best bait for trout

Best Bait For Trout (Natural & Artificial Trout Baits)

Angling for trout is a pastime amongst American outdoorsmen that spans generations. From the early settlers to today’s anglers, fishing for trout has been not only a source of sustenance but also a game of cat and mouse between the wiley fish and the angler. Though the joy of trout fishing has stayed the same,

best spinning rod for trout

7 Best Trout Spinning Rods (For Catching Monsters)

Here’s our guide to the best trout spinning rods and our reasons why. Trout rods come in various lengths and actions, but there are a few common rules of thumb that separate decent rods from great ones. Let’s first look at the rods then we’ll get into more details. 7 Best Trout Spinning Rods For

best bait for stocked trout

4 Best Bait For Stocked Trout

Trout. We often associate trout habitats with the crystal clear water of cold mountain streams or pine-fringed lakes with sand bottoms. However, most anglers fail to realize that a significant trout population is stocked and residing in their favorite lakes and rivers. These trout spend most of their lives before entering the wild in a

best fly fishing packs

5 Best Fly Fishing Sling Packs 

As a fly angler, it is important to have a pack to carry your fly fishing gear and accessories. While there are different types of packs for fly fishing, including hip packs, backpacks, and waist packs, sling packs have emerged as a popular choice in recent times. This is due to the portability and flexibility

best fly fishing nippers

7 Best Fly Fishing Nippers in 2023

Fishing accessories are tools that help your fly fishing gear function better, thereby making every fishing exercise a stress-free outing. One of the most important fishing accessories to have is a pair of fly fishing nippers. Fly Fishing nippers are used for a lot of functions, from cutting lines and tippets to tying nail knots

best fly line for trout

7 Best Fly Lines for Trout

Fly fishing for trout is an exciting form of fishing for fly anglers. Trout fishing is a technical form of fly fishing that puts the skills of fly fishermen to the test. One of the best aspects of fly fishing for trout is that you can fish fly fishing techniques. 0 All that you need

spinner fishing for trout

Spinner Fishing for Trout (2023 Complete Guide)

When most people think of trout fishing, waders, mountain streams, and fly rods come to mind.  Clear, pristine water gushing over rock bottoms filled with picturesque trout striking hand-crafted flies is the image painted by our senses—however, freshwater trout bite on more than just flies. In fact, there has been a significant crossover with smallmouth

best trout flies

7 Best Trout Fishing Flies (2023 Buying Guide)

Fly fishing for trout is a common pastime in the western parts of the United States. With rod and reel in hand, anglers will traverse some of the most beautiful terrains in North America in search of elusive delicious game fish.  Mountain streams, coniferous forests, and wily fish make the fly fishing expedition much more

ice fishing for brown trout

Ice Fishing For Brown Trout (Tips and Techniques)

Many anglers like yourself go to lakes and rivers to catch different kinds of fish during winter. One of the most sought-after fish during this time are the brown trouts. It can be a busy time for anglers again, but there are some things that the average angler needs to know about catching brown trout

best fishing line for trout

3 Best Fishing Line for Trout in 2023

The top fishing lines for trout are engineered to offer exceptional performance and lasting durability, helping you reel in those impressive catches. We’ve researched and compiled the best trout fishing lines available on the market today. In this comprehensive guide, we present a selection of fishing lines perfect for your angling escapades, along with their

winter trout fishing

Winter Trout Fishing 101 (Tips + Guide)

Winter brings a new perspective and necessitates particular approaches to catching those sensitive trout compared to summer. Hence, anglers must take extra measures due to the cooler temperatures to maximize their time and enjoyment. To do this, we’ll go through some tips on winter fly fishing depending on water temperatures or conditions, what food to

speckled trout fishing rigs

5 Best Speckled Trout Fishing Rigs

If redfish is to salt and brackish water, what bass are to rivers and ponds, then speckle trout are the bream. A species full of piss and vinegar, speckled trout are known to bite off more than they can chew.  An aggressive and tenacious predator, they are one of the most popular fish angled for

best trout lures for rivers

The 10 Best Trout Lures for Rivers in 2023

Rapala Original 05 tops our list of the best trout lures for rivers in 2023. This lure is multifaceted, and you can use it when fishing in shallow running, topwater, diving, and bottom walking. It is also made with a natural minnow profile that emulates the natural movement of a wounded minnow. Moreover, this lure

best trout rod

5 Best Trout Fishing Rods (2023 Reviews)

Trout fishing is one of the most adventurous and exciting trips you should embark on during the spring and fall. Why this period? Our studies have shown that trout are in high spirits, and the water will be cooler around this time. The sweetest part of the deal is that the job is halfway done

best time of day to catch trout

Best Time of Day to Catch Trout

Fishing for trout is one of the hardest tasks out there. As such, any angler would feel insanely rewarded whenever he catches a trout. Most anglers usually have little to no success whenever they fish for trout. A common reason is that most anglers do not know the ideal time frames for trout fishing. So,

trout fishing southern california

Trout Fishing in Southern California (Places to Fish)

Southern California is well-known for its pleasant weather, year-round sunshine, and world-famous beaches. However, many people don’t know that this region is also a prime destination for trout fishing. With plenty of streams and rivers in the area, there are plenty of opportunities to catch your limit of these feisty fish. So if you’re looking