how long can you keep fish on ice

How Long Can You Keep Fish on Ice

Are you wondering if the fish you left in your cooler overnight is still safe to eat? I used to think fresh fish was always best, but after talking with chefs, fishmongers, and die-hard fishermen, I changed my perspective on fish storage. This guide examines how long you can store fish before it goes bad.

stingrays ready to be cooked

Do People Eat Stingrays? Taste, Texture, and Methods

Thinking of trying stingray for the first time and feeling uneasy? In this article, we answer your questions about what it tastes like, the textures, and what dishes you can make. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie, an environmental enthusiast, or simply a curious reader, journey with us as we explore this lesser-known side of our

Cooked sand fleas

Can You Eat Sand Fleas?

Are you curious whether it’s worth taking a handful of sand fleas (aka sand crabs) home to eat? In Southern California, sand crabs are often used as fishing bait. However, in this guide, we examine whether humans can eat it and if it tastes good. The Short Answer Yes, you can eat sand fleas, as

is grouper a good fish to eat

Is Grouper Fish Safe to Eat? (Nutritional Value and Safety of Grouper)

Grouper is a tasty fish available on most restaurant menus. Like other fish, grouper fish is rich in omega-3, protein, essential minerals, and vitamins. They are liked by many because they have a mild flavor and a firm, moist texture. Grouper is a versatile fish, and you can prepare it by broiling, grilling, baking, or

how to fillet bass

How to Fillet Bass

Although bass can be a delicious fish, the proper cleaning techniques can make the difference between a fine meal and a wonderful one. How to fillet bass can be challenging, especially if you’ve never seen it done before. But if you clean, gut, and fillet the fish correctly, you can cook your sea bass or

how to bleed a fish

How to Bleed a Fish

Bleeding fish is a practice that beginner and experienced anglers and fishermen should master. Bleeding your freshly caught fish (both freshwater and saltwater fish) will not only make it maintain its freshness but also produces the best tasting fish fillets. Just like every procedure in fishing, there are important steps to follow to bleed fish

how to clean blue crabs

How To Clean Blue Crabs

For a long time, I have been tossing live crabs into a large pot of boiling water to cook. As a result, I had a lot of mess to deal with at the dinner table. This made me hate cooked crabs, although I loved eating them. With time, however, I discovered that, like most people,

how to clean trout

How To Clean Trout

After a long day of fishing, your efforts have paid off, and you’ve come out with a load of fresh trout. The first thing that is likely to cross your mind is, ‘now is the time to enjoy the fruits of my hard labor.’ But, before your trout gets into the frying pan, it needs

how to clean a catfish

How to Clean Catfish (Step by Step Guide)

To clean your catfish properly, gather all the important cleaning materials. Next, make an incision along the body, starting from the dorsal fin on its back to the pelvic fin on its belly. Since catfish have sharp fins that can hurt you, secure the fish by holding it down with gloved hands. You can also

what does trout taste like

What Does Trout Taste Like?

Trout is one of the most popular freshwater fish to eat. It has a light, delicate flavor that is often described as mildly nutty or buttery. Some say trout tastes like chicken but with a more distinct flavor. Others compare the taste of trout to salmon but with a lighter texture. No matter how you

How to Catch Dorado Fish

How To Cook Dorado (Mahi Mahi)

Mahi mahi is a fast-growing and tasty fish. If you’re fortunate to catch one of these fish, you’re in for a treat. Behind the vibrant skin lies delicious meat that’s good both raw or cooked. Just make sure you bleed it thoroughly before you fillet it. In this guide, we’ll go over the ins and

how to ikejime fish

What Is Ike Jime? A Complete Guide

Ikejime is gaining widespread adoption in the US over the past few years. In this guide, we’re going to answer the most common questions regarding ikejime (ikejime) and shinkeijime. How to ikejime fish? There’s a four-step process to ikejime fish: How do the Japanese clean fish? Jon Stenstrom Founder & Angler Jon Stenstrom is a

scombroid fish poisoning

Scombroid Fish Poisoning

After the thrill of fishing, you might feel the temptation not to take immediate care of your catch. Well, don’t. This may be the difference between relaxing in your favorite chair after a nice tuna-filled dinner or coming down with a bout of scombroid fish poisoning. We have Brian with us to ensure you are

Best Tasting Freshwater Fish to Eat (To Put on Your Catch List)

One of the top concerns when fishing for food is its taste. With a lot of fish species for consumption, it’s hard to tell which fish is the best tasting because all have unique tastes. Your preference may just vary depending on what country you’re in.  Fish is a staple food. Everybody eats it unless