Diana Nadim

I enjoy educating people about what is happening to the ocean and helping to make it a better place for future fishing enthusiasts.

Fishing Experience

I have been fishing since I was old enough to walk. My dad was an expert angler, and he taught us fishing together with my two siblings.

As a youngster, I fished in many small lakes and farm ponds. I normally frequented Henrys Fork in Idaho, and I caught my biggest fish weighing 8 lbs 14 oz, on a fall jig pattern I made myself.

Notable Catches

    • Rainbow trout (35 pounds, baitcasting)

    • Atlantic Mackerel, (47pounds, trawling)

    • Black marlin (65 pounds, spearfishing)

    • Chinook Salmon (36 pounds, side drifting)

    • Soupfin Shark: 55 pounds (surf fishing)

What’s your favorite fish?

My favorite fish is Blobfish. Their giant noses and frown, coupled with their little flipper things, are too much for me. I do think they are cute, lol!

What is your “spirit fish”?

I would have to go with the shark. I like how naturally aggressive they are.

What’s the most unusual fish you’ve caught?

To me, it will have to be a flounder. It has both eyes on one side of the head, then, over time, one of its eyes migrates to join the other, which is very strange!


I studied for my Bachelor of Education at the University of Michigan, then, later on, I pursued a Master of Science in project planning and management.

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