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Are you curious what are the best fishing YouTube channels? Our article focuses on the best educational fishing channels available to help you improve your catch rate and fishing ability. These channels cover various angling categories, offering something suitable for every fishing enthusiast. In this article, angling expert Daniel O’Neill shares his top fishing YouTube channels for fishing novices.

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At the young age of five, I went on my first fly fishing trip for trout, with my father. As time went on, my curiosity led me to explore various other forms of fishing. Throughout the years, I honed my skills in nearly all categories of the sport.

However, finding specialized guidance for each niche proved challenging, prompting me to search YouTube for countless hours in search of suitable advice. Through my journey, I have curated a list of my most favorite channels, which have been essential in expanding my fishing expertise. Today, I will share them with you. 

General Fishing Channels

Totally Awesome Fishing 

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If you’re in search of the ultimate one-stop-shop for fishing, “Totally Awesome Fishing” on YouTube is your go-to channel. Graeme, the creator, delivers informative and entertaining content covering various fishing techniques. Personally, I’ve never watched one of his videos without learning something new. He presents himself as a true gentleman, making his videos easy to listen to and understand.

man fishing from shore
Graeme’s channel has videos on beach casting and fishing.

Thanks to Graham’s videos, I’ve successfully learned how to fish for conger eels in the UK, leading to many rewarding outings. For any beginners who want to start their fishing journey with confidence, especially if they’re unsure about which species to target, I highly recommend checking out his content.

Saltwater Fishing

Blacktiph fishing 

One afternoon, I came across Blacktiph Fishing, and I was instantly amazed by the adrenaline-filled content captured by Josh, the creator. From battling goliath grouper to hammerhead sharks and even sawfish, this channel fearlessly delves into the depths of the sea to catch monstrous creatures, all while delivering entertaining and informative experiences.

big game reels
Big game reels as seen on blacktiph fishing.

If you’re an angler considering buying your own boat, interested in reef fishing, or contemplating a charter purchase, I cannot recommend this channel enough. Watching some of their videos will undoubtedly provide valuable insights and guidance for your fishing journey. Visit the channel through this link: https://youtube.com/@BlacktipH

The Fish Locker

YouTube video

Based in Cornwall, John’s exploration of saltwater fishing may be less dramatic than Blacktiph, but his content is absolutely fantastic and immensely helpful for anyone interested in saltwater fishing. The Fish Locker’s YouTube channel has been an invaluable resource for me, teaching me how to texas rig for pollock, effectively use lobster pots on the Irish Sea, and catch cod and ling while wreck fishing.

fishing boat
A similar fishing boat as used on the fish locker.

If you’re a beginner looking to dip your toes into sea fishing and feeling uncertain about where to begin, I highly recommend John’s content. He has a talent for explaining his thoughts clearly, presenting information in a simple manner without overcomplicating the topic. You’ll find his videos to be a fantastic starting point for your sea fishing journey. Visit the channel through this link: https://youtube.com/@TheFishLocker

Coarse Fishing

Fishing Tutorials 

YouTube video

Fishing Tutorials specializes in lure fishing, with a specific emphasis on coarse fish. This channel has played a vital role in my personal journey towards catching my first carp and barbel. Over time, I’ve witnessed this channel mature and evolve into an essential guide for any coarse anglers looking to enhance their fishing skills.

carp in hand
A small mirror carp as caught on fishing tutorials.

If you’re on the lookout for straightforward and genuine advice from experienced anglers, you’ve definitely found the right channel. Fishing Tutorials delivers simple yet valuable insights that can significantly improve your fishing game. Visit the channel through this link: ​​https://youtube.com/@fishingtutorials

Angling Direct TV

Angling Direct stands out as the top retailer in the UK for fishing supplies. Personally, I have made purchases from this company before, largely influenced by their informative videos. Their videos definitely emphasize on coarse fishing, covering a wide range of topics such as bait casting, beginner equipment, and match fishing.

caught fish using feeder
Feeder fishing as seen on Angling Direct TV.

For anyone new to coarse fishing and in need of a basic channel guide, I wholeheartedly recommend Angling Direct. The videos offer simple explanations, complemented by appealing visuals, making the learning experience highly enjoyable. It’s the perfect resource to kickstart your coarse fishing journey with confidence. Visit the channel through this link: https://youtube.com/@AnglingDirectTV

Island Fishing 

Cavy fishing 

YouTube video

Cavy, an adventurous Australian angler, embarks on thrilling journeys to remote islands in pursuit of colossal fish. His use of poppers enables him to hook impressive tuna, mahi-mahi, and even trevally. I find myself obsessively watching his videos, aspiring to one day target fish in such exotic locations.

fishing popper lure
A popper commonly used in Cavvy’s videos.

If you’re a lure fisherman seeking inspiration and valuable insights, I highly recommend watching Cavy’s videos. He offers a unique perspective and shares fantastic tips that can elevate your fishing game. Visit the channel through this link: https://youtube.com/@CavyFishing

YBS youngbloods

YouTube video

Brodie Moss, yet another talented Australian angler, takes us along on his incredible journey as he explores remote islands, documenting wildlife and fishing for tropical species. His fishing methods are diverse, ranging from bow and arrow to spears, and, of course, traditional fishing rods.

permit underwater
A permit, one of the most prized fish to be caught while island fishing.

Brodie’s channel is great for those eager to learn how to identify different species, recognize potential dangers to avoid while island fishing, and master the art of effectively catching tropical island fish. If you’re an angler seeking new techniques, Brodie’s videos offer an educational experience you can’t miss. Visit the channel through this link: https://youtube.com/@ybsyoungbloods


Cast & Spear 

YouTube video

Before I joined Cast & Spear, I stumbled upon their videos on YouTube, and one particular video caught my attention: “Spearfishing Gear Mistakes.” Jon, the creator of the channel, delves into five common mistakes that could potentially spoil your next dive. As a beginner spearfisherman, I found this video to be incredibly informative, learning valuable tips such as using a lighter to burn the silicone on the inside of a low-volume dive mask or scrubbing it with toothpaste to reduce fogging.

man spearfishing head out of water
A spearo preparing to enter the water.

Cast & Spear provides invaluable content for any novice angler or spearo. I encourage you to explore the channel and I’m sure you’ll find practical and helpful advice that can elevate your skills and enhance your underwater experiences. Visit the channel through this link:  https://youtube.com/@castandspear

Daniel Mann

YouTube video

Originally focusing on spearfishing in the UK, Daniel Mann has now broadened his content to encompass spearfishing worldwide since last year. His videos are undeniably some of the best in the spearfishing community, standing out for his niche and valuable information presented within engaging stories. From Daniel’s channel I learned how to make a fantastic spider crab linguine.

fishing youtuber
A spearo preparing to enter the water.

Daniel’s channel covers a wide range of topics, including both shore and boat diving, as well as fish preparation and cooking videos. Whether you’re interested in spearfishing techniques, exploring new spearfishing destinations, or learning how to prepare and cook your catch, Daniel’s content is a must-watch. Visit the channel through this link: https://youtube.com/@DanielMann

Fly Fishing

Wild Fly Productions 

YouTube video

Wild Fly Productions stand out in the fly fishing community with some of the most visually appealing content available. Their videos are stunning, keeping viewers entertained while imparting valuable information. Personally, I have learned how to improve my streamer fishing techniques for wild brown trout from watching their videos.

best fishing youtube channels
A brown trout as seen on wild fly productions. 

For those who appreciate pleasing visuals and excellent storytelling, this channel is an absolute goldmine. Prepare to be mesmerized by their videos as you dive into the world of fly fishing. Visit the channel through this link: https://youtube.com/@WildFlyProductions

Bow River Troutfitters

YouTube video

Chris Nickel, the creator behind the channel, has successfully built a fly shop and YouTube channel focused on providing educational content for fly fishing enthusiasts. His videos cover a wide range of topics, including fly rod reviews, boat reviews, and captivating fly fishing adventures.

fly fishing flies
Common steelhead patterns as seen on bow river troutfitters. 

I personally learnt a large amount of knowledge from their channel on the sage R8 saltwater rod, when contemplating saltwater fly fishing. If you’re interested in expanding your fly fishing knowledge on gear and technique, this channel is a must. Visit the channel through this link: https://youtube.com/@BowRiverTroutfittersCalgary

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there is a wide range of YouTube channels available for all forms of fishing. I personally recommend experimenting with different channels until you find what works best for you. This article has comprehensively explored the available channels on YouTube for the fishing community. I hope this article will help you reach new information in the hope of improving your catch rate and technique. Good luck and tight lines. 

Daniel O’Neill
Fishing Expert
Meet Daniel, an avid writer and fanatic angler with a deep love for fishing. As a fly fishing guide and instructor, Daniel brings a wealth of expertise to his writing. With a degree in Business Information Technology, his analytical mindset enhances his understanding of the sport. Daniel's fishing ventures have yielded impressive results, including memorable catches like mullet, sturgeon, double-figure pike and atlantic salmon. In Ireland, he excels as a spearo, specializing in targeting pollock and bass. As a writer for Cast & Spear, Daniel combines his firsthand knowledge, educational background, and unwavering passion to create engaging content. His articles provide valuable insights, tips, and techniques, empowering readers to elevate their fishing skills and embark on thrilling angling adventures.
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