what do rainbow trout eat

What Do Rainbow Trout Eat?

The trout is one of the most popular freshwater fish species in the world.   Trout fish are loved by many

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How to Hold Trout

Have you ever gone trout fishing and found yourself unconsciously reaching out for the fish? Well, you are not alone!

what do trout eat

What Do Trout Eat?

Trout is one of the most popular fish angled in America. Coast to coast, there is a variety of species

how to clean trout

How To Clean Trout

After a long day of fishing, your efforts have paid off, and you’ve come out with a load of fresh

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4 Best Bait For Stocked Trout

Trout. We often associate trout habitats with the crystal clear water of cold mountain streams or pine-fringed lakes with sand

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7 Best Fly Fishing Nippers in 2022

Fishing accessories are tools that help your fly fishing gear function better, thereby making every fishing exercise a stress-free outing.

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Top 7 Best Fly Lines in 2022

The fly line is arguably the most important gear in every fishing tackle. A fly line determines how effective your

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7 Best Fly Lines for Trout

Fly fishing for trout is an exciting form of fishing for fly anglers. Trout fishing is a technical form of