How to Tie the World’s Fair Knot

Created by Gary L. Martin, this fishing knot is called the World’s Fair Knot because it was first demonstrated at the 1982 Knoxville World Fair. 

It’s known to be dependable and easy to tie; this knot connects a line to a lure.  

Tying the Worlds Fair Fishing Knot

Step 1

Double back the end of mono or a fluorocarbon line on itself to make a 6-inch long knot. 


Pass the loop through the eye of the tackle, making sure a section is left hanging free. 

Step 3

Fold that extra part of the loop backward right over the tackle, making sure that it covers the double line of the fishing thread. 

Step 4

Take hold of the double line and pull the tag end under and over it to the opposite side of the loop. This creates a new loop.

Step 5

Pass the tag end of the line through the loop.

Step 6

Moisten the line with saliva or water to make it firm and then pull the part of the line that was not incorporated in the knot to tighten it. Trim off the excess line to complete the fair knot. 

Worlds Fair Knot by Capt. Jay Withers
World's Fair Knot


  • Use it for drop shot rig by making the tag end the desired length.
  • Use it to tie a fly to a tippet and to attach a hook or a lure to a line. 

Advantages and Disadvantages

The fair knot is compact and can suit a variety of line sizes. However, the double-strand may not be able to pass through every hook eye easily. 


Fish n Fool knot – This contest knot is easy to tie and can hold in smooth braided lines

Orvis knot – This is also a ‘contest’ knot, and it is reliable as well as easy to create. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best knot for fluorocarbon?

A: The Palomar knot is the best for that line because it is slip-resistant and can maintain 100% of the line’s original strength.

Q: Which fishing knot is impossible to untie?

A: The aptly named Impossible knot is hard to untie. 

Jon Stenstrom
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