winter trout fishing

Winter Trout Fishing 101 (Tips + Guide)

Winter brings a new perspective and necessitates particular approaches to catching those sensitive trout compared to summer. Hence, anglers must take extra measures due to the cooler temperatures to maximize their time and enjoyment. To do this, we’ll go through some tips on winter fly fishing depending on water temperatures or conditions, what food to

best ice fishing lures for pike

7 Best Ice Fishing Lures For Pike in 2023

Ice fishing is one of the most exciting forms of fishing, particularly when you are angling for pike. The large size and aggressive nature of pike make them a top choice for ice anglers. As an ice angler, the first step you must take to enjoy the best pike ice fishing experience is getting appropriate

how to sharpen ice auger blades

How To Sharpen Ice Auger Blades

An ice auger is a handheld tool with a long blade similar to a screw that drills holes when turned. These are used to cut or drill ice. They make a sharp, clean-cut that is safe and easy to use. Ice augers can also be beneficial for ice fishing. Under normal use, the auger blades

pike ice fishing

Ice Fishing for Pike — Strategies and Tips

If you are looking for winter activities you could do with your friends and family, how about trying out ice fishing? During winter, schools of fish are easier to angle since the weather makes them move at a slower pace. But if you want to test your fishing capabilities this winter, try northern pike ice

best ice fishing jigs

5 Best Ice Fishing Jigs & Lures in 2023

Looking for the best ice fishing jig head to use for ice fishing? We’re here to help! Choosing the best ice fishing lures can be hard, especially if you are a beginner or don’t have any experience with this type of activity. In this article, we’ve rounded up the best ice fishing jigs to help

best tip ups

5 Best Ice Fishing Tip-Up (2023 Buying Guide)

There are plenty of ways to catch fish. You can use your body to propel your boat and cast your line. Or you can let the wind do the work for you. But if you’re an ice angler who doesn’t enjoy boat handling, there’s a better way: skill up in ice fishing tip-ups! Here are

ice fishing bait

Best Ice Fishing Baits (That Actually Work)

The winter season is approaching, and ice fishing is a great hobby to try. It’s a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy a day on the ice, and you never know what you’ll find. Making an ice fishing bait is a lot of work to have, and it can be tough to find the best

ice fishing gift

9 Ice Fishing Gifts That Don’t Suck

If you’re anything like me, you go crazy every year around Christmas time trying to think of the perfect gift for the anglers in your life. It can be tough, because we tend to be a picky bunch. But don’t worry – I’ve got you covered. Here are 9 ice fishing gifts that don’t suck:

best ice fishing heaters

The 6 Best Ice Fishing Heaters For Winter

It can get chilly out there on the ice. To ensure you don’t freeze to death out there, you need to have more than basic winter apparel. Keep hypothermia at bay with one of the best ice fishing heaters on the market while you wait for a bite out in frigid temperatures.  What’s the best

best ice fishing bucket

The 7 Best Ice Fishing Buckets with Accessories for 2023

The best ice fishing buckets are multi-purpose. It should be able to carry your tackle, serve as a comfortable seat, and be able to hold all the fish you catch after a day on the ice. Top Fishing Buckets and Accessories Here are our top picks for the best fishing buckets for your ice fishing

best ice fishing flashers

The 10 Best Ice Fishing Flashers for Winter Fishing

Ice fishing flashers are invaluable because they allow you to ‘see’ beneath the ice by revealing objects in the water column. This simple sonar can help you make the most of your ice fishing trips, even if you are freezing out there. These do an incredible job of analyzing what is beneath the ice so

best ice fishing boots

The 10 Best Ice Fishing Boots for Winter Fishing in 2023

Ice Fishing in sub-zero temperatures has certain rewards, but the harsh bite of winter can take a toll on your health and performance. While thick clothing and gloves can maintain your core temperature, without thick ice fishing boots, you will freeze out there and possibly slip and hurt yourself.  Not just any boots will do,

best ice fishing reels

The 10 Best Ice Fishing Reels For 2023 + Buyer’s Guide

Do you love spending time on the ice fishing? Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced angler, having the best ice fishing reel for your needs is important. In this post, we’ll share our picks for the 10 best ice fishing reels for 2023. These reels are perfect for catching a variety of fish in

best ice fishing rods

The 10 Best Ice Fishing Rods for 2023 Winter Fishing

The key to a successful fishing experience has the right gear. Choosing the best ice fishing rods can make all the difference when it comes to catching fish through the ice. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a list of our 10 favorite rods for winter fishing, so you can be ready to

gas ice auger cutting through ice

The Best Ice Augers For Fishing In 2023 (And Safe Practices)

Nils Master UR600C Hand Auger is the best ice auger for ice fishing in 2023. What makes this drill exceptional is it is versatile and portable. This cordless drill uses electricity to deliver more torque and can cut through the ice and drill holes with less hassle. You can also easily switch between manual modes

best ice fishing shelters

The Best Ice Fishing Shelters for 2023 Reviewed + Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to ice fishing gear, the one piece of equipment that you should NOT go cheap on is your ice fishing shelter. Below are some that we consider some of the best ice fishing shelters made today. Granted it’s likely not the most expensive piece of ice fishing gear you’ll own, going cheap