best kayak seat

Top 7 Best Kayak Seat (2023 Buying Guide)

I remember when I borrowed my buddy’s kayak and we decided to put in a 7-mile roundtrip paddle in the open ocean to go spearfishing. Unfortunately for me, his kayak had a busted seat. I learned real quick why it’s important to have proper back support because by the end of the trip my core

best sit on top kayak seat

5 Best Sit-On-Top Kayak Seat in 2023

A kayak seat is a crucial piece of equipment that you will use for a long time to come. It needs to be comfortable and durable, but it can be difficult to find the perfect seat. If you’ve tried different seats and they just don’t work, we’re here to help. Your kayak will get wet

best dry bag for kayaking

6 Best Dry Bags for Kayaking in 2023

When your kayaking trip takes you to glacial sea waters or rocky coastlines, a dry bag is essential to protect and keep your gear dry. There is nothing worse than getting your gear wet. A dry bag is made of durable fabrics that are perfect for storing all your fishing equipment. However, there are plenty

best folding kayak

Best Folding Kayak : Our Top 9 Picks in 2023

Oru Beach LT Foldable Kayak tops our list of the best folding kayaks in 2023. This kayak is sleek, durable, and reliable. It has a large cockpit with a footrest and has enough space for a seat. When using this kayak, no inflation is required, and you can easily clean and set it up. It’s

best fishing canoe

Best Fishing Canoes: Ratings, Reviews, and Top Picks

If you are a first-time angler, choosing a canoe can be overwhelming. The range of vessels differs based on aesthetic quality, sale prices, size, and brand. Whether for fishing or recreational use, investing in the right one is crucial. Canoes are not cheap, so you want to ensure that you are making the right choice.

best motorized kayak

4 Best Motorized Kayaks in 2023 (Buying Guide)

Are you looking for a kayak that moves on its own? If so, you’ve come to the right place! We have reviewed four of the best-motorized kayaks in the market today. Each of these kayaks has been thoroughly tested and is backed by thousands of satisfied customers. The best motorized kayak is ideal for lakes,

best life jackets for fishing

6 Best Life Jackets for Fishing in 2023

The fishing industry is growing, but many fishermen are not prepared for the worst. Every year countless people die in boating accidents because they don’t have a life jacket on board. These jackets can save lives and protect your investment when you’re out on the water. If you love to fish, then this is an

best kayak gps

5 Best Kayak GPS in 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

The best kayak GPS is a must for any paddler. If you want to get the most out of your next kayaking excursion, then you need the best kayak GPS. New technology has made it easy to find the right one for your needs and budget with this guide on how to choose the best

best kayak shoes

6 Best Kayak Shoes in 2023

If you are looking for the best kayak shoes for your next kayaking adventures, then you have come to the right place! With the right pair of kayaking shoes, you’ll stay comfortable during your trip. This article lists the top 6 best kayak shoes that can be your choice for your next vacation. They are

best crossover kayak

5 Best Crossover Kayaks (2023 Buying Guide)

Kayaking is a water sport that almost everyone enjoys doing when they’re on vacation. If you love kayaking and are looking for the best crossover kayak there is, then you’ve come to the right place.  This article presents the five best crossover kayaks based on key features, descriptions, and price worth. You will certainly find

best life jackets for water sports

5 Best Life Jackets for Water Sports in 2023

If you plan to engage in watersports activities and are looking for specialized life jackets for you, this article is right for you! We have compiled the five best life jackets for water sports based on product features, quality, and customer reviews.  Safety is important during water sports, and choosing the best life jacket for

gifts for kayakers

15 Best Gifts for Kayakers (2023 Gift Guide)

Kayaking is an outdoor activity that everyone can enjoy. Not only does it provide you with a healthy workout, but kayaking can also be very entertaining. Whether your friend’s an avid kayaker or someone with a new hobby, treat them to something they’re passionate about. Grab these awesome gifts for kayakers that they will appreciate.

How to Use a Gaff (And Not Lose Fish)

Gaffs are used for hooking fish out of the water, which makes them quite dangerous if you don’t know how to use them properly. Luckily, we’re here to teach you everything about how to use a gaff so you can land your fish. Gaffing Fish: A Mini Step-by-Step Guide Gaffing a fish is one of

Exploring Kayak Brands: A Comprehensive Guide to the Top Choices

Are you trying to figure out which kayak brand is worth your hard-earned money? It can be overwhelming, but don’t worry, we’ve put our favorites in this list so you can go down the kayak rabbit hole. In this article, we share with you what brands we like and why they deserve your attention. Our

best lightweight kayak

15 Best Lightweight Kayak in 2023 (Our Top Picks)

The Intex Challenger Inflatable Kayak Set is the best lightweight kayak in 2023 that will make your kayaking more enjoyable. It has two separate air chambers and Boston valves for quick deflation and inflation. It also comes with a repair kit, air pump, carry bag, aluminum paddles, and instruction manual, thus making it a perfect

best portable fish finder

7 Best Portable Fish Finders (Expert Picks)

Whether you’re going for sea fishing, ice fishing, or shore fishing, having a good fish finder can make a difference. Here’s a list to help you find the best portable fish finder to make your fishing trip fun yet straightforward. Below are among the best portable units many experts pick. Best Portable Fish Finders 1.