How to Tie a Yucatan Knot

The Yucatan Knot is excellent for connecting a braided fishing line to a mono leader or fluorocarbon leader. It excels when the diameters are roughly about the same. 

Let’s learn how to tie the Yucatan Knot!

Tying the Yucatan Knot

yucatan knot
  1. You’ll need to have a doubled braid mainline, so use either a Bimini Twist or a Spider Hitch to create it.
  2. Take your leader line and pull it tight.
  3. Wrap the doubled braid mainline and wrap it around your leader line six times.
  4. Put the tag end through the tiny loop at the end of your mainline.
  5. Pull the main braid line and the leader lines until the knot is nearly cinched down. 
  6. Moisten and pull tight.
  7. Cut off the tag ends, and you’re ready to go.
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Yucatan Knot vs FG Knot

  • The Yucatan Knot is excellent for braid-to-mono leader connections. It requires you to know how to tie a Bimini Twist of Spider Hitch, which is an extra knot in the equation. The FG is excellent if you don’t want a doubled-up braided line connecting your leader. If you want a single line from your braid to leader, use the FG or John Collins.
How to tie a Yucatan Knot

Yucatan Knot vs Uni to Uni

  • The Double Uni is reliable if you don’t want to tie the Yucatan Knot; however, you’ll be giving up some strength. The Uni is better if you wish to have a single mainline instead of a doubled-up one.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • We have seen people tie this knot without using a Bimini Twist. However, these knots are better off with one.


  • FG Knot – Great if you don’t want to use a doubled loop in your main line.
  • Albright Knot – A bit weaker option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you tie the double uni knot?

A: Check out our guide on how to tie the Uni-to-Uni Knot.

Q: How do you tie a Yucatan knot?

A: There are plenty of tips above on how you can have the Yucatan Knot tied perfectly. Just make sure your leader and your mainline are roughly the same diameters to make a clean fishing knot.

Q: How do you tie a Bimini twist knot?

A: Check out our guide on how to tie the Bimini Twist so you can make a loop in your main line. Tying a quality knot for doubling your mainline will make or break your connection.

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