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    how to transport a kayak without a roof rack

    How to Transport a Kayak Without a Roof Rack: Practical Solutions and Tips

    There might be times when you don’t have a roof rack to carry your kayak. Fret not! You can still transport a kayak without relying on a roof rack for your vehicle. In this article, we’ll unveil simple, practical solutions, tips, and methods that enable you to transport your kayak without a roof rack. This

    can fish see braided line

    Can Fish See Braided Line?

    Fish’s ability to see braided fishing line depends on several factors, including color, water clarity, and the species of fish. While some fish may be capable of discerning the line due to their sharp vision, others might not. The color of the braided line can be chosen to blend with the water conditions, which can

    what to wear for kayaking

    What to Wear Kayaking: A Comprehensive Guide

    Dressing for your angling adventures is crucial for both comfort and safety on the water. Choose quick-drying, moisture-wicking materials like synthetic or merino wool. This will keep you dry and comfortable in varying weather conditions. A lightweight, long-sleeved top and shorts or pants are perfect. These offer protection from the sun and shield you from

    Saltwater Fishing

    how long does fishing line last

    How Long Does Fishing Line Last? A Guide to Fishing Line Maintenance

    Quality fishing line can be the difference between reeling in a trophy catch and losing the battle.  In this article, we’ll delve into the factors that impact their longevity, guiding you on when to retire your old fishing line and replace it with a fresh one.  Moreover, we’ll reveal priceless tips on maintaining and storing

    Fishing with a Net

    Fishing with a Net: Techniques, Types, & Tips for a Successful Catch

    Fishing with a net can be highly effective, but it requires proper technique and practice. To begin, untangle the cast net to ensure it opens fully when thrown into the water. Next, load the rope and hold the net away from it to load the weights. Once all weights are in place, cast the net

    fishing hook in finger

    What to Do When a Fishing Hook Gets Stuck in Your Finger

    To remove a fishing hook stuck in a finger, cut the fishing line, lure, or bait from the hook to remove the fishing hook in the finger. Next, apply ice on the affected area to numb the nerves. If the hook has not penetrated through the skin, gently pull the tip of your hook. If

    Freshwater Fishing

    bass fishing quotes

    40 Best Bass Fishing Quotes Of All Time

    We’ve gathered a collection of inspiring bass fishing quotes to capture the magical moments. Why quotes, you ask? Well, quotes are like little packets of wisdom. They share lessons, inspire us, and often put into words what we find hard to express. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a beginner, these quotes are sure to

    are inflatable kayaks good for fishing

    Are Inflatable Kayaks Good for Fishing?

    Inflatable kayaks have been causing quite a stir in the angling community lately. But are they worth the hype? We’re here to help you chart a course through the world of inflatable kayaks for fishing. In this article, we’ll weigh them against their traditional counterparts, explore their advantages and disadvantages, and steer you toward making

    how to keep hot dog on hook

    How to Keep a Hot Dog on Hook

    Hot dogs can be an excellent choice for bait when fishing. They’re inexpensive, easy to find, and attract various fish species. However, one common challenge many anglers face is keeping the hot dog securely on the hook. Why Hot Dogs Make Good Fish Bait Hot dogs: a fish’s unexpected delight. You might be surprised, but

    Fishing Knots

    sailing knots

    Essential Sailing Knots (Step by Step Guide & When To Use)

    There are different types of sailing knots, including bowline, clove hitch, stopper knot, cleat hitch, sheet bend, two half hitches, rolling hitch, figure eight knot, and reef knot. Learning how to tie these knots is essential for sailing and anchoring. To master the art, you must frequently practice so as to develop muscle memory. This

    How To Tie The Double Palomar Knot

    The standard Palomar Knot is hard to beat. However, if you’re looking to add a bit more security to your knot, then we recommend the following. Palomar Knot Strength Analysis The folks over at Salt Strong did a great analysis of the differences between the Palomar, the double, and the improved double. Depending on the

    figure eight knot

    How To Tie a Figure Eight Knot

    Knots are essential to everyday life, from lacing up our shoes to mooring our boats at the docks or an integral way of securing things in place. It’s even used as a euphemism for marriage, unifying two parties as one.  There’s a variety of stopper knots known as a figure 8 knot, which is particularly


    What Should Divers Do For Their Safety

    What Should Divers Do For Their Own Safety? Q&A

    If you’re a diver, then safety needs to be a top priority. You should always be asking, “What should divers do for their own safety?” Or better yet, if you were advising a friend, what would you tell them? It bears repeating… No amount of fun is worth the unnecessary risk of dying! You are

    Swimming Underwater

    Swimming Underwater — How to Swim Underwater Safely

    Underwater swimming is dangerous if you’re not careful. Anytime you are swimming underwater, whether, in a pool or the ocean, you are at risk of drowning. To help you prevent something catastrophic from happening to you, let’s go over the ground rules for swimming underwater safely. I’m a fan of looking up to those who

    Person Drowning Underwater

    Shallow Water Blackout (How and Why It Happens)

    Shallow water blackout happen when your brain is starved of oxygen. It’s a defense mechanism of the body. Similar to when a person faints on land, this could happen while you’re underwater. Typically due to your mammalian dive reflex, you have a certain amount of time before brain damage can occur. If no one is