10 Reasons Why Fishing Is Good for You

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It’s no secret. Fishing is good for you.

fishing is good for your health man fishing sunset
It’s no secret fishing is good for your health.

Whether you need to unplug from modernity and get back to nature or to get moving, fishing is worth doing often.

Here are some reasons you can enjoy the excitement of luring in a big fish, which is Fishing Good for Your Health. So get away from the river and find out where the actual action is. Everything starts with a scenic ride to deeper water, a relaxing wait, the battle, and then success.

Fishing Can Help Reduce Blood Pressure

It’s great exercise to fish!

Walking through rivers and fly flies for eight hours is solid exercise. You won’t lose much weight, but you’re going to improve your overall health.

Be sure to check out the American Heart Association for their latest recommendations to lower your risk.

Choosing a 15-20 minute walk from your car is a clear boost to aerobic exercise regulating healthy gaseous exchange between the alveoli and pulmonary capillaries, imparting incredible benefits for your health. But setting up, casting off, and then winding through hundreds of small fish requires some strength. Fishing involves the shoulders, arms, back, core, and legs in an active workout.

High blood pressure can cause a number of serious health problems and put you in danger of having a stroke or heart attack. While it is better to spend more time outdoors, improving blood pressure and overall health takes about 30 minutes each week.

It’ll Bring You Closer to Nature

Fishing inspires a closer relationship with nature and all its creatures.

In coastal environments, fishermen are tuned into harmonious ecosystems. They know everything about the various fish living in the water, the insects they eat, and their predators. There are numerous health benefits to exposure to fresh air, sun, and water.

Today we are all glued to our phones and bombarded with notifications. Many times while you’re out in nature, you can’t get reception, and the notifications are forced to stop.

This will give you the ability to be in the moment, breathe in the freshest air, and become grounded. Think of it as a mini-life reset to recharge your internal batteries.

Increases Your Vitamin D Through Sun Exposure

Sunlight not only offers mood-enhancing benefits, but it also helps to strengthen your immune system.

Most of the sunlight-enhancing effects of the immune system provide precipitation from the production of vitamin D that our bodies synthesize when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D plays an important role in the formation of bones, among other things, and allows the body to use the calcium present in the bloodstream.

In countries with low sunlight during large stretches of the year, they can develop SAD (seasonal affective disorder). They use supplements or lamps to mimic the sun to help get vitamin D. If you’re in an area with natural sunlight, use fishing as an excuse to get some more vitamin D in your life.

Fishing Relaxes Your Mind

Fishing calms your mind, plain and straightforward. Away from the computer and your phone, being out in nature.

Let your brain relax and concentrate on one simple task – fishing.

While you’re walking through nature, you could even try some walking meditation to calm the mind further and enhance your ability to get into a flow state while fishing.

Fishing Lets You Practice Patience

is fishing good for you man fishing
Patience is a skill that needs to be practiced more today than ever.

Fishing puts your patience into practice in our world of over-stimulation and instant gratification.

You’re not just dropping your line in and hooking a fish unless you’re extraordinarily lucky. You go home empty-handed for a few days. But persisting makes you a more patient person who accepts defeat but does not want to quit.

Fishing Can Help Your Mind

Unfortunately, there are often memory problems and widespread cognitive decline as we age.

However, challenging your brain with mentally stimulating activities is one of the best ways to keep your brain healthy and operating at light speed. Fishing, as we know, often presents myriad mental challenges requiring innovative and creative solutions.

There are many things to learn to improve one’s fishing abilities. If you have a thirsty mind, you’ll have countless problems to solve, keeping you sharp as you age. Plus, if you find others who want to learn, you’ll be able to find satisfaction in passing on your skills through teaching.

Fishing Can Help Boost Your Self-Esteem

The fact that being in nature is a great way to heal your spirit, improve your mood, and improve your self-esteem has long been proven. It can be difficult to maintain your self-esteem and stay motivated by the way the world is today. But fishing offers you the opportunity to go out alone and do something tangible.

Catching fish will boost your self-esteem, no matter how big or small. Each angler recalls their first catch. Just look at how their eyes light up when they talk about it.

If you’re fortunate enough to fish with your friends and family, you’ll promote feelings of security and well-being.

A Great Low-Impact Activity

Running is fantastic for getting your blood pumping, but for some, it can wreck your knees.

Fishing can motivate you to get active without the wear and tear on the body. Hiking to streams or ponds will get the blood flowing, and some doctors say walking is one of the best exercises to do daily.

Fishing Helps Improve Coordination

One of the issues with getting older is the loss of coordination and balance. This can be devastating if you fall and break a bone, which takes longer to heal and increases your mortality rate.

Fishing also requires balance and coordination. You have to stand carefully when fishing on a boat, so you don’t fall into the water. When you reel in your catch, you also need balance because if you lose your footing, you’ll lose your fish! Coordinating all motor movements is also important when fishing so that they work together for a successful catch.

It’s Fun and Enjoyable

Lastly, fishing is just fun! That’s why it’s one of the most popular hobbies/activities around the world.

Being happy is something that seems harder and harder to accomplish these days, and spending time out of your life to fish can work wonders for every part of your life.

Besides all these advantages, preparing your day’s catch for dinner can lead to healthier eating habits.

What’s your favorite reason to fish? Let us know in the comments below!

Jon Stenstrom
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Jon Stenstrom is a fishing enthusiast. He has over 25 years of fishing experience, and 6 years of spearfishing experience, and is currently learning how to boat. Jon has his Open Water PADI Certification and FII Freediver Level 1 Certification. Jon has traveled the world to fish and dive, most notably in the Great Barrier Reef, Baja Mexico, Thailand, and Malaysia. More Articles
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