why are crappie rods so long

Why are Crappie Rods So Long?

If you’ve ever looked at a crappie rod and wondered, “Why are crappie rods so long?” you’re not alone.  Crappie rods are long primarily to improve casting distance, control, and sensitivity and to better handle the crappie’s delicate mouth. The extended length allows you to cast your line farther into the water, which is particularly

crappie vs perch

Crappie vs Perch: What Are the Differences?

Crappie and perch are both popular freshwater fish with unique characteristics that anglers should understand for successful fishing. Crappies in white and black varieties are known for their spotted, silver-green bodies and preference for warmer, murky waters. They are often found in deeper water near cover. Perch, particularly yellow perch, sport vertical stripes on a

ice fishing for crappie

Crappie Ice Fishing: The Ultimate Winter Challenge

Crappie are a popular target for ice fishing enthusiasts due to their continued activity even in frozen waters. When planning your next crappie ice fishing trip, there are several factors to consider. Start by choosing a location with a high crappie population, such as the Neosho River or Lake of the Woods. To ensure a

how to jig for crappie

How to Jig for Crappie

Crappie is a type of fish that everyone who has fished in Southern waters will be familiar with. They are among the most exciting fish to catch and are a real treat to eat. However, catching crappie requires a lot of skill, the correct tackle, and a pinch of luck.  Jigs are perhaps the most

best time to fish for crappie

When’s the Best Time to Catch Crappie?

Catching crappie is undoubtedly one of the many adventures you should tick off your bucket list. Nothing beats the feeling of hitting the water with rods, poles, and a bucket. But the excitement goes away just as soon as it comes when you have nothing to show for it after a long hard day. To

best fishing line for crappie

5 Best Fishing Line for Crappie in 2023

To catch crappies, the right fishing lines are a must-have item for any angler. The selection of a proper line can be the difference between a full stringer and a boring day on the water. Crappie fishing is a challenging sport, but I’ll share what I’ve learned after trying a wide variety of lines over

best crappie rod and reel

7 Best Crappie Rod And Reel Combos (2023 Reviews)

We’ve put together this list of the best crappie rods and reel combos to help you find one that works for your situation. These crappie rod and reels come in at different prices, so there should be something here for everyone! 7 Best Crappie Rod And Reel Combos 1. Ugly Stik Spinning Combo Best All-Around

best crappie lures

8 Best Crappie Lures in 2023 (Tried and Tested)

Crappie fishing could be any angler’s challenging experience. Crappies are picky, and their diverse diet means that anglers have to be wise in picking lures. Targeting crappie requires pulling lures in various designs, shapes, and colors to attract and stimulate bites easily. Hence, finding the best crappie lures is important for every angler. The best

Crappie Fishing Tips Holding

Crappie Fishing Tips

Have you ever been bass or catfishing and realized you want something slightly different? Well, for many people, the answer is crappie fishing. Crappies are entertaining and delicious fish to catch! They fight hard, and it can be somewhat challenging to get to the boat from the depths of your favorite body of water. Plus,