fishing youtube channels

Best Fishing YouTube Channels: A Curated List

Are you curious what are the best fishing YouTube channels? Our article focuses on the best educational fishing channels available to help you improve your catch rate and fishing ability. These channels cover various angling categories, offering something suitable for every fishing enthusiast. In this article, angling expert Daniel O’Neill shares his top fishing YouTube

cod spawning

When Do Cod Spawn? 

Are you curious when do cod spawn? Our article provides valuable insights on this topic, covering the best baits to use during spawning, an ethical perspective on fishing for cod at this time, and essential gear tips. Join us on a journey with cod angler Daniel O’Neill, who has caught remarkable double-figure cod while deep

how to freedive

How To Freedive To 70 Feet On One Breath

Are you interested in learning how to freedive? With the right mindset and proper training, you’ll be able to reach new depths and have skills that will improve your life. In this article, I’ll share tips that freediving experts such as Ted Harty from Immersion Freediving have shared with me that helped me dive down

rainbow trout size

How Big Do Rainbow Trout Get?

Are you curious how big do rainbow trout get? Rainbow trout are one of the most popular game fish in the entire world. Trout guide and fly fishing instructor Daniel O’Neill, discusses how big rainbow trout get and how to catch these larger fish.  As a child, one of my earliest fishing memories involved catching

salmon swimming upstream

Steelhead vs. Salmon: What’s The Difference?

What’s the difference between steelhead and salmon? This is quite a complicated topic as there are many misconceptions surrounding steelhead. In this article, fly fishing expert, Daniel O’Neill, with over one hundred salmon landed in the 2022 season, dives into the key differences between steelhead and salmon.  When discussing the topic of steelhead I continually

man holding a carp

7 Popular Types of Carp: A Comprehensive Guide for Anglers

Do you want to learn more about the seven most common types of carp? Our article not only sheds light on these stunning fish but also provides valuable insights on how to identify them. Join us as we embark on a journey with professional coarse angler, Daniel O’Neill, who holds a remarkable record of landing

7 Best Pike Baits: A Comprehensive Guide for Anglers

Are you unsure of which pike baits will work for your waters? Our article focuses on pike baits, including scented attractants and pike hunting styles. Discover valuable insights on how you can improve your catch rate. In this article, predator hunter Daniel O’Neill, who has caught over sixty double-figure pike, discusses the best pike baits

fly fishing vs regular fishing

Fly Fishing vs. Regular Fishing: A Comprehensive Comparison

There are many ways to catch fish, but the two that stand out the most are fly fishing and regular fishing. Not only do they use different gear, but they also have different cultures. In this article, we will go deep into the similarities and differences. The Short Answer Fly fishing and regular fishing differ

bass jumping out of water

Bass Jumping Out Of Water: What Does it Mean?

Have you ever wondered why bass sometimes jump out of the water? The first time I saw it, I was shocked and made it a point to research why it happened when I got home. In this article, we’ll explore why they jump out of the water and how this knowledge can transform your fishing

man holding turtle

How To Avoid Catching Turtles While Fishing

There’s nothing more frustrating than bycatching turtles when you’re out fishing. We’ve talked with fishermen who’ve dealt with this and compiled their suggestions. In this guide, we’ll explore some simple and effective strategies to avoid catching turtles while fishing. The Short Answer To avoid catching turtles while fishing, it’s crucial to understand their behavior and

how long can you keep fish on ice

How Long Can You Keep Fish on Ice

Are you wondering if the fish you left in your cooler overnight is still safe to eat? I used to think fresh fish was always best, but after talking with chefs, fishmongers, and die-hard fishermen, I changed my perspective on fish storage. This guide examines how long you can store fish before it goes bad.

why am I not catching any fish

8 Tips For Improving Your Catch Rate

Are you tired of spending time and money on the water only to get skunked? It’s common to hear that fishing is about the journey, being in nature, and not just catching fish. However, catching fish does make it more fun. In this guide, we’ll cover tips to help make sure you increase your odds

The Taste of Muskie Fish: Is It Worth the Catch?

Have you caught a legal muskie and are curious if it’s worth taking home to eat? In this guide, we go into depth on if it’s worth eating, what it tastes like, and how to prepare it. The Short Answer Yes, you can eat muskie. Muskellunge, affectionately known as muskie, maybe a darling of freshwater

Understanding the Costs of Fish Mounting: A Detailed Breakdown

Did you land your dream catch and want to keep the memory alive by mounting it? It can be a bit overwhelming if you’ve never gone through the process. In this guide, we break down the costs of fish mounting so you can plan out your keepsake. The Short Answer The cost to mount a

fishing captions

150+ Fishing Captions for Social Media

Do you want to share your fishing adventure on social media, but how do you distill the thrill, serenity, and joy of fishing into a simple caption? This article will be your trusty tackle box of ideas, full of fishing captions for every kind of angling adventure. Humorous Fishing Captions Buddy Fishing Trip Captions Inspirational

do trout like shrimp

Do Trout Like Shrimp? Investigating Trout’s Affinity for Crustaceans

Have you ever pondered whether shrimp forms part of a trout’s diet? Understanding the dietary preferences of trout can significantly enhance your fishing experience, making it more rewarding and fruitful. In this guide, we will answer your questions on whether shrimp works as a trout bait. The Short Answer Do trout like shrimp? Yes, trout