What To Wear On Your Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Aside from preparing your angling tackle and own hook, you should also know what to wear deep sea fishing. Let’s find out!

what to wear deep sea fishing
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How To Choose The Best Deep Sea Angling Attire

You can find different clothing in the market that may be ideal for deep sea fishing. But not all of them are perfect for a deep-sea fishing adventure. Thus, when looking for angling attire, there are some considerations to remember. And these are the following:

  • Water Sprays and Rain Showers
  • Sunshine’s State
  • Contact With The Fish

Water Sprays and Rain Showers

Angling in an open ocean can get you wet because of rain showers or water splashes caused by the strong winds. This situation should not interrupt your angling venture. Thus, you should have fishing attire appropriate for this eventuality.

Sunshine’s State

Before you go angling, make sure to check the degree of sunshine. Is it nicely warm or scorching hot?

Apply enough sunscreen on your body to prevent sunburn, especially when the weather is too hot. You will also need a wide-brimmed hat or polarized sunglasses to safeguard your eyes from sun rays.

If it is too hot, you should choose a lightweight and breathable deep-sea angling attire. This will give you a more comfortable fishing experience. It is advisable to choose colored clothing to keep you cool.

Contact With The Fish

Of course, memorable deep-sea angling will never be completed without having contact with the fish. Holding fish to take photos is a simple way to preserve that memory.

Fishes are kind of messy. Beyond that, they are also slimy, wet, and scaly. Sometimes fish slime can leave stains on your clothes. So, stain-resistant clothes and shoes are highly recommended when going for a deep-sea angling trip.

What To Wear For A Memorable Deep-Sea Angling Trip?

It’s time to know the clothing essentials you need to wear during your deep-sea angling trip. These garments are a must to keep yourself protected against cold water splashes, stains, and sunburn.

Tops and Bottoms

Ensure to choose a pair of tops and long pants or shorts that will make you feel comfortable during your saltwater fishing trip. During cozy temperatures, shorts are preferable. And obviously, a pair of pants are better during the cold season.

Anglers with sun-sensitive skin are also recommended to wear long sleeves and pants. Whether you will be picking shorts or pants, make sure to choose the quick-drying one.

When it comes to tops, select the ones that are perfect for the temperature. During low temperatures, long sleeves are preferable. Sleeveless tops are better during warm-weather deep-sea angling trips.

It is ideal to choose a UV-rays-resistant shirt, especially when angling during hot weather. Water-resistant shirts are also recommended to keep your body dry during surf splashes or rain showers.

Here are some highly recommended tops for deep-sea angling:

  • Performance fishing sun protection shirt – Quick-drying, resistant to stain, and offers UPF 50+ skin protection. Breathable and lightweight, which keeps anglers feeling comfortable all day long. A long-sleeve shirt, perfect for a sunny or chilly deep-sea angling trip.
  • Mossy oak men’s long-sleeve fishing t-shirt – This long-sleeve shirt has a 100% polyester mesh back panel for improved breathability. It also offers UPF 40+ sun protection. Made with fast-drying materials to maintain a cooling effect.
  • Gill men’s short sleeve woven fishing t-shirt – A short-sleeve shirt allows anglers to stay cool during the hot angling day. It is well-ventilated, which will keep you comfortable while battling giant fishes. It is made with moisture-wicking material to reduce sweat.

Consider Wearing A Hat

When the sun is at its highest peak, you need to protect your face, especially your eyes. One good way to do so is to pair a hat with good polarized sunglasses. Consider those with a wider brim to cover your whole face from the sun.

But most anglers also prefer a baseball cap style. If you like to wear a baseball hat, make sure to apply sunscreen on your face to avoid sunburn. It is also recommended to choose an angling hat made with high-quality materials.

The following are some of the highly-recommended angling hats you may find in the market:

  • KastKing sol armis UPF 50 boonie hat – This wide-brimmed angling hat has a mesh back panel to promote ventilation. Beyond that, it is also made with moisture-wicking materials to keep your head sweat-free. Its drawcord is fully adjustable so that you can wear it according to your preferred fit.
  • Waterproof wide-brim fishing hat with neck flap – Another wide-brimmed angling hat for men and women made with 100% nylon. Thus, you can rest assured of its lightness. Beyond that, it is also quick-drying, making it perfect for any outdoor activities, such as deep-sea fishing. This hat also offers 50+ UPF protection.
  • Dr. Fish quick-drying fishing cap – If you prefer a baseball cap style, this one’s for you. This is popular among anglers because of its breathability and quick-drying features. Since it is also waterproof, you can wear it during rainy or sunny deep-sea fishing trips.

Wear Non-Slip Shoes

As mentioned, fishing in the ocean gives you a higher chance to encounter or even bait giant fishes. To avoid falling from the rails of your fishing boats, make sure to wear shoes with a non-slip grip.

Professional anglers highly recommend rubber-soled boots or sneakers.

  • Huk men’s rogue wave shoe – This pair of shoes is designed to ensure that anglers will have an extraordinary fishing adventure. It is a technical fishing gear that works well in different conditions.
  • BELILENT water shoes – These water shoes are known for their breathability and comfort. It has a stretchy and soft outsole to keep anglers comfortable while fishing.
  • Duck and Fish men’s sticky rubber sole wading shoe – This fishing boot has a rubber and neoprene material that offers comfort. The materials used are highly durable to keep fishing positions stable. It is also quick-drying and waterproof.

Other Essentials To Bring

Aside from shoes, tops, bottoms, and hats, there are other essentials you need to bring for your weekend deep-sea fishing trip.

Some of these are listed below:

  • Sunglasses – Preferably UV-resistant and polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes from water glare and sun rays.
  • Chapstick – To keep your lips moisturized. Choose a lip balm with at least 30 SPF protection.
  • Sunscreen – Although you are wearing sun-resistant garments, this does not mean that your entire body is protected from the sun. Thus, it is essential to pack up your favorite sunscreen with 50+ UVB/UVA protection. Additionally, wearing a waterproof jacket during cold temperatures is also recommended.

Final Thoughts

Deep sea fishing is a great activity that anglers should try at least once in a lifetime. If preparing for one, make sure to bring the right type of clothing and other essentials, including your fishing license

This will give you a more memorable charter fishing trip with the nicest people you know. Wearing the proper fishing attire will keep you protected and comfortable against harsh temperatures.

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