Baby leopard shark

Surf Fishing for Sharks in SoCal

Many Southern California anglers aim to go surf fishing for sharks at least once in their lifetime. They want to get the thrill out of fishing sharks as they are one of the ocean’s most notorious fish species. SoCal surf anglers know them to be fierce big fish that are scared of nothing. Although people

can you eat shark meat

Can You Eat Shark? (Here’s Why It Can Be Dangerous)

Yes, you can eat a shark’s meat. However, the question should be, SHOULD you go eating shark meat? I’ve had a fascination with sharks my entire life. I grew up with a massive shark poster on my wall where I memorized the names and dreamed about swimming with them without a cage. Therefore, I had

Black and white image of a leopard shark

Leopard Shark — How to Catch Triakis semifasciata

Let’s talk about shore fishing for leopard sharks. Leopard Shark Facts Common Name Leopard Shark Scientific Name (Genus and Shark Species) Triakis semifasciata Family Triakidae Identifying Characteristics They have long grey bodies with dark or black bars and spots on their backs and sides. Habitat Leopard sharks are found in the Pacific Ocean from Oregon