7 Best Fly Lines for Trout

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Fly fishing for trout is an exciting form of fishing for fly anglers. Trout fishing is a technical form of fly fishing that puts the skills of fly fishermen to the test. One of the best aspects of fly fishing for trout is that you can fish fly fishing techniques. 0

All that you need to do is to get the right fly line,  as it is a crucial determinant of your trout fishing performance. In this article, we have made a comprehensive list of the seven best fly lines for trout.

We have also highlighted the types and things that you need to consider when choosing a fly fishing line for trout. 

7 Best Fly Lines for Trout

1. Scientific Anglers Frequency Trout Line

Best Overall Fly Line for Trout

Key Features 

  • Designed with a braided multifilament core. 
  • Comes with welded loops for easy attachment of leaders.
  • Suitable for fast-action rods. 

The Scientific Anglers Frequency Trout Line is a weight-forward floating fly line, that is a great all-rounder line for trout. The forward weight taper of the line makes it suitable for different fishing conditions.

It works perfectly with fast-action rods and is reliable for casting large flies, streamers, and nymphs. The welded loops enable you to attach your leader with no trouble.

The fly line is reliable for long casting distances as well as for delicate presentation. 

2. Rio Mainstream Trout Fly Line

Best Intermediate Fly Line for Trout

Key Features

  • Low line memory to reduce tangling 
  • Designed with self-lubricating skin for casting over a long distance.
  • Comes in weight forward and double taper variants.

The Rio Mainstream Trout Fly Line is designed to meet the needs of beginner and intermediate fly anglers.

Depending on your preference, the fly line comes in double taper and weight forward variants. The fly line is designed with low memory to reduce tangles and coiling.

Its self-lubrication also reduces friction, allowing for long-distance casting. It is great for casting streamers, nymphs, and big flies. 

3. Scientific Anglers Air Cel Floating Line

Best Budget Fly Line for Trout

Key Features

  • Comes in yellow for easy visibility.
  • It is suitable for long casting distances.
  • Great for casting dry flies, streamers, and nymphs.

The Scientific Anglers Air Cel Floating Line is an impressive fly line for trout to check if you are on a strict budget. It is a reliable fly line that performs all the needed functions with no extras.

Finished in yellow, the line offers you great visibility while casting. It can be used for casting streamers, nymphs, and dry flies when hunting trout. 

4. Rio Gold Slick Cast Fly Line

Best High-End Fly Line for Trout

Key Features 

  • Triple color line marking.
  • Front and back welded loops. 
  • Slick finish. 

The Rio Gold Slick Cast Fly Line is a high-end weight forward fly line for trout, that is worth the money. It has several amazing features that set it apart from other fly lines.

The triple color line marking allows you to properly determine load and distance. It comes with welded loops at the front and back for easy attachment of leaders.

The slick finish of the line makes your casting smooth and fast.

5. Hercules Fly Fishing Line

Best Entry-Level Fly Line for Trout

Key Features

  • Ultra-low stretch line.
  • Designed with an ID system. 
  • Comes in different vibrant colors. 

The Hercules Fly Fishing Line for trout comes with some unique features that will help a beginner angler. As a beginner angler, you need a fly line that is easy to control and work with.

With features like the ultra-low stretch line, easy ID system, and the vibrant colors (yellow, orange, green, etc.) that it comes in, this fly line is one to check out. The slick coating makes it suitable for casting in windy conditions.

6. SF Fly Fishing Line 

Best Mid-Range Fly Line

Key Features

  • Comes in six different colors for visibility.
  • Covered in PVC.
  • Has welded loops for attachment of leaders.

The SF Fly Line is a suitable choice if you are looking for a mid-range fly line. It is a strong and durable line made from PE wireline and covered in PVC. For easy attachment of leaders, it comes with welded loops.

The line is designed with six different colors which are spring green, fluro yellow, sky blue, green, orange, and moss green. This provides visibility in different fishing conditions. 

7. Maxcatch Fly Fishing Line Combo

Best Budget Fly Line Combo

Key Features

  • It comes with a backing leader and tippet. 
  • Designed with a long head for better casting.
  • Braided core for low memory and reduced coiling. 
  • PVC coating for durability. 

The Maxcatch Fly Fishing Line Combo is an excellent option if you are looking to get a fly line that comes with additional items.

Getting a fly line combo saves you costs and ensures the compatibility of your gear. The long head design enables you to manage your line properly, with the braided core reducing the tangling and coiling.  

best fly line for trout
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Type of Fly Lines for Trout 

In order to choose the best fly fishing line for your trout fishing, it is important to know the types of fly lines available. Understanding the functionality of each type of fly line for trout will help you to make an informed choice.

There are two major types of fly lines for trout which are double taper fly lines and weight forward fly lines. 

Double Taper Lines

When it comes to fly fishing for trout, double taper lines are the go-to fly fishing lines for most fly anglers. Also known as DT lines, double taper fly lines are fly lines that are made up of a front taper and a back taper.

The double tapering of the line allows you to use both ends of the line for casting flies. Double taper fly lines are also best for delicate presentations, due to their long heads that make it easy to form long loops.

Weight Forward Lines

Weight forward (WF) lines have increased in popularity in recent times due to their functionality and reliability. One of the reasons for this popularity is the thick and heavy head which makes it easy to use them over a long casting distance.

The way it works, a weight forward line tapers into a running line, thereby forming a shooting head that allows for a long cast. A WF line is also suited for casting large flies, nymph fishing as well as saltwater fishing. 

Asides from the two main types of fly lines for trout fishing, there are other types of fly lines made for specific functions. These fly lines are shooting heads that are used for sea trout fishing and special nymphing lines for nymph fishing of trout.  

Things to Consider When Buying Fly Lines for Trout

In order to get the right fly line for trout fishing, It is important to consider certain factors. These factors are highlighted below. 

Where Will You Use the Fly Line

The location and type of water body where you are going to use the fly line is a factor to be considered. You can choose between a sinking line and a floating line.

Floating fly lines are designed for fishing at the surface level. This makes them suitable for fishing with nymphs and streamers. If you are trout fishing in shallow water, then a floating fly line is a good choice.

Sinking lines on the other hand are designed to sink underwater. This makes it best for trout fishing in deep waters such as ponds and lakes. 

What Style Will You Be Fishing 

The style of fishing is another thing to consider when choosing a fly line. If you are doing dry fly fishing, a double taper fly line is your best choice.

If you are fishing streamers in a wide body of water, a weight-forward fly line works best. If you fishing with a nymph setup, a trout nymph fly line is the best choice for you. If you are fishing for steelhead, choose a shooting head. 


The size of a fly line might range from 1 to 12. When choosing a line, it is important to match its size with the size of your fly rod. 


Weighting here refers to the thickness of the fly line, and not the weight. The weighting of your fly line determines the type of casting you can use.

Weight forward lines are usually thick making them reliable for long casting. Tapered fly lines, on the other hand, are perfect for the delicate presentation of small light flies. 


Getting the right fly line for your trout fishing will always make a whole world of difference. Ensure to look out for features like size and weighting before making a choice.

You should also consider factors like your fishing style and the location where you will be fishing. In addition, it is important to combine your fly line with a reliable fly rod for the best results.

Also, ensure to wear protective clothing and a pair of wading boots at all times. 

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