What Should Divers Do For Their Safety

What Should Divers Do For Their Own Safety? Q&A

If you’re a diver, then safety needs to be a top priority. You should always be asking, “What should divers do for their own safety?” Or better yet, if you were advising a friend, what would you tell them? It bears repeating… No amount of fun is worth the unnecessary risk of dying! You are

Swimming Underwater

Swimming Underwater — How to Swim Underwater Safely

Underwater swimming is dangerous if you’re not careful. Anytime you are swimming underwater, whether, in a pool or the ocean, you are at risk of drowning. To help you prevent something catastrophic from happening to you, let’s go over the ground rules for swimming underwater safely. I’m a fan of looking up to those who

Person Drowning Underwater

Shallow Water Blackout (How and Why It Happens)

Shallow water blackout happen when your brain is starved of oxygen. It’s a defense mechanism of the body. Similar to when a person faints on land, this could happen while you’re underwater. Typically due to your mammalian dive reflex, you have a certain amount of time before brain damage can occur. If no one is

Spearfishing Gear

17 Spearfishing Gear Essentials For Catching More Fish

Not having the right spearfishing gear when entering the ocean is dangerous. Too many spearos have become frustrated or worse been put in situations that can lead to disastrous consequences due to bad gear selection. Take for example a bad dive knife. Listen to more spearfishing tips on the Cast & Spear Podcast Spearfishing Gear

3 Ways To Navigate Vegan Hate Against Spearfishing

Spearfishing is unethical, unnecessary, and is direct animal suffering… At least, according to most vegans.  How do I know? Sharing my catches on social media has taught me that a tribe of individuals is militant in their desire to stop any human interaction with animals.  It’s as if no animal feels scared, suffers, or dies

How To Kill A Big Fish (And Be Mentally Ready For It)

I was 30 when I put a knife through a big fish’s brain. I was 15 hours south of the US border, floating by myself in the Pacific Ocean. I had just finished a seven-minute rodeo with my largest yellowtail trying my best not to get tangled in my reel line. Adrenaline was coursing through

down imaging vs side imaging

Down Imaging vs Side Imaging on Fish Finder (How to Use)

The primary distinction between down and side imaging fish finders is how they read the water. Down imaging scans the images vertically, while side imaging reads the water on a horizontal plane. Down-imaging sonar will provide you with clearer images and assist you in more effectively locating these fish when you’re aiming for specific structures

Roller Speargun Conversion Tips

Roller spearguns are all the rage right now. They allow you to pack a punch in a shorter gun with reduced recoil. Recoil is the killer of accuracy in spearguns. I’ve been using the Pathos roller for some time, but my buddy Brian recommended I try out the MannySub roller kit because of the ceramic

how to read a tide chart

How to Read a Tide Chart

Tide is a factor that affects professional and recreational activities on the ocean. This is why it is important to know how to read a tide chart if you are a fisherman, angler, mariner, or coastal hiker. Knowing what tide heights to expect will help you to plan your trip properly in order to ensure