What to Wear on a Fishing Charter Trip

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Are you getting ready for your first fishing charter trip? If you’ve never rented a charter boat for a deep-sea fishing trip before, you may be unsure what to wear. A chartered voyage differs from a typical day on the lake since it is critical to be packed! 

Therefore, with your next inshore fishing trip, here are a few suggestions on what to wear on a fishing charter. So, let’s start to gear up with these necessities.

what to wear on a fishing charter
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Weather Protection

If you’re planning to go in warm weather, you’ve undoubtedly already considered packing sunblock. However, it’s not enough. Even on overcast days, the sun’s impact must never be overlooked! 

In fact, you would not want to spoil your day with a sunburn. If so, every moment you cast, you’ll definitely be suffering! And, of course, you wouldn’t want that to happen.

Additionally, the sun’s reflection off the sea is frequently beautiful to look at but not so pleasant on your skin. If you’re not covered, the lack of shade combined with the ocean’s reflecting glare may make for an extremely uncomfortable and dangerous encounter. 

At the same time, the weather out of the sea may shift fast, and unexpected downpours can turn your fishing trips into a nightmare for unready anglers. Therefore, here are the things that you’ll need for weather protection.


Ensure that the sun protection you’ll bring will shield you from both UVA and UVB radiation.

Moreover, using sunscreen can make you seem younger. It slows down the aging of your skin, preventing wrinkles and a leathery appearance. It can also prevent brown spots and skin discoloration by keeping your skin tone equal. 

In fact, wearing sunscreen, regardless of your skin type, can help you stay healthy. When combined with additional measures such as increased water intake, it can even protect you against heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

Recommended Products

Lip balm

This necessity will surely help you moisturize your lips. On your fishing cruise, a sun-protective balm will keep your lips from becoming dry.

Polarized Sunglasses

This is a must-have! Sunglasses with polarized lenses save your eyes from harmful UV rays. Moreover, these will cut through the ocean’s reflective glare and allow you to spot fish better. You may want to try this.

However, save your Costas for the dock and get some inexpensive polarized shades if you’re new to deep-sea fishing.


If you wish to venture out on the open seas, you should carry enough layers. Even on the hottest days, temperature decreases are possible. If you’re leaving the dock before early morning starts, you can’t count on the sun to keep you warm right away. 

At the same time, because there won’t be much shade on our boat, you’ll want to make sure you can remove upper clothes if necessary.

Therefore, you surely want to be as comfortable as possible when pulling in your catch for your next deep sea fishing trip.


You must examine the security components that your feet will need while picking the correct shoes for your charter fishing excursion.

Therefore, rubber-soled shoes with a non-slip grip are highly advised by experienced anglers; however, flip flops are a big no as they can give you an unsafe experience.


Similarly, socks should be picked for their capacity to dry fast throughout your adventures on your boat to ensure that your charter time is spent catching fish rather than being uncomfortable.


Brims provide shade and reduce the risk of sunstroke. In fact, to combat the sun’s reflection on the water’s surface, a wide-brimmed hat is recommended.

Along with a broad brim, look for a breathable hat that has a chin strap to maintain it in position throughout the breeze and is constructed of an instant-dry material to minimize sweating during those hot moments of reeling in the big one. Try something similar to these.

Rain Jacket and Pants

Anglers dedicated to the sport know that bad weather may lead to terrific fishing, and a little rain and wind won’t keep them away from the lake. This is met with the help of the best waterproof jackets and pants for fishing and the best waterproofing spray for outdoor fabric.

However, to make the most of the activity a front might offer, you’ll need gear that can shed rain, block wind, and drain sweat away from your skin so you don’t feel clammy and damp.

Lightweight Clothes

Lightweight clothing is recommended. Under the Florida sun, shorts, a t-shirt, or a light long-sleeve shirt will keep you cool. Moreover, if you’re going on a sunny day, make sure to wear shorts. If not, a pair of long pants are suggested.

Light-colored Clothes

Light-colored clothing is also highly preferred. This helps reflect the sun to avoid feeling too hot in hot weather. 

Here are the most recommended fishing attires of anglers when going on a boat for your next fishing cruise.

Additional Necessities for Serious Anglers

To ensure that your fishing charter trip goes well without any hassle, you must bring with you the following items: 

1. Medical Equipment

You may believe that the only items you should pack on an inshore fishing charter are clothes and weather protection. However, it’s also a good idea to carry any medical equipment you might require on your journey.

There is no need to bring the entire medicine cabinet with you, but you might want to carry the following items for a hygienic, safe, and puke-free trip.

  • Motion Sickness Medication/Anti-Nausea Remedies
  • Hand Sanitizer and Wet Wipes
  • Bug Spray
  • Band-Aids
  • Small first aid kit
  • Hand Towel

2. Storage

Storage is a vital aspect to bear in mind while packing for a charter fishing trip unless you anticipate catching fish.

In fact, on a fishery charter, you will need to pack various bags and containers. This lets you carry your belongings on board without fear of being destroyed by seawater. On your journey, you must bring the following containers:

  • Sturdy Bag
  • Drinking Bottle/ Sports Bottle
  • Collapsible Cooler
  • Double zip-lock bag (a smart alternative to bringing gel ice to the airline)
  • Waterproof Bag

3. Other Essentials

After you’ve packed all of the necessities mentioned above in your bag, the next major move toward a worry-free trip is to prepare all relevant documentation and other essentials. These items play a huge role in your success in catching those fish.

  • Important Documents
  • Fishing License
  • Bait
  • Camera
  • Energy Drink
  • Favorite rod and reel

Final Thoughts

Your charter fishing trip may become competitive, particularly if the fish you catch is larger than a small child. Hence, you’ll need to get ready for the journey.

Therefore, you should note that it is essential to be adequately prepared to have a safe fishing action and avoid sunstroke. In fact, many marine mishaps may have been avoided with proper planning. 

Your fishing cruise will only be successful if you have the proper equipment prepared for your excursion. Hence, being equipped with the safety guidelines and all the necessary things can help you have a safe and successful fishing expedition.

Now that you’ve read this article, you can now cast your most valued rod and reel and catch those fish in the sea while being safe and having fun.

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