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Fishing for trout is one of the hardest tasks out there. As such, any angler would feel insanely rewarded whenever he catches a trout.

Most anglers usually have little to no success whenever they fish for trout. A common reason is that most anglers do not know the ideal time frames for trout fishing.

So, what is the best time of day to catch trout?

Although many trout anglers presume that trout fishing is best during noontime, the best time of the day to catch trout typically starts early in the morning.

This article will provide more detailed information on how you can use times of the day and seasons to maximize your trout catch.

Sounds interesting? Keep reading for more information.

best time of day to catch trout
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Best Time of the Day

The majority of anglers are often unaware of the massive influence that temperature and the time of the day have while trout fishing.

These factors will assist you in indicating when is the best time of the day to fish for trout and understanding the trout’s behavior throughout the day.

Day vs Night

Typically, the best time of the day to fish for trout is in the morning from dawn. Another best time to fish for trout is late afternoon until dusk.

For instance, there will be an ideal temperature for catching trout during these two times of the day since they move out to shallow ends and fall prey to your lures.

Besides, these ideal times of the day are also enhanced by the reduced light vision of the trout, which makes the bait much more visible during these times.

It is, therefore, easier to understand and master the art of catching trout during the day. However, night times may prove difficult to fish for trout for most anglers. As such, night times are the worst times to fish for trout.

Worst Time of the Day to Catch Trout

From personal experience, the worst time of the day to catch trout is at late night and midday. For instance, trout will bite all day and night long under circumstances that are not in your control.

Such conditions are not limited to the amount of light. You are guaranteed a great catch when there is ample light. Therefore, nighttime is a no-go when it comes to trout unless you have bright moonlight.

For instance, nights often make up the slowest times of the day for trout fishing. Therefore, we suggest that you save your time at night and try fishing during the day instead.

Best Time for Each Season

It is vital to note that temperature plays a key role in trout fishing. As such, the fishing patterns differ with the season.

For instance, for trout fishing, every season brings a different and unique trout habitat in the water body structure.

This section breaks down everything you need to know about trout fishing throughout all seasons.


Most experienced anglers consider mid-morning to late morning and mid-afternoon to late afternoon as the best times of the day to have a big trout catch.

As spring comes to an end, the favorite trout fishing times of the day shift to early morning and late afternoon. This is because they offer an adequate light source and the ideal water temperature for that big trout catch.


During summer, you may not have luck fishing for trout during times of the day when it is hot. You will have to go to the deeper ends to have a catch.

The best time of the day to fish for trout is in the early mornings or late afternoons. It is vital to avoid fishing for trout at midday when it is hot and sunny. However, if it is cloudy, rainy, or overcast, midday can be a really good time to catch trout.

You can also consider fishing at night if there are a lot of insects in the air and strong moonlight. However, it would be best to avoid windy and dark nights as they keep insect activities to a minimum.


For many anglers, fall is the best season to go fishing. They take advantage of fish crowding up the shallow ends of nearby water bodies. They are also hungry for every and any bait that comes their way.

During the fall season, you are assured of the best catches at any time of the day. However, midafternoon to late afternoon seems to be a pretty solid time to fish for trout. You can also get big catches during the early mornings.

The only time of the day you may not have luck with trout fishing is at night.


For winter, it does not matter whether you are ice fishing or fly fishing on rivers; the best time to fish for trout is mid-morning up to late afternoon.

You will not have luck fishing in the early morning until the air temperatures warm up.

Night trout fishing can also be tricky, and you will most likely hit a miss. The only game of chance while fishing at night is having a cordless drill ice auger.


Does weather affect when trout fishing is good?

Weather can have a big influence on your trout fishing activities and the time of the day when trout fishing is optimum.
Typically, trout fishing heats up when it is about to rain as this reduces sunlight, reduces pressure, and temperatures cool.
You can even experience bigger trout catches once the rain starts. Yes, fish do bite in the rain.
It is, therefore, vital to note that trout favors rain. Consequently, you should put on your best fishing rain gear and go for your next big trout catch whenever it starts raining. However, when the rain stops, trout fishing seems to taper off.

What is the best day to catch lake trout?

We all know that water temperature in the lakes is often regulated to be cooler. Therefore, catching trout is easy at any time of the day.
For instance, with the ideal temperature and ample food supply, you will be sure that trout will feel at home, be active, and be ready to attack any prey or food they see.
However, late afternoons and mornings are undoubtedly the best times of the day whenever you want to fish for trout in freshwater. You can use shad and minnow to maximize the chances of making your big trout catch.


I hope this article has helped you understand the time of the day ideal for trout fishing. From my fishing experience, I believe the early morning up to mid-morning is the best time to catch trout.

You can also get big trout catches from late afternoon until dusk.

Therefore, seasons and conditions dictate when trout are active and, as a result, the ideal time to catch trout.

Let us hear your comments and views in the comments section below.

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