Spearfishing Podcast

The Cast & Spear Spearfishing Podcast is meant to showcase the different types of fishing, whether it’s spearfishing, surf fishing, offshore fishing, fly fishing, and more so we can all learn from each other.

Whether you’re a spearo in training or have been spearfishing for years, there’s something in this podcast for everyone. If you’re like many of my friends, it’s not just spearfishing that you’re looking to do on the water. That’s why we have a wide-variety of guests come on to share their insights.

We also know how vital our oceans are to our sport, therefore, we make it a point to bring on scientists pushing to improve our playground. We’re also aware that boat captains and those out on the water are also key to the narrative and sometimes don’t have a platform to voice what they are seeing.

Overall, we just want to make sure there are fish for future generations so we can enjoy our sport now and so can our kids.

So don’t worry if you’re a noob spearo spearfishing for your first time, grab some headphones and listen to some of these experts share how you can go from zero to spearo in no time!

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Jon Stenstrom

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