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The Best Underwater Fishing Camera (6 Top Picks for 2023)

We surveyed 850 people on what the best underwater fishing camera was. A resounding 83% answered GoPro, followed by 11% saying their iPhone. A mirrorless camera and housing came in at 4%, and the Insta360 came in last at 2%. 6 Best Underwater Fishing Cameras for 2023 Reviewed 1. GoPro Hero 11 The Best Underwater

Best Freediving Watch can be used for scuba and spearfishing too

Best Freediving Watches for Deeper and Safer Dives

Freediving watches are essential for freedivers and spearos, offering added smarts while you dive. These specialized timepieces track your dive intervals, surface time, and other critical data, helping to minimize the risk of shallow water blackouts and ensure your safety while exploring the depths. This comprehensive guide will dive into the best freediving watches on

Best Dive Compass Used For Fishing

Best Dive Compass for Scuba Diving

If you have one of the best dive compasses, it’ll be hard for you to get lost at sea. Maybe you were at the store with your parents and got distracted, and the next thing you knew, you were alone… The panic starts sinking in. What happens if I can’t find them again? What if

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5 Best Dive Flags for Staying Safe

Any time you go diving, it’s best practice to bring one of the best dive flags with you to stay safe. The best dive flag is the one that’s visible to nearby boaters, so they know people are diving and will stay away. 5 Best Dive Flags Reviewed 1. Beuchat Guardian Diving Hookah Best Dive

Best Freediving Fins

The 9 Best Freediving Fins for Deep Diving

When it comes to deep diving, having the right freediving fins is crucial for maximizing performance and comfort. The best freediving fins on the market are the CETMA Edge and Saac Motus Fibrex, offering exceptional durability, efficiency, and ease of use for freedivers of all levels. The CETMA Edge fins, made of carbon fiber, deliver

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7 Best Spearfishing Wetsuits for 2023

Are you in the market for a new wetsuit? If so, you’re in luck! Picking the best spearfishing wetsuits doesn’t have to be a challenge. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at seven of the best spearfishing wetsuits on the market. We’ll discuss what makes each suit special and how it can

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7 Best Pole Spears for Spearing Fish

We love the best pole spears and have tried most of them out down in Baja. Since we know some of the manufacturers, we’ve been able to work out exclusive Cast & Spear-only specials that we hope you enjoy! Top Pole Spears Listen to more spearfishing on the Cast & Spear Podcast 7 Best Pole

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9 Best Spearguns in 2023 (for All Skill Levels)

We’ve tested many spearguns over the years and have determined a few factors that will improve your accuracy and power. Make sure your speargun has the proper mass to absorb recoil. Correctly power your gun, knowing that more bands don’t always lead to more shaft velocity. Also, ensure your grip is customized to take the