rainbow trout size

How Big Do Rainbow Trout Get?

Are you curious how big do rainbow trout get? Rainbow trout are one of the most popular game fish in the entire world. Trout guide and fly fishing instructor Daniel O’Neill, discusses how big rainbow trout get and how to catch these larger fish.  As a child, one of my earliest fishing memories involved catching

bass jumping out of water

Bass Jumping Out Of Water: What Does it Mean?

Have you ever wondered why bass sometimes jump out of the water? The first time I saw it, I was shocked and made it a point to research why it happened when I got home. In this article, we’ll explore why they jump out of the water and how this knowledge can transform your fishing

how long can you keep fish on ice

How Long Can You Keep Fish on Ice

Are you wondering if the fish you left in your cooler overnight is still safe to eat? I used to think fresh fish was always best, but after talking with chefs, fishmongers, and die-hard fishermen, I changed my perspective on fish storage. This guide examines how long you can store fish before it goes bad.

do bass sleep

Do Bass Sleep? Unraveling the Mystery of Bass Resting Behavior

Curious minds wonder about the secrets hidden beneath the water’s surface. This article will dive deep into the world of bass and uncover the truth about their resting behavior. Along the way, we’ll explore the factors that influence how these popular fish recharge their energy. Whether you’re an angler looking to refine your fishing strategies

northern pike teeth

Northern Pike Teeth: Everything You Need to Know

Northern pikes are natural predators whose teeth are razor-sharp, designed to slice and dice their prey. The teeth multiply as the pike grows. How many teeth a pike has depends on the age and size, but generally, a fully grown pike can have up to 700 teeth. Additionally, the length of their teeth depends on

muskie teeth

Muskie Teeth: All You Need to Know

Muskies are freshwater predators with hundreds of razor-sharp teeth to help them tear their prey. They have dozens of bigger canines and other small teeth arranged in rows. For example, grown-up muskies can have about 500 to 700 teeth in their mouth, and their biggest canine can range up to one inch in length. Muskie’s

is grouper a good fish to eat

Is Grouper Fish Safe to Eat? (Nutritional Value and Safety of Grouper)

Grouper is a tasty fish available on most restaurant menus. Like other fish, grouper fish is rich in omega-3, protein, essential minerals, and vitamins. They are liked by many because they have a mild flavor and a firm, moist texture. Grouper is a versatile fish, and you can prepare it by broiling, grilling, baking, or

grouper vs snapper

Grouper vs. Snapper: The Ultimate Guide to Identifying & Cooking These Popular Fish

Snappers and Groupers are among the most delicious fish you can find on your local restaurant menus. Both fish species are nutritious and a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and essential minerals and vitamins. Although these two species have almost the same nutritional value, they have some key differences. For example, Snappers are

grouper fishing

A Detailed Guide to Grouper Fishing – Catch Big and Have Fun!

Groupers are delicious and sporty to catch. They come in different colors and variations and are most common in the Gulf of Mexico and Florida waters. If you want to catch a grouper, there are a few things you need to know. First, groupers have large mouths, so use a larger bait to catch them.

red snapper season

Red Snapper Season: Get Hooked on the Fun with this Guide

Red snapper season varies by location. In Florida, the season runs from June to July, while in Alabama, the red snapper season opens in May. In Mississippi, the season typically runs from May to July. You need to know the open seasons for red snapper fishing to increase your chances of a successful catch. Make

sole vs flounder

Sole vs Flounder: What’s the difference in taste and nutrition?

Sole and flounder are both flatfish species that fall under the order Pleuronectiformes and are suitable for various recipes because they have a mild flavor and a moist, tender texture. One of the key differences between the two is that the sole is smaller and more expensive than the flounder. Sole also has a flatter,

fishing terms

Fishing Terms Every Angler Should Know

Here is a list of fishing terms that will ensure that every angler uses the same terminology when discussing angling and fishing in our local waters. Every pastime has its special terms, and fishing is no exception. You need to learn and remember a lot of information, from tools and methods to fundamental fish anatomy.

do bass have teeth

Do Bass Have Teeth? (It Might Surprise You)

All bass types have teeth, but many anglers don’t know or might not have realized this. Unlike walleye, sauger, northern pike, and walleye that have sharp teeth, bass have small teeth that may be difficult to spot unless you particularly look for them. Several bass species have more conventionally shaped pointed teeth, while others have

what do perch eat

What Do Perch Eat?

The perch are abundant in most parts of North America. You can find them in almost any river, lake or pond, thanks to their ability to adapt to different habitats. The yellow perch is the most common species of perch. They are in high demand by anglers throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Knowing what food is

what do rainbow trout eat

What Do Rainbow Trout Eat?

The trout is one of the most popular freshwater fish species in the world.   Trout fish are loved by many anglers for their acrobatic skills, sharp reflexes, and easy accessibility. They are also readily available throughout the year and are one of the best freshwater fish to eat.   Trout is one of the most diverse

how to catch largemouth bass

How to Catch Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass are like apple pie, and catching them is like a baseball game at Fenway Park. In other words, they are the quintessential American freshwater sport fish. With tournaments, classics, pro shops, and tackle all centering around this species of bass, there are plenty of gimmicks or sure-fire ways guaranteed to catch largemouth bass.