Night Fishing — Why Should You Fish When the Sun Goes Down?

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Night fishing can be as fun as doing it during the day if you know what to do. Although inviting you to learn in the dark seems scary, you will enjoy “fish at night” after reading these tips.

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Baits For Night Fishing

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Before I give you tips on fishing after daylight hours, allow me to cover what baits are perfect at night.


Some anglers recommend spinnerbaits to be one of the best surface lures in the dark. A spinnerbait can catch a bass on the murky water.


Next, poppers are also the fitting lures to get a bass when fishing at night. Remember that in night fishing. It means making your bait clear as a light on salt water. Thanks to their ability to be retrieved slowly, poppers are the ideal bait for the dark.


Lastly, worms are still a good lure. I think worms are the best lures you can feed to any species on the clear water. There are different lures out there that also work with no lights, but the above are the ones I consider excellent.

You can also check our recommended top 10 plastic worms if you can’t find a live one.

Reasons to Try Night Fishing

Hunting a smaller fish in the evening could be a relief from too much daylight. Then, when you go night fishing in your favorite site, you will appreciate the stillness of the deep water.

Lights are like the partner of your boat when coursing in the lake. But one convenient situation that the night brings is that more species come out.

Also, since there is not much wind during late hours, you might experience calm waters ideal for night fishing. You may even attract small fish from the shallow to the surface with the right bait.

Overall, night fishing not only offers evening calmness but also helps you avoid getting sunburns. If you are a beginner, it’s a great and easy time to practice your casting because the waters are unmoving. 

7 Tips for Night Fishing 

Here are several tips to try when going night fishing!

Bring Your Lights

Since lights are our source for navigating through the dark, make sure your boat carries black lights for night fishing. It’s also great to bring a flashlight or battery-operated portable lamp with you for emergencies. Make sure that there is still an amount of light present to help you see and steer clear of danger.

Be Gear Ready

Before going fishing, check that your boat is in great condition, and don’t forget your rod holders. Have your boat carry tackle boxes, several rods, a roll of fishing line, a reel, an extra hook, and of course, baits for fish.

And don’t forget to grab a bite so you have the energy to go fishing and catch that shad lurking in the lake.

Go Easy on Clear Water

Wait for the bass to burrow into the cover, then slowly bring the lure onto the water. After that, steadily raise the bait by raising your rod tip to about 11 or 12 o’clock position. Then, start dropping it again for the worm (if you use a worm) to the bottom.

Take Advantage of Artificial Baits

Always use various decoys for catching nocturnal bass or other species in the sea. But, for a catfish, one of the best catfishing tips to remember is to apply false lures because they will bite anything. I advise using any that could make a loud noise and is noticeable.

Have Great Timing

Professional anglers know exactly when are the proper times to bring out their tackle and rods for bass fishing. I mean two things on this one.

First is how you cast a line and when to bring the rod tip up. The second is giving importance to weather conditions since fish are delicate and sensitive to changes in pressure.

Picking a Location

If you want to capture the big bass at night, bring your tackle to the creeks and ditch waters. You should choose an area that is big, safe, and rich in water species to maximize your fishing activity. Also, ensure that you can get to the place smoothly and that there is good visibility. 

Keep Track of the Moon

When the sun is out, the moon is your friend in getting that tasty bass! The lunar phase can contribute to your success primarily because of the tide.

For example, a full moon will give you some light to work with. Also, there is the idea that the bigger the tide, the more active the fishes are. Although this is just a theory, most anglers check the moon to fish better.

Final Thoughts on Night Fishing

I know that there is more mobility for you when the sun is out. Night fishing is indeed a challenge because your vision is limited. But, once you get accustomed to the dark, you might find yourself more attracted to doing night fishing than the day activity.

You can find fun in night fishing with the proper tools and bits of advice. I just want you to keep in mind to be extra cautious and always prepared.

Diana Nadim
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Diana began fishing at the age of seven, as it has been a long-time family tradition. From catching small bullheads to catching strippers on the backwaters of Bighorn, she loves to get out in the wild and have a marvelous day on the water. Her dad was an expert angler, and he taught her fishing along with her two siblings. They used to go to the Bighorn River in Montana and Henry’s fork, Idaho. As a pragmatic person, she is obsessed with creating well-researched and practical guides and reviews of the best fishing methods and gear.
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