best surf fishing rod holders

Best Surf Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

It can be confusing when picking the right surf rod and reel if you’re new to the game. The best surf fishing rod and reel combo will be determined by your target fish and how you like your setup once you’ve tried a few out. Here’s our guide to help you find the one that’s

Dragontail Shadowfire 365 Review

DRAGONtail Shadowfire 365 Review: The Backpacker’s Rod

I’m a massive fan of my Dragontail Shadowfire 365. My cousin Bryan first introduced me to Dragontail when he was getting into tenkara. He had the Shadowfire 360, which was a solid entry-level tenkara rod for the time. Brent has been hard at work finding ways to improve the design. That’s why when Shadowfire 365

best surf fishing rod holders

3 Best Surf Fishing Rod Holders for 2023

Surf fishing is one of the best ways to pass the time on a beach vacation. You can get your rod wet without having to leave your travel companions for a offshore excursion, can you catch some pretty monstrous fish and still pack it in when it’s lunchtime. However, with surf fishing comes to some

best pen fishing rods catching snakehead

The 10 Best Pen Fishing Rods for 2023: An Updated Buyer’s Guide

Pen rods are compact rods that you can take with you anywhere. These collapsible rods can fold to the size of a pen (thus the name). Most of the time, people keep one with them when they are traveling as a backup rod to fish just in case they can’t rent fishing gear. It’s essential

best ice fishing rods

The 10 Best Ice Fishing Rods for 2023 Winter Fishing

The key to a successful fishing experience has the right gear. Choosing the best ice fishing rods can make all the difference when it comes to catching fish through the ice. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a list of our 10 favorite rods for winter fishing, so you can be ready to

Best telescopic cane poles tenkara alternative

The Best Telescopic Cane Poles for 2023

Cane poles have been a staple of fishing since man’s inception. A stiff piece of cane, bamboo, or wood and line creates the simplest method of fishing, yet it’s incredibly effective.   Though it’s not as prevalent a method of fishing today with so much modern equipment, cane pole fishing is a great throwback and can

how to make a bamboo cane pole

Bamboo Cane Poles — How to Make a Cane Pole for Fishing

Making a bamboo cane pole is a fun activity to do with the family, especially with youngins just getting into cane pole fishing. You can make a DIY cane pole as easy or as sophisticated as you’d like. In this guide, we’ll show you a few variations, including a simple bamboo cane pole and the

Cane pole fishing is popular for bass

Cane Pole Fishing — A Complete Guide to Bamboo Cane Poles

  Cane pole fishing is a tried and true method of fishing that countless generations have partaken in. Whether you want to go after largemouth bass, crappie, or trout, a cane fishing pole will handle the job. This article will cover the different types of cane pole styles, how to rig them, and how to

Best Saltwater Fishing Rod

Best Saltwater Fishing Rods in 2023

When it comes to saltwater fishing, don’t bother with anything less than the best saltwater fishing rods you can get your hands on. You just never know what you hook up on. Missing out on a dream fish because you weren’t prepared is no excuse and will lead to the misery of not knowing what

Large catfish in water

Best Catfish Rods and Reels for Monster Catfish

When it comes to chasing MONSTER catfish, you need the best catfish rods and reels you can get your hands on. I have personally seen some of what I thought were “good” reels stripped out by a big catfish…not to mention broke fishing rods. Using the perfect setup with the best catfishing tips, you’re bound

Man fishing for bass using a bass rod and reel

9 Best Bass Fishing Rod and Reel Combos in 2023

Lew’s Mach Crush Speed Spool S.L.P. Bait Cast Combo tops our best bass fishing rod and reel combo list. This combo is made of durable materials to give anglers smooth and reliable fish-fighting power. Additionally, this reel supports an adjustable Multi-Setting Brake (M.S.B.) dual-cast control system to handle the fish-fighting power. This combo uses nine

Best surf fishing pole

Best Surf Fishing Rods For 2023

In this article, we present the best surf fishing rods on the market today. We’ve included light-line surf rods, which are popular on the West Coast. We even cover surf fishing rods able to tackle striper fishing on the East Coast. 7 Best Surf Fishing Rods for 2023 Reviewed 1. Breakaway HDX Best Long Casting