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Outdoor Bachelor Party Ideas for Nature Lovers

If you’re the best man, you’ll be tasked to come up with a memorable adventure for the groom and the boys. Not everyone desires the old-school get drunk and get in trouble style bachelor party.

Sometimes an outdoor bachelor party is in order. Nothing beats a little nature with the homies.

Here are a few ideas for a non-so-average bachelor party.

3 Outdoor Bachelor Party Ideas

1. Spearfishing

I Took A Bachelor Party Spearfishing in Tulum...

A few years back a few of us took my buddy Sean to Tulum Mexico for his bachelor party. At the time I was the only one who was interested in spearfishing, but I was able to convince everyone to hop on a panga and give it a shot.

This is a dangerous sport, so only do this if everyone is comfortable in the water. Use your best judgement.

I recommend only the skilled guys get in the water and hunt. After a few fish are caught, go off and try to catch fish hook and line.

Baja is another great spot both on the Sea of Cortez side and the Pacific side.

2. Backcountry Camping

Tenkara FLY FISHING for Brown Trout in Yosemite | Merced Lake

Another option would be to head into your local National Park for a little backcountry camping and fishing. I’m a huge fan of Yosemite because fly fishing is generally pretty good the further away from the crowds you go.

Check out Merced Lake if your group is good on a solid multi-mile hike. Depending on the season, the mosquitos could be bad so bring the proper protection.

3. Rock Climbing

If fishing isn’t in the cards then head over to Joshua Tree or your local rock climbing area for a thrill. You’ll need to have crash pads if you want to do some bouldering or the full setup if you want to top-rope. This is a dangerous sport so practice at an indoor gym before you head off to the real deal.

I hope you enjoyed these outdoor bachelor party ideas. Now go out and have fun!

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