best trout spinning reel

Best Trout Spinning Reel of 2023

Although catching timid trout species can be difficult, having the right trout fishing equipment will make your fishing trip much more straightforward. You’ll also have the best chance of landing a beautiful trout if you use a spinning reel and rod that work in tandem. But in terms of finding the best trout spinning reel,

trout fishing gear

7 Trout Fishing Gear Must-Haves!

Trout fishing requires specialized equipment to help you land the fish of your dreams. Here are the must-have trout fishing gear recommendations you should know about.  Best Trout Fishing Gear for Beginners As mentioned, trout fishing requires specialized tackle for a great experience. If you’re just getting started with trout fishing, here are some of

best trout lures

8 Best Trout Lures to Buy in 2023

Trouts are one of the fishes that are tough to catch, making them one of the most popular game fish. They feed on various small water creatures, so it’s best to attract them through the food that they mostly forage. Many anglers make use of an artificial lure because they can use it all over

dolly varden trout

Dolly Varden Trout Fishing Guide — How to Catch Salvelinus malma

What looks like a trout but is actually a char? Dolly Varden trout! They are robust fish that is as gorgeous as it is a prize catch. Find out interesting facts and fishing strategies for this char right here. Be sure to check out our other trout fishing tips as well! Listen to more trout

coral trout

Coral Trout Fishing Guide — How to Catch Plectropomus leopardus

Looking for information on catching the elusive but excellent sport fish, the coral trout? Also known as the leopard trout, this guide has everything you need to know to net this giant fish. Listen to more trout fishing tips on the Cast & Spear Podcast Overview The coral trout belongs to the Serranidae family and

speckled trout caught on boat

Speckled Trout Fishing Tips — How to Catch Cynoscion nebulosus

Do you want to catch trout in the sea? Test your mettle against the sea trout using these speckled trout fishing tips! Known as an excellent table fish, this trout species is also known as the spotted squeteague, speckled sea trout, salmon trout, gator trout, black trout, and winter trout. Overview The spotted sea trout

sea trout fishing tips

Sea Trout Fishing Tips

Have you caught a sea trout yet? Well, if you haven’t, you’re in luck, as we’ve put together a bunch of sea trout fishing tips that should help you land more fish! But before you head out, make sure you check your local state regulations to figure out your limits. Let’s get fishin’! Listen to

Man with brook trout in a net using brook trout fishing tips

The Brook Trout Fishing Tips and Insider Advice

  A big brook trout is one of my favorite trout to catch in the upper Sierras. I wanted to make sure you had a handy brook trout fishing tips guide to help you land a bunch. Let’s get trout fishing! Overview Also known as Brookies, this trout is known for its beautiful olive-green coloring

steelhead fishing tips

Steelhead Fishing Tips: How To Catch Oncorhynchus mykiss

Do you want to know how to catch the powerful steelhead trout, and how to clean and cook it? You’ve come to the right place for steelhead fishing help! The term ‘steelhead’ refers to an anadromous form of rainbow trout, and it actually shares a scientific name with that trout species (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Overview When

cutthroat trout fishing tips

Cutthroat Trout Fishing Tips

Are you searching for fish that can give you a real challenge as an angler? Use these trout fishing tips to help you catch the cutthroat trout, a fish that is as challenging to catch as it is delicious. If a challenge is what you seek as an angler, look no further than the Cutthroat

Lake trout fishing tips with person holding a lake trout

Our Favorite Lake Trout Fishing Tips & Tricks

If you’re looking for some lake trout fishing tips for this large and beautiful fish, then you’re in luck! Also known as laker, Mackinaw, charr, salmon trout, landlocked salmon, and grey trout, the lake trout is considered to be the largest member of the Salmonidae family. This fish species is not exactly a trout, but

brown trout held in the air

Brown Trout Fishing Tips — How to Catch Salmo trutta

  Brown trout have a special place in the hearts of anglers. This trout species originated in Europe and proliferated quickly. Lesser in number than their famous cousin the gorgeous rainbow trout, this rare fish is a treat for both veteran and novice anglers. Browns thrive in cool rivers and lakes and are common in

rainbow trout in hand

Rainbow Trout Fishing Tips

Do you want to catch rainbow trout but don’t know how to? Even though it is considered to be one of the most widely distributed freshwater fish out there, it is endemic to western North America. Sea-run trout species are called steelheads. It can be found both in freshwater lakes, and it is a favorite

trout fillet

How to Fillet a Trout the Right Way

Trout are an exciting species of fish to catch. You can traverse some of the most breathtaking scenery just by getting to them. Anglers who are serious about catching trout will often travel to far off locations just for the chance of landing one. With the right gear and technique, you can have a great

Golden Trout Hand Holding

Golden Trout — How to Catch Oncorhynchus aguabonita

Catching golden trout on a trout fishing trip is probably one of the most relaxing yet exciting fishing trips an angler can go on. Especially if you’re going for golden trout. The golden trout, also known as the California Golden Trout, is native to Golden Trout Creek, Volcano Creek, and the South Fork Kern River.

Man holding a tiger trout

How to Catch Tiger Trout

Tiger trout are one of the more colored or ornamental species of fish. This trout, however, is quite different from the other varieties of trout. The tiger trout is a sterile, intergeneric hybrid of brown and brook trout. It is exceptionally uncommon for tiger trout to occur naturally in the wild. The cross is unusual