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You should always wear comfortable apparel that is moisture-wicking, UV-protective, and appropriate for the foreseeable weather for fly fishing. Layering clothes is also useful for staying on top of shifting climates during the day, especially if you’re in-between seasons.

But what to wear fly fishing? And where exactly will you buy those fly fishing appropriate clothing? Read further to find out. 

what to wear fly fishing
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Considerations for Choosing the Right Attire

When you’re preparing to fly fishing, basic matters might slip your mind. Newbie anglers may choose to wear jeans or other unsuitable clothing. To avoid this from happening, remember the following:


A fly fishing outfit should be comfortable and allow you to move around easily. It has to be breathable and wick moisture as well. Thankfully, clothing brands have realized this and have developed some fantastic solutions to make you feel more at ease on the water.


You must wear clothing that’s appropriate for the weather. It’s important to select clothing that wicks sweat and is lightweight and breathable since the warm weather and humidity may drastically dehydrate you. 

Along with wicking sweat, the clothing should soak perspiration and dry rapidly. In this way, you can avoid chafing caused by moist fabrics rubbing on your skin.

Heat is lost quite fast during a cold day through our heads and core. The best way to survive these extreme cold seasons is to keep these areas warm while remaining dry. Although remaining warm is a top necessity, sweat-wicking apparel is just as crucial. 

Even if you’re fly fishing in winter, moving around will make you sweat and chafe, so be cautious.

UV Protection

Summer fly fishing entails staying under the sun for extended periods that might dehydrate you or cause sunburn.

The sun has long-term impacts on your health, so it is important to consider this if you fish often. Fortunately, clothes that protect against UV rays are commercially available.


To have lasting fishing clothing, you’ll have to splurge a bit of your money. Anglers who buy high-end fly fishing trousers are more suited to the conditions they fished. It is attributed to the fact that they are put to the test and subjected to stricter standards.

Your investment in expensive clothes is good enough to justify it when you regard small things like reliable zippers, extra cushioning at the knees, or jerseys with cross-stitching. Additionally, many manufacturers have created garments that can survive the most extreme conditions.

Fly Fishing Attire and Accessories You Should Buy

Newbie anglers may not know where to purchase the appropriate clothing for their first fly fishing trip. Some of the recognized products and brands that fly fishing professionals prefer, suggest, and buy are listed here.

Fly Fishing Hat

Shield your neck and head against the sun with a GearTOP UPF 50+ Wide Brim Sun Hat. It also provides you with some insect defense and protects your eyes from the brightness of the water, which makes it easier to locate your catch. 

A baseball cap is still an option. However, because caps expose your neck, you may want extra sunblock on the back of your neck if you’re not using a gaiter.

Fly Fishing Vests

Managing your angling accessories is simple with the correct vests. Get this Autumnridgetraders Lightweight 16 Pocket Vest with various small compartments, clips, and hooks. It also makes one of the best fly fishing gifts. Opt for a vest that includes small weatherproof compartments for your cash or cell phone to keep your valuables safe.

Fly Fishing Shirts

Beneath your vest, be sure to have lightweight, long-sleeve fly fishing shirts. Shirts like these BASSDASH Fishing T-Shirts and the Columbia Women’s PFG Tidal Tee II provide UV protection, whatever the climate is, while you’re wading in a stream under the sun. 

Choose one that is water-resistant, breathable, and dries rapidly, ensuring that you are comfortable at all times. 


The weather may be inconsistent, particularly in the highlands, even during the peak of summer. If the weather shifts while you’re on the sea, it’s very handy to have this HLKZONE Raincoat on you.

Waders with Boots and Belt

Instead of waders, many anglers opt for fishing pants when they’re at the shoreline. But when catching fish in deeper waters, they are a great approach to keeping you dry. Waders are normally made up of solid, vulcanized rubber. 

However, several styles of synthetic waders are a preferable choice for summer fly fishing since they are lighter and breathable. 

Many waders are available in the market, like the TIDEWE Bootfoot Chest Wader, which comes with wading boots with rubber soles. It also comes with a suspender that prevents water from filling up and the danger of drowning. 

Long Underwear

In addition to providing an element of insulation for someone who plunges in cool waters all day, well-designed long underwear like ViCherub Men’s Thermal Underwear and Thermajane Women’s Ultra Soft Thermal Underwear is needed by every angler. 

It is a set of light, moisture-wicking thermal underwear that keeps you warm and absorbs sweat and moisture that happens to gather within your waders.

Thermal Socks

Many anglers use neoprene wading socks just like BPS’ Storm’ 3mm Neoprene Socks when wet wading. It will protect your feet from any sharp objects or mossy rocks that you may step on.

Neck Gaiter

Neck gaiters, just like Dapaser 8 Pack Neck Gaiter, are commonly worn to protect the neck, face, and ears against nasty sunburn in the summer heat. It also gives you wind protection, a cover on cold days, or a nice brief relief on a scorching day.

Polarized Sunglasses

Bring polarized sunnies like RIVBOS Sunglasses, even though the day starts gloomy. The water mirrors the sun’s rays, intensifying them and increasing the risk of eye damage. 

Almost all surface light is eliminated with a proper set of sunglasses. It will provide you with a far better view of what’s happening beneath the water.

Sun Gloves

Sun gloves like KastKing Sol Armis Sun Gloves UPF50+ are a personal preference. On the other hand, many anglers use one to shield their hands from the sun. 

Although it may also protect your hands from all the fixing and hooking rigs, throwing, capturing fish, releasing fly fish, and other wet and dry activities.

Insider Advice

Regardless of the products mentioned above, there are a few extra points to keep in mind to ensure you’re comfortable all the time.

Avoid Cotton Made Clothing

Always avoid wearing cotton materials. Cotton will become too hot in the summer as it does not breathe very well. It absorbs and retains moisture, making drying harder. It can cause chafing, especially when wearing pants. 

Cotton’s slowness to dry during the cooler season might ruin your fishing day and perhaps leave you freezing.

Say No to Large or Bulky Accessories

Fishing attire should not be excessive. To be comfy in any condition, wear the bare limit of outerwear. And when fishing from a boat, fishing jackets and trousers with many compartments and buckles are unnecessary. When it concerns your comfort, having fewer accessories is better.


The fly fishing clothes you wear, along with the right gear, may have a huge impact on how successful your fishing trip will be. Decide on what apparel to use by the current weather situation. 

Cut the number of clothes you wear to be comfortable on the water using modern lightweight fabrics. Remember that you should never neglect the possibility of having skin cancer from staying too long under the sun, so use sunscreen.

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