how to catch crawdads

How to Catch Crawfish

Do you want to learn how to catch crawfish to make your own boil? These freshwater lobsters can also be … Read More

winter fishing on the lake

Winter Fishing Tips

If you’re like most anglers, then you are probably used to fishing during the spring, perhaps even the summer. However, … Read More

Slippery dick fish fishing tips

Slippery Dick Fishing Tips

What’s the name of the fish that looks like a dick? The hilariously named slippery dick fish, of course! Use this … Read More

jon with a small alligator gar

Alligator Gar Fishing Tips

I won’t lie, the alligator gar looks TERRIFYING! With a striking resemblance to the American alligator, this gar is definitely … Read More

10 Fishing Tips You Should Know

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