Top 10 Plastic Worms for 2023 That’ll Catch Bass

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As the weather warms up and the fish start biting, anglers everywhere are getting ready to hit the water. And one of the most popular baits for catching fish is the plastic worm.

There are many different types and brands of plastic worms on the market, so it can be tough to decide which ones to use. But don’t worry. We’re here to help.

Based on durability, action, and price, I’ve compiled a list of the ten best plastic worms for 2023. So, whether you’re fishing for bass, trout, or catfish, you’re sure to find the perfect worm for the job.

Top 10 Plastic Worms for 2023

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1. Googan Baits Mondo Worm

Best Googan Baits

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Big worms catch big fish. The 10” Mondo Worm was created by legendary angler and Texan Lake Fork Guy and was specifically designed for catching big ol’ bass.

These should be your go-to best plastic worms for bass fishing!

Rig it up Texas-style with a 5/0 hook and start targeting your favorite big fish spots.

2. Mann’s Jelly Worm

Best Artificial Worm Bait

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This plastic worm is, in reality, an old classic. This is a great worm for fishing structures during the summer.

When you want to use a shaky head, the 8″ jelly worm will give you an extra edge due to its paddle tail when everyone is using a finesse worm. Definitely a hidden gem in the bass world.

The paddle tail on this plastic worm gives it a very good swimming motion on retrieval as well as sinking.

3. Zoom Fat Albert

Most Durable Option

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Zoom plastic worms are great, especially these grubs! What more can we say? This is a good springtime lure for smallies, especially in rivers. A suggestion for this plastic worm is to use it on a 1/4 ounce or 3/8 ounce jig and slowly reel it back, sometimes clicking the bottom on the retrieve.

If there is a bass in the area, this will produce a result. These plastic worms are often more durable than their longer-bodied counterparts.

This is due in part to the thicker plastic.

4. Gambler Floating Worm

Floating plastic worms don’t get enough love. They’re squarer than round; the special body shape of Gambler’s Floating Worms allows them to be worked from side to side without rolling over. Eliminating annoying line twists.

These super-soft, big-bass baits glide effortlessly through the water with incredible fish-catching action while staying in the strike zone longer.

5. Strike King Zero

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These plastic worms are three times softer and thirty times stronger than any other plastic bait ever made. That’s why we’ve chosen them to be part of the top 10 plastic worms list!

This plastic worm is made from proprietary Elaztech material and is impregnated with heavy salt for a fast sink rate. The Strike King Zero is also a Bassmaster top pick.

6. Culprit Original Worm 7-1/2″

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A proven leader for more than two decades, the Culprit Original Worm features a high-action kicking tail, innovative body design, and unique color sections to give you the on-the-water edge.

Tested under the toughest conditions throughout the U.S. Conclusion: Culprit has developed a formula that continues to attract bass in all conditions.

7. Zoom 6″ Trick Worms 20-Pack

Draw the attention of freshwater bass with the Zoom 6″ Trick Worms 20-Pack. These trick worms are constructed from soft plastic for a lifelike appearance.

The floating design is excellent for post-spawn fish and bass suspended in brush or other covers. They can be straight, Tex-posed, wacky, or Carolina-rigged.

8. YUM Dinger

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This bait is a nice inexpensive alternative to the Senko. It sinks slightly more slowly than a Senko, making it better for shallow water. The slot for the hook is a handy addition.

The Yum Dinger comes in a variety of color patterns. Depending on the type of fishing conditions you are in, there is something to fit.

The action on this plastic worm is outstanding. However, the action is a bit slower than it would be in a heavier plastic worm.

9. Bass Pro Shops Squirmin’ Super Worm

The Squirmin’ Super Worm lures big fish with its seductive swimming action, curly tail, and soft life-like feel; and it comes in a fish-tempting array of colors. It is infused with salt and an 8UP scent.

If you plan on fishing the weeds for big fish, try these Texas or Carolina rigged; they work great!

10. Cabela’s Fisherman Series Go-To Hoochie Koochie

The long, slender boot tail on our Fisherman Series Go-To Hoochie Koochie delivers dynamic swimming action. Effective as a jerk bait or a swim-jig trailer.

These plastic worms produce a lot of movement with a small connection to the big floppy tail. Soft but surprisingly does not tear easily.

What Are Plastic Worms?

Plastic fishing worms are made from a flexible plastic known as Plastisol. This type of plastic originates in liquid form until it reaches a specific temperature depending on the plastic worm.

Color, glitter, flavoring, and other additives are added when the plastisol is heated to incorporate into the mixture and, ultimately, the finished product.

Backwoods 6in Curly Tail Worm Lure
Home-made curly tail worm lures.

How To Inject Plastic Worms

An injector is then used to draw the hot liquid plastic from the container it is heated in and injected into molds in the shape of the plastic worm.

Once cooled, the plastisol solidifies and retains the shape of the injected mold. And this is how plastic worms are born.

A wide variety of plastic baits, known as soft plastics, are also made from plastisol using the same procedure.

Why Use the Top 10 Plastic Worms?

Soft plastic worms are among the most commonly used fishing lures still used today. Most anglers will agree that two of the main reasons plastic worms are still so common are that they are cheap to produce & purchase and because they work!

guy with peacock bass
Plastic worms can be used to catch a wide variety of bass. Source

Plastic worms do not resemble the live worms we are accustomed to putting on our hooks and casting out with a bobber to wait for a hungry fish to come upon.

So, what makes plastic worms so special?

I believe it’s the action they give when being retrieved or allowed to simply sink. They’re deadly attractive when trying to get a fish to strike.

Another reason is that fish attractant can be “built into” the plastic worm. This allows a fish to smell and even taste the plastic worm and offers a better chance of the fish taking the bait.

Quality Matters

As fishing lures go, plastic fishing worms are cheaper than most lures and come in quantity. The lifespan of a single plastic worm depends significantly on the type of fish striking it and how well it is made.

Some single plastic worms will last almost the whole day, while some are torn apart on the first strike.

Bulk Plastic Worms

Luckily, most plastic fishing worms come in packs of 5 or more. They are stored in resealable bags and coated in “worm oil.” This basically keeps the plastic fishing worms from drying out and becoming brittle and more easily torn.

Often this “worm oil” will have some sort of attractant added to it to increase the attraction of the plastic worm. Also, you can purchase worm oil for plastic worms at most sporting goods stores to keep your plastic fishing worms performing longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best plastic worm?

This is largely a matter of opinion. The environment and species you are going after greatly impact the type of plastic worm that works best.

How long do plastic worms last?

It depends on the quality of the plastic worm and how much abuse it has endured. Most of the higher-quality plastic worms will last through several strikes.

Are plastic worms safe for the environment?

Most plastic worms are not great for the environment. The length of time it takes plastic worms has been highly debated, but it’s beyond our lifetime unless they use biodegradable plastic. There are, however, biodegradable plastic worms that biodegrade faster on the market.

Insider Advice

Plastic worms have been around for years and have faced stiff competition. Yet they continue to be the go-to for anglers around the world.

At just about any Bassmaster tournament you attend, you will see most anglers using plastic fishing worms in one form or another.

When looking for the best plastic worms, keep a couple of things in mind. One is color; what is the water and underwater environment like? Another is, what type of fish are you going after, and what kind of action do you want?

Remember that some of the most popular plastic worm rigs are wacky and Texas rigs. If you look hard enough, you can even buy pre-rigged plastic worms!

I hope this article has been helpful and informative and has given you some ideas about plastic worms you may not have yet tried.

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