Types Of Fishing Rods

As a beginner angler, your fishing rod is one of the first and most important gear. With all the different types of rods available, it is easy to get confused. The truth is that different types of rods serve specific fishing purposes.

Factors like the fish species, fishing location, and bait type should all be considered when choosing a fishing rod.

In this article, we will discuss the types of fishing rods for you to know what you need for different types of fishing.

types of fishing rods
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Types of Fishing Rods

In this section, we will break down the different types of fishing rods, highlighting their characteristics and best application. Below is the list of fishing rods that you should know.

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Spinning Rods

Spinning rods are among the most popular fishing rods for angling. The reason for the popularity of spinning rods is their versatility and effectiveness.

The structure of a spinning rod makes it easy for anglers to cast, enabling you to use your dominant hand to operate. This gives your casting accuracy and power.

Spinning rods are typically lightweight, with spinning reels installed to the underside of their handles. These are easy to work with, and beginners will have no difficulty getting used to them in no time.

Spinning rods can be used for fishing in locations like rivers and lakes. These come in different weights and sizes, making them suitable for different types of fishing, including bass fishing, trout fishing, pike fishing, and more.

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Casting Rods

Casting rods are often mistaken for spinning rods, as both fishing rods are used for similar purposes. However, the structure of a casting rod is, different from that of a spinning rod.

While spinning rods are lightweight, casting rods tend to be heavier. The reel is usually mounted on top of the handle of a casting rod, unlike spinning rods with which the reels are attached on the underside of the handle.

Casting rods are easy to use, making them a great choice for kids and beginner fishermen. There are two types of casting rods: baitcasting rods and spin casting rods. The makeup of baitcasting rods and spin casting rods are slightly different.

Casting rods are great for bass fishing and fishing warm water species in general. These are reliable for use in waterways and lakes due to their accuracy and casting distance.

In addition, casting rods hardly get tangled, making them suitable for areas with heavy covers such as rocks and weeds.

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Fly Fishing Rods

As the name suggests, fly fishing rods are used for fly fishing. Sometimes called fly rods, fly fishing rods are usually flexible and lightweight, making them easy to cast flies. A fly rod is helpful in delicate presentations of flies to fish.

Fly rods come in different sizes and weights for different species of fish. They can be used to catch trout, pike, bass, salmon, and sharks. Fly fishing rods work nicely in different locations, including rivers, lakes, streams, and oceans.

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Sea Fishing Rods

Sea fishing rods are designed for fishing in the sea, as you must have guessed. Sea fishing rods come in different sizes depending on their use.

Shorter sea fishing rods are suitable for boats, while the longer ones are best for fishing from a ship. As the sea is known to hold large fish, sea fishing rods are designed to be strong and sturdy.

These rods are best used with heavy-duty lines and shock leaders for distance casting. Shock leaders are a piece of line attached that is designed to take the ‘shock’ of the cast to ensure your line does not snap easily. 

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Telescopic Rods

Telescopic rods are super convenient for anglers, making them one of the best fly rods. The structure of telescopic rods allows them to be reduced to a smaller size.

This helps anglers with transportation and storage. They are also quite versatile, which is why they are the top options for the backup rod. Telescopic rods are suitable for surf fishing.

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Surf Fishing Rods

A surf rod is a type of sea rod that is designed for fishing in different conditions. Surf rods are durable and strong, making them suitable for fishing during periods of strong waves.

Surf rods are typically long, enabling them to move past the surf to find fish where they are gathered. Surf fishing rods can be used on small boats and large ships.

Apart from the surf, you can use these rods for casting from piers and beaches. Advanced anglers usually use surf rods.

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Trolling Rods

Trolling rods are used for fishing from a fishing boat. As the boat moves, the trolling rod gives your lures the appearance of moving prey.

This causes big fish to go after them, enabling you to make a catch. Trolling rods are typically thick and sturdy due to their function. Trolling rods are suitable for fishing in ponds, big lakes, and oceans.

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Boat Rods

Boat rods are short and stout fishing rods that are designed for deep-sea fishing. You can catch a big fish from deep within the sea with a boat rod.

Boat rods are heavy-duty rods, with their structure making it possible to pull these large fish from inside the water.

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Ice Fishing Rods

Ice fishing rods are designed for catching fish under the ice. Their structure makes it easy for ice anglers to lower their lure through the holes in the ice.

Ice fishing rods usually measure about two to three feet, making them the shortest fishing rods available. Ice fishing rods can not be used for other types of fishing.

What To Consider When Choosing A Fishing Rod

Now that we have gone through the types of fishing rods available, it is important to discuss the considerations for choosing a fishing rod. Below are factors to consider.

Rod Action

Rod action refers to the amount of flex that a fishing pole can allow when bent. There are three main types of action which are fast action, medium action, and slow action.

Fast action rods are rods that bend only at the tip. Medium action rods bend in half, while a slow action rod bends all through the whole length.

Rod Power

Rod power refers to how much force needs to be exerted before a rod bends. A heavyweight rod requires a lot of force to bend, a medium-weight rod requires a considerable amount of weight to bend, while a lightweight rod bends without much effort.

Rod Material

Rod material is important, as it usually determines durability and effectiveness. Fishing rods are classified into three major types based on their material. These are graphite rods, composite rods, and fiberglass rods.

Handle Material

The handle material of rods is usually made from EVA foam or cork. Both are very durable materials. Making a choice is down to your preference. Some handles can be made from cork. Cork handles are common on fly rods, although cork is usually a more expensive option.


Your choice of a fishing rod determines how well your fishing experience goes. It is important to match the strength of the fish species with your fishing rod.

While it is great to have multiple fishing rods, it is important to start by getting one that suits your fishing style. Follow the tips above to get the right rod for your fishing needs. 

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