why do catfish croak

Why Do Catfish Croak, Grunt, and Make Other Weird Sounds?

Have you ever wondered why catfish croak? Understanding this unique behavior can provide fascinating insights into the world of catfish and enhance your knowledge of these intriguing creatures. In this article, we cover several reasons why catfish croak, grunt, and make other weird sounds. The Short Answer Catfish croak as a defense mechanism when they

catfish caught on shrimp

How To Use Shrimp As Catfish Bait: The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking to catch catfish and wondering if shrimp makes good bait? We’ve tried a bunch of different baits with great success, but shrimp is one we hold high on our short list of options. This article shows why shrimp works well, choosing between fresh and frozen, and avoiding common mistakes. The Short Answer

how long can catfish live out of water

How Long Can Catfish Live Out Of Water?

Have you ever watched a catfish wriggle on land and wondered how long it can survive without taking a dip? The answer might surprise you.  Believe it or not, most catfish species can live out of water for a considerable amount of time – up to a few hours or even days in certain conditions.

catfishing at night

Catfishing at Night: Tips, Techniques, and Safety for Successful Night Fishing

Imagine a calm, quiet night. Stars fill the sky, and water gently laps at the shoreline. This is the perfect setting for catfishing at night. Nighttime is magical for fishing enthusiasts. Catfish are more active during the dark hours, making it an exciting challenge for catfish anglers. In this article, we’ll share tips, techniques, and

slip bobber rig

Slip Bobber Rig (Everything You Need to Know)

The slip bobber rig is the most adaptable catfish rig available that every angler should be familiar with. It is ideal for catching channel catfish and other different species like freshwater game fish. The versatility of the slip bobber rigs allows fishermen to fish at various depths and adjust their fishing depth in response to

do catfish bite in cold weather

Do Catfish Bite in Cold Weather?

Catfish, like most fish, are most active in warmer months. However, they become lethargic during the winter or when the water temperatures drop. Many anglers believe these fish only bite in warm weather, which unfortunately isn’t true. What normally varies is the method you use in catching fish. But how do catfish behave during cold

when do catfish spawn

When Do Catfish Spawn?

While many fish can be caught in abundance during spawning season, catfish are often harder to angle for during their spawn. As a yearly occurrence, anglers often bemoan their luck on the water, claiming catfish have suddenly become elusive or harder to catch. This is mainly due to not understanding a catfish’s movement, need to

how to hold a catfish

How To Hold a Catfish Properly

Catfish are one of the most commonly angled fish in the United States. Not only are these bottom feeders delicious to eat, but they can also be incredibly fun to catch. With species weighing more than 100 pounds, these fish make up the staple of a variety of seafood dishes throughout the culinary world.  Ranging

blue catfish vs channel catfish

Blue Catfish vs Channel Catfish: What are the Differences?

Catfish are one of the most popular fish groups caught for food by anglers around the world. Within this group, two of the most sought-after species are the blue catfish and channel catfish. Belonging to the same group, blue and channel catfish share a number of similarities, which makes it hard for anglers to tell

how to clean a catfish

How to Clean Catfish (Step by Step Guide)

To clean your catfish properly, gather all the important cleaning materials. Next, make an incision along the body, starting from the dorsal fin on its back to the pelvic fin on its belly. Since catfish have sharp fins that can hurt you, secure the fish by holding it down with gloved hands. You can also

types of catfish

Different Types of Catfish

Catfish, one of the most popular species, are both angled for and kept in tanks in the United States. While there are a variety of species worldwide, there are three that are primarily sought after in the United States by anglers, the blue catfish, the channel catfish, and the flathead catfish. At least one of

catfish chumming

Catfish Chumming — How to Chum For Catfish

Catfish chumming is an angling technique that works on the strength of your lure scent. When you use chum, it attracts catfish to come into close range and eat your lure. On the other hand, chum is a mixture of bread, flour, and onion, irresistible to catfish. Its smell allows catfish to come close, eat

how to fillet catfish

How to Fillet a Catfish (in 7 Easy Steps)

When filleting catfish, clean and wipe it with an abrasive cloth to remove as much slime as possible. Once the catfish is clean, place it on a clean surface. Start by cutting from the adipose fin; ensure you do so using the tip of your fillet knife. You’ll encounter a big wedge of meat on

saltwater catfish hardhead catfish

Saltwater Catfish Fishing Guide: How to Catch Ariopsis felis

If you’ve done any type of saltwater fishing around the Gulf, then you’ve likely seen saltwater catfish going crazy for your bait. Saltwater catfish is actually a common name for both the Hardhead Catfish and the Gaffstopsail Catfish (Sail Cat for short). In this guide, we’re going to focus on the Hardhead Catfish. Most anglers

Jon Stenstrom with a Mekong Catfish

Mekong Catfish Fishing Tips

  Are you interested in catching the Mekong Giant Catfish, one of the largest freshwater fish in the world? While fishing in Bangkok, I was fortunate to catch a number of these beautiful yet endangered creatures. Now I’d like to bring awareness to just how bad of shape they are in. I believe if we

Pangasius (Basa) — Everything You Need to Know

Have you heard of pangasius? This fish is a large shark catfish species that are native to the freshwaters of South and Southeast Asia. The term ‘pangasius’ is used commercially and it refers to what is colloquially known as basa, tra, or swai, a popular table fish. In this guide, we’ll talk about two different