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    fishing youtube channels

    Best Fishing YouTube Channels: A Curated List

    Are you curious what are the best fishing YouTube channels? Our article focuses on the best educational fishing channels available to help you improve your catch rate and fishing ability. These channels cover various angling categories, offering something suitable for every fishing enthusiast. In this article, angling expert Daniel O’Neill shares his top fishing YouTube

    fly fishing vs regular fishing

    Fly Fishing vs. Regular Fishing: A Comprehensive Comparison

    There are many ways to catch fish, but the two that stand out the most are fly fishing and regular fishing. Not only do they use different gear, but they also have different cultures. In this article, we will go deep into the similarities and differences. The Short Answer Fly fishing and regular fishing differ

    man holding turtle

    How To Avoid Catching Turtles While Fishing

    There’s nothing more frustrating than bycatching turtles when you’re out fishing. We’ve talked with fishermen who’ve dealt with this and compiled their suggestions. In this guide, we’ll explore some simple and effective strategies to avoid catching turtles while fishing. The Short Answer To avoid catching turtles while fishing, it’s crucial to understand their behavior and


    cod spawning

    When Do Cod Spawn? 

    Are you curious when do cod spawn? Our article provides valuable insights on this topic, covering the best baits to use during spawning, an ethical perspective on fishing for cod at this time, and essential gear tips. Join us on a journey with cod angler Daniel O’Neill, who has caught remarkable double-figure cod while deep

    rainbow trout size

    How Big Do Rainbow Trout Get?

    Are you curious how big do rainbow trout get? Rainbow trout are one of the most popular game fish in the entire world. Trout guide and fly fishing instructor Daniel O’Neill, discusses how big rainbow trout get and how to catch these larger fish.  As a child, one of my earliest fishing memories involved catching

    salmon swimming upstream

    Steelhead vs. Salmon: What’s The Difference?

    What’s the difference between steelhead and salmon? This is quite a complicated topic as there are many misconceptions surrounding steelhead. In this article, fly fishing expert, Daniel O’Neill, with over one hundred salmon landed in the 2022 season, dives into the key differences between steelhead and salmon.  When discussing the topic of steelhead I continually

    Fishing Knots

    sailing knots

    Essential Sailing Knots (Step by Step Guide & When To Use)

    There are different types of sailing knots, including bowline, clove hitch, stopper knot, cleat hitch, sheet bend, two half hitches, rolling hitch, figure eight knot, and reef knot. Learning how to tie these knots is essential for sailing and anchoring. To master the art, you must frequently practice so as to develop muscle memory. This


    How To Tie The Double Palomar Knot

    The standard Palomar Knot is hard to beat. However, if you’re looking to add a bit more security to your knot, then we recommend the following. Palomar Knot Strength Analysis The folks over at Salt Strong did a great analysis of the differences between the Palomar, the double, and the improved double. Depending on the

    figure eight knot

    How To Tie a Figure Eight Knot

    Knots are essential to everyday life, from lacing up our shoes to mooring our boats at the docks or an integral way of securing things in place. It’s even used as a euphemism for marriage, unifying two parties as one.  There’s a variety of stopper knots known as a figure 8 knot, which is particularly


    how long can you keep fish on ice

    How Long Can You Keep Fish on Ice

    Are you wondering if the fish you left in your cooler overnight is still safe to eat? I used to think fresh fish was always best, but after talking with chefs, fishmongers, and die-hard fishermen, I changed my perspective on fish storage. This guide examines how long you can store fish before it goes bad.

    stingrays ready to be cooked

    Do People Eat Stingrays? Taste, Texture, and Methods

    Thinking of trying stingray for the first time and feeling uneasy? In this article, we answer your questions about what it tastes like, the textures, and what dishes you can make. Whether you’re a seasoned foodie, an environmental enthusiast, or simply a curious reader, journey with us as we explore this lesser-known side of our

    Cooked sand fleas

    Can You Eat Sand Fleas?

    Are you curious whether it’s worth taking a handful of sand fleas (aka sand crabs) home to eat? In Southern California, sand crabs are often used as fishing bait. However, in this guide, we examine whether humans can eat it and if it tastes good. The Short Answer Yes, you can eat sand fleas, as


    Person Drowning Underwater

    Shallow Water Blackout (How and Why It Happens)

    Shallow water blackout happen when your brain is starved of oxygen. It’s a defense mechanism of the body. Similar to when a person faints on land, this could happen while you’re underwater. Typically due to your mammalian dive reflex, you have a certain amount of time before brain damage can occur. If no one is

    Spearfishing Gear

    17 Spearfishing Gear Essentials For Catching More Fish

    Not having the right spearfishing gear when entering the ocean is dangerous. Too many spearos have become frustrated or worse been put in situations that can lead to disastrous consequences due to bad gear selection. Take for example a bad dive knife. Spearfishing Gear for Beginners You’re in the water and get caught in a


    Best fishing scale is the Boga Grip

    Best Fish Grippers for 2023 — How to Safely Secure Your Fish

    The best plastic fish gripper for 2023 is the Rapala 9″ Floating Gripper 9″. This gripper is lightweight and made of plastic materials, so you don’t have to worry about rusting. It allows you to catch and release fish without harming it. The quick-release mechanism lets you easily release your catch into the water. Lastly,

    Best Fishing Coolers

    Best Fishing Coolers for Keeping Fish Fresh in 2023

    Our top fishing cooler for keeping fish fresh is the Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler, Charcoal. This cooler can keep your fish frozen for days thanks to its 3 inches of PermaFrost insulation. It also features self-draining cup holders and tie-down loops that can withstand harsh wet environments. The Rotomolded construction and rust-resistant stainless steel screws

    Kids using the best fishing lines to catch fish without a rod

    Best Fishing Lines for 2023: Top 7 Picks (Buying Guide)

    A fishing line is one of the most underrated yet most important pieces of fishing gear. Without the best fishing line, all of the gear in the world will not help you in catching fish. There are a few things to understand when it comes to fishing lines. Test weight is one of the biggest