rock fish near structure

Rock Fishing Rigs

  Rockfish look powerful, but they don’t fight much. You’ll be spending more time hoisting up your heavy rock fishing … Read More

knocker rig

Knocker Rig

  Trying to catch fish that swim at the bottom is a science as well as an art. That’s because … Read More

how to fillet catfish

How to Fillet Catfish

Even if you are a seasoned angler and love to prepare your fish before cooking it, catfish can throw you … Read More

pulley rig

Pulley Rig Guide

Don’t you hate it when your catch gets snagged and ripped from the line as you try and reel it … Read More

pompano fish

Pompano Rig Guide

Pompano are prized for their delicious meat, one of the reasons why it is considered to be a dream caught … Read More

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