northern pike teeth

Northern Pike Teeth: Everything You Need to Know

Northern pikes are natural predators whose teeth are razor-sharp, designed to slice and dice their prey. The teeth multiply as the pike grows. How many teeth a pike has depends on the age and size, but generally, a fully grown pike can have up to 700 teeth. Additionally, the length of their teeth depends on

pike fishing at night

Pike Fishing at Night: Tips and Techniques

It is no news that northern pike ranks highly among the best prize game for many anglers. Not only are northern pike usually big, but they are also intelligent and always put up a good fight. While pike fishing is a popular sport, most anglers only engage in it during the day. This is because

river pike fishing

River Pike Fishing: Everything You Need to Know

Pike are large species of fish that can be found in a wide range of water bodies such as lakes, inland waters, canals, and rivers. River pike fishing is different from fishing in any other water body, as rivers provide a lot of cover and tricky venues for pike to hide in. River pike fishing

how to catch pike in the summer

How to Catch Pike in the Summer

Pike is a species of fish that is known to be a big prize fish among anglers. The size of the pike, as well as their aggressiveness and intelligence, make them stand out. They always put up exciting fights, making them the favorites of pike fishermen. Aside from their size and strength, another factor that

best northern pike lures

5 Best Northern Pike Lures of 2023

Northern pikes are sharp hunters known for their big size, agility, and aggressiveness. The aggressiveness of the northern pike coupled with their acrobatic leaps makes them a prize game for anglers. The thrill that comes with northern pike fishing is truly exciting, making it a worthwhile experience for every angler. For northern pike anglers, using

pike fly fishing

Fly Fishing for Pike: Tips & Beginner’s Guide

 Fly fishing for pike is a unique and special type of freshwater fishing that comes with a lot of fun and excitement. The sheer size of the northern pike, coupled with its powerful, aggressive movement, makes pike be prize game for most anglers. Pike fly fishing is quite different from other forms of fly fishing,

best ice fishing lures for pike

7 Best Ice Fishing Lures For Pike in 2023

Ice fishing is one of the most exciting forms of fishing, particularly when you are angling for pike. The large size and aggressive nature of pike make them a top choice for ice anglers. As an ice angler, the first step you must take to enjoy the best pike ice fishing experience is getting appropriate

pike ice fishing

Ice Fishing for Pike — Strategies and Tips

If you are looking for winter activities you could do with your friends and family, how about trying out ice fishing? During winter, schools of fish are easier to angle since the weather makes them move at a slower pace. But if you want to test your fishing capabilities this winter, try northern pike ice

best pike lures

The 5 Best Pike Lures of 2023

The fishing season is almost here and you’re getting ready to hit the water. You’ve got your rod, reel, line, bait… but what about that old reliable lure? We put together this list of the five best pike lures for you to use this year. These are tried and true lures that will help you

Northern Pike Fishing Tips

Northern Pike Fishing Tips (How to Catch Pike)

Northern Pike are some of the most exciting freshwater game fish to go after! They have long slender bodies and toothy powerful mouths! Make sure you don’t get your fingers mangled by pike teeth when you’re removing a hook. You might just leave the fishing day with one less digit… These fish can be found