try corn! A lot of anglers swear by using corn to fish. It has a sweet scent and bright colors which can attract fish. In this article, we’re sharing how you can use corn to fish as well as its pros and cons. Our goal is to provide

best carp fishing hooks

6 Best Carp Fishing Hooks

The right fishing hook is essential for a successful carp angling experience. It is safe to say that if you get your fishhook wrong, you most likely will not catch a single carp. This guide will help you to get your carp fishing hooks right and improve your chances of catching carp trophies and even

river carp fishing

River Carp Fishing: How to Catch Carp in Rivers

Carp is a popular fish game around the world. It is one of the fishes beginner anglers targets when they want to improve their personal best.  These fishes are popular in ponds, rivers, seas, and other water bodies. But it is a different thing to fish for carp in rivers. While the pond and lakes

how to make carp bait

How to Make Carp Bait (6 Easy Recipes to Try)

Every beginner angler starts with being content with small catches, but as time goes on, they have their eyes on the big catch. Among the big game fishes, anglers aim for is carp. Carp is quite common in rivers and lakes, and it usually grows into an impressive size. Fishing carp is easy with commercial

Best Carp Baits: A Comprehensive Guide For Anglers

Are you wondering what’s considered the best carp baits? There are quite a few options to choose from including everything from DIY to storebought baits. In this guide, Daniel O’Neill, who’s caught his fair share of carp, shares his favorite baits for catching these beautiful fish. Popularly known as golden fishbone, carp have become an

best carp fishing rigs

5 Best Carp Rigs in 2023

Carp is one of the favorite games for many anglers. Their size, strength, and availability make it fun to catch carp. For a successful and enjoyable carp fishing session, it is important to use the best carp rig. There are a lot of factors that determine which carp rig is best for carp fishing at

fly fishing for carp

Complete Guide to Fly Fishing For Carp

Fly fishing for carp has become popular among fly fishermen in recent years. Carps are known to be smart and tricky creatures, which makes carp fly fishing an exciting sport for anglers.  Like fly fishing for trout or pike, it is crucial to use the right techniques if you intend to make any catch. This

best bowfishing kits

The Best Bowfishing Kits for Hunting Carp

Archery is a fun and intriguing sport. Imagine archery on the water while targeting your favorite legal fish with the best bowfishing kits. Exciting and fun does not even begin to cover this adventure. But before you can head out to the water, you need to bring what you need to catch your fish- bow,

common carp fishing tips

Carp Fishing Tips — How to Catch Cyprinus carpio

Carp fishing is the rage in many parts of the world. While I was fishing in Bangkok, I met a man who was a huge carp fisherman based in the UK. He told me how serious carp fishing is over there… I was shocked! Over here in the States, we look at carp as a